What Is Tightlining And How To Do It?

Kritika Mishra

Updated At  09 Dec 22

Eye makeup is a serious business and a great art too! We all agree to this, don’t we? One just cannot master a winged eyeliner on the first go! It takes precision and techniques to master a simple kajal stroke also. Talking about eye makeup that calls for major contouring with eyeshadow and color balance, one needs to practice and master! Hence, from the book of infinite eye makeup techniques, we choose one of the most unique yet majorly defining one; Tightlining!

Yes, you will soon know what is tightlining and how can you do it. 


What is tightlining?

Yes, tightlining is an amazing eye makeup technique!


Tightlining is the art of defining the lash line with eyeliner/kajal.


Stroking the waterline is common, but very few are aware of the brilliance tightlining can do to your eyes!

Applying kajal to lashline can sound weird (we get it !), but as you get used to it, it will be normal soon!


benefits tighlining


Benefits of tightlining your lashline:

1- It makes your eyes look bigger

2- Opens up eyes and makes it look fresher and brighter

3- Gives you a no-makeup look without much effort

4- Makes your lashes look fuller

5- Tightlining is long lasting and gives you a defined result


How to tightline your eyes?


Preparation for Tightlining:

1. Wash it clean

Always begin by washing your face and hands! The area around the eye is very sensitive and you don’t want them getting infected ever! Make sure your brushes used for eye-lining are clean and disinfected too!


2. Prime your eyelids

We mention priming to create a subtle base for any makeup! Even though tightlining is for lashline, but you can prime or moisturize your eyelids to achieve a dewy and hydrated look!


3. Choose the eyeliner


Tightlining with a liquid eyeliner is a serious NO.


Liquid liners can get messy as they tend to take time to dry. Also, the lashline is already watery, so all that is going to result is eyeliner running down your cheeks! Nobody wants that!Hence, choose a pencil eyeliner or gel liner to tightline your eyes!

Make sure the pencil eyeliner doesn’t have a pointy tip or else it is going to damage your eyes, hurting them!

For gel liners, make sure the brush is clean!


Now, once you are ready with the liner and all prepped up, it is time to line the lashline!





STEP 1: Lift your eyelid slightly to make the lash line much visible. Take your eyeliner and gently start tracing your lash line.

STEP 2: Make sure you stick to the upper waterline only and do not trace outside on the upper lid! Stroke the eyeliner 3-4 times to get a dark and defined lashline! Make sure you fill the gaps between the lashes to get a fuller lash look too! Repeat the step on the other eye too.

STEP 3:If you wish to go a step ahead, you can also line the bottom waterline like you apply your regular kajal! If not, you can simply apply eyeliner on the upper lid and do the lips! You can also skip the eyeliner entirely and just apply generous coats of mascara to get bright eyes!


The difference between regular lining and tightlining Is the visible space In the upper waterline! Tightlining makes your eyes look brighter and bigger!

Amazed by the dramatically positive results?? We bet you cannot give up tightlining once you start doing it regularly! Who doesn’t want fuller lashes and awake looking eyes that too so easily! And now you also know the key to achieve a gorgeous yet natural eye makeup look too!


Let us know what you think about tightlining down below!



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