Kardashians Before And After Plastic Surgery - Full Guide

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Updated At  09 Aug 23


The Kardashian sisters have captured the world's attention with their glamorous lifestyles, trendsetting fashion, and undeniable charisma. As public figures, they have been open about their beauty journeys, including their experiences with cosmetic enhancements. Let’s take a look at the before and after plastic surgeries of the five Kardashian sisters—Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie.



Kardashians Before And After 

The Kardashians family is always in the limelight and while a few of the kardashian sisters have confirmed undergoing beauty procedures, many fans believe that the complete transformation in their body and faces is due to multiple procedures.




Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery - Before And After

Starting with the eldest sister, Kim Kardashian has become a beauty icon over the years. Known for her curvaceous figure and stunning features, Kim has admitted to some cosmetic procedures. One of the most prominent transformations was her rhinoplasty, where she refined the shape of her nose and her butt impants and face lifts.


Although she has categorically denied getting her nose done, despite the speculations. Additionally, she has undergone non-surgical procedures like Botox and fillers to maintain her youthful appearance. These enhancements have contributed to her signature sculpted look. In 2010, she admitted to using botox saying.


“I’m totally not against plastic surgery. I’ve tried Botox before. That’s the only thing that I’ve done”


Moving on to 2023, she says that she uses a "little amount of botox" as compared to before. Kim previously explained that she got Cortisone injections in her butt due to her psoriasis, which causes patches of itchy skin.

In 2017, Kim posted about getting a nonsurgical skin tightening after her pregnancies.


Kim has talked about how much the belly button changes after pregnancy and recommended everyone to go for skin tightening. A few years back, she had revealed that she uses laser skin treatements to remove stretchmarks. 


Quite interestingly, there have been speculations of Kim removing her butt implants before Met Gala 2022. This had given rise to a lot of rumours, one being that Kim never had implants. This was later confirmed that Kim had stopped taking her butt lift injections. 


Want to know about all the plastic surgeries she has undergone? Check out Kim Kardashian plastic surgery secrets as we uncover all the procedures like botox, butt implants, fillers, nose job, eyebrow transformations and breast implants that she has gone through.


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Kourtney Kardashian Plastic Surgery

Kourtney Kardashian, the second-born sister, has a more subtle approach to plastic surgery. While she has never confirmed any major surgical interventions, speculations suggest that she may have opted for injectable treatments like dermal fillers and Botox to smoothen her skin and reduce signs of ageing.  


Today,  Kourtney has emphasised the importance of natural beauty and has incorporated a holistic approach to her lifestyle. Even though Kourtney avoids plastic surgery now, she has admitted to getting breast implants when she was 21. 

Looking to find out everything she has undergone? Check out Kourtney Kardashian plastic surgery secrets as we uncover all the procedures like chin botox, jawline fillers, eyelid surgery, butt implants, lip fillers, nose job and breast implants that she has gone through.




Khloe Kardashian Plastic Surgery

Khloe Kardashian, known for her body-positive message and empowering transformations, has been candid about her fitness journey. Although it is speculated that she has had surgeries a couple of times, she does not talk much about it. However, she has also been open about getting facial fillers to enhance her features subtly. Over the years, Khloé's face has evolved, with contouring and non-surgical treatments contributing to her ever-evolving look.


She has admitted to getting a nose job, on their famous show "Keeping Up With the Kardashians".


“For me, everyone says, ‘Oh my gosh, she’s had her third face transplant.’ But I’ve had one nose job — Dr. Raj Kinodia — and everyone gets so upset, like, ‘Why don’t I talk about it?"




Kendall Jenner Plastic Surgery

Kendall Jenner, the fashion-forward sister, has maintained a more natural appearance compared to her siblings. She has expressed her preference for minimalistic beauty routines, focusing on skincare and a healthy lifestyle. 




While Kendall has never confirmed any plastic surgeries, her facial features have matured gracefully over time, leading to speculations that she might have had subtle enhancements like lip fillers or a nose job. 

Check out our guide to find out all the details of Kendall jenner before and after plastic surgery as we cover her complete transformation along with all the FAQs on her plastic surgeries.




Kylie Jenner Plastic Surgery

The youngest sister, Kylie Jenner, is renowned for her lip transformation that sparked the "Kylie Jenner lip challenge" trend. She candidly admitted to getting lip fillers to boost her confidence and has since built a beauty empire around her famous plump pout. She falsified any other speculations saying,


“People say I fully underwent surgery and entirely restored my face, which is completely false. “I’m terrified! I never would. They don’t understand what good hair and makeup and, like, fillers, can really do.”



Over the years, Kylie has also undergone other cosmetic procedures, such as a potential nose job and cheek fillers. She never openly spoke about it, and keeps talking about fillers. Nevertheless, she has consistently embraced her evolving appearance, inspiring millions to experiment with makeup and self-expression. 

Do check out her transformation by comparing Kylie Jenner before and after photos. We detail out all the procedures like botox, lip fillers, breast augmentation, butt implants that she is likely to have undergone. We also cover various FAQs which will answer most of your questions.




Kris Jenner Plastic Surgery 

As the matriarch of the Kardashian-Jenner family, Kris Jenner is no stranger to the world of beauty enhancements. She has been labelled to be ageing bckwards. She has had a few surgeries done. 

Kris has had facelifts to maintain a youthful appearance and tighten the skin on her face. This was documented in an episode of KUWK. Like her daughters, Kris has also used Botox and fillers to reduce wrinkles and add volume to her face. Although she hasn't talked about it, Kris may have undergone eyelift procedures to lift and rejuvenate the appearance of her eyes.



The Kardashian sisters have undeniably played a significant role in shaping beauty and lifestyle trends worldwide. Through their openness about their cosmetic enhancements, they have sparked conversations about body positivity, self-confidence, and embracing individuality. It is essential to remember that cosmetic procedures are personal choices and should be approached with careful consideration.

As we celebrate the beauty transformations of the Kardashian sisters, let us also recognize the power of self-acceptance and the importance of embracing our unique beauty. The before and after plastic surgeries of these iconic sisters showcase their growth and evolution, both as individuals and as influential figures in the beauty industry. Let their journeys inspire us to embrace our own personal transformations, be they subtle or bold, and to celebrate the beauty that lies within each of us.



FAQs On Kardashian's Plastic Surgery



Q. Have all the Kardashian sisters undergone plastic surgeries?

The Kardashian sisters have been open about some of their cosmetic procedures, but not all of them have confirmed undergoing plastic surgeries. While some have admitted to enhancements like lip fillers and Botox, others prefer a more natural approach to beauty.

Q. What plastic surgeries has Kim Kardashian had?

Kim Kardashian is rumored to have had a rhinoplasty to refine the shape of her nose. She has also openly admitted to using Botox and dermal fillers to maintain her youthful and contoured appearance. There have been speculations of butt implants as well. 

Q. Did Kendall Jenner get lip fillers?

Kendall Jenner's lips have appeared fuller over time, leading to speculation that she may have tried lip fillers. However, she has never confirmed undergoing any lip enhancement procedures.

Q. Which sister has had the most significant plastic surgery transformations?

Kylie Jenner's cosmetic transformations have garnered significant media attention. Her lip fillers and potential nose job are among the most notable changes, contributing to her iconic look.

Q. How do the Kardashian sisters maintain their youthful appearances?

The Kardashian sisters have embraced a combination of healthy lifestyle habits, skincare routines, and non-invasive cosmetic treatments like Botox and dermal fillers to maintain their youthful looks.

Q. Has Kourtney Kardashian had a facelift?

Kourtney Kardashian has never confirmed having a facelift. She has expressed a preference for more natural beauty enhancements and focuses on a holistic approach to maintaining her appearance.

Q. Did Khloé Kardashian get a nose job?

Khloe Kardashian's nose has appeared different over the years, leading to speculation about a potential rhinoplasty. However, she has not confirmed any nose job procedures.

Q. How much does it cost to get the same cosmetic procedures as the Kardashian sisters?

The cost of cosmetic procedures can vary widely depending on the location, the expertise of the surgeon, and the specific treatments desired. It is essential to consult with a qualified plastic surgeon for an accurate cost estimate.

Q. Are plastic surgeries safe?

Plastic surgeries can be safe when performed by experienced and board-certified plastic surgeons in accredited facilities. However, like any medical procedure, there are risks involved, and patients should carefully consider the potential benefits and risks before undergoing any surgery.

Q. What do the Kardashian sisters have to say about beauty and plastic surgeries?

The Kardashian sisters' openness about their cosmetic enhancements has sparked conversations about beauty standards, self-acceptance, and body positivity. While they have chosen to undergo various procedures, they encourage individuals to make their own choices about their appearance and embrace their uniqueness. It is essential to remember that beauty comes in many forms, and self-confidence should be nurtured from within.


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