Lauren Manzo Weight Loss

How RHONJ's Lauren Manzo Dropped 80 Pounds - Her Full Transformation

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Updated At  06 Dec 23

Lauren Manzo weight loss has been the talk of the town after the Real Housewives of New Jersey star shared her transformation photos. She has admitted to using a weight loss drug, Mounjaro, which helped her in reaching her ideal weight. Lauren, at 35, has openly shared her weight loss struggles and desire for a healthier life.

In this article, we will go through all the details of her weight loss, the challenges she faced and the amazing results she achieved in the end. Lauren Manzo weight loss story is sure to give you the boost you need to start working on your own weight loss journey.



RHONJ's Lauren Manzo have inspired many by overcoming weight challenges. She underwent lap band surgery, grappled with weight gain, and faced mental struggles post-2012. In 2020, at her heaviest of 208 pounds, she committed to a weight loss journey. Through determination, guidance from doctors, and a regimen of diet, exercise, and the weight loss drug Mounjaro, she actively shed over 80 pounds from 2020 to 2023.



Who Is Lauren Manzo?

Lauren Manzo is an American reality television personality and businesswoman. She is the daughter of Caroline Manzo, who was one of the original cast members of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey." Lauren has appeared on the show alongside her family. She is also known for Manzo'd with Children (2014).


Lauren Manzo's Profile

Celebrity Name: Lauren Manzo

Date Of Birth: April 12, 1988

Height: 161 cm

Profession: Reality Television Personality, Businesswoman

Weight in 2020  - 208 pounds

Weight in 2023 - 128 pounds

Total weight lost - 80 pounds 


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Lauren Manzo Weight Loss Story: How She Lost 80 Pounds From 2020 Till 2023

Lauren's journey towards a healthier lifestyle began with a commitment to look after her body, both emotionally and physically. Firstly, she dropped an initial 50 pounds by following a strict diet of gluten and dairy-free routine. Through her food habits, she showed the power of mindful eating.

In Page Six’s “Virtual Reali-Tea” podcast, she explained,

I went gluten [and] dairy free over a year ago. I had the Lap-Band, I got it removed again. I got up to 208 pounds.


Also check out 'This Is Us' star Chrissy Metz's transformation as she also lost a whopping 100 pounds mainly through diet and exercise.




Out of her total 80 pounds weight loss, she achieved 50 pounds weight loss through diet and exercise whereas the remaining 30 pounds were achieved through Mounjaro weight loss drug.


For losing 50 pounds, she followed a well balanced diet. As per her doctor's advice she changed her diet completely.

- She included lots of vegetables and preferred having salad or a sandwich in lunch.

- Her diet was free from gluten, soy and dairy products.

- She included gluten free crackers in her diet.

- She avoided having cucumbers, eggs and potatoes.


However, the path to her ideal weight was not without its challenges. She found it difficult to lose more weight even after doing everything suggested. When conventional methods didn't seem to work, Lauren took the advice from her pharmacist. This led to the introduction of the controversial weight loss drug Mounjaro, which is a type-2 diabetes drug similar to Ozempic. Many celebrities use the same for weight loss.

This decision, along with her dedication, contributed to an additional 30-pound weight loss. The blend of lifestyle changes and unconventional interventions became an important part of Lauren's weight loss strategy.

What is remarkable is that, unlike many celebrities, Lauren has freely admitted to taking Mounjaro. There are celebrities, such as Amy Schumer, who are open about their weight reduction issues and describe their use of weight loss medicines. In the example of Amy's weight loss, which was mostly achieved through liposuction, she mentions taking ozempic to help her weight loss; nonetheless, she discontinued the use of the product because it did not fit her.




Lauren Manzo now has reached her ideal body weight of close to 130 pounds after facing years of struggles related to her weight loss. She shares many beautiful moments with her daughter on Instagram. Lauren Manzo photos on the platform clearly show her weight loss transformation.

Many celebrities do go for ozempic and mounjaro for weight loss however, there are celebs who stick to a regular diet and workout routine to achieve their weight loss goals. If you check Reese Witherspoon's story of weight loss, it would be evident that weight loss can be achieved through strict diet and workout as well.




Lauren Mazon Admitted Using Mounjaro For Weight Loss

To shed 30 pounds of additional weight, Lauren Manzo made a choice that raised eyebrows. She used the Mounjaro weight loss drug in her weight loss strategy. The decision stirred discussions within The Real Housewives of New Jersey fanbase.

She admitted using the weight drug during an interview with Page Six and revealed that she credited the drug with aiding her in her ongoing struggle with weight.

She explained,

"And my pharmacist was like, ‘Well, I heard Mounjaro works,’ and I’m like, ‘Oh, I’ll do anything."

She also said that using Mounjaro also helped her avoid potential health challenges such as developing an eating disorder.

Lauren took the shot of Mounjaro drug weekly when she found herself not losing weight by traditional methods. She shares her satisfaction with the drug and the positive change it brought to her life. While Lauren is content with her choice to use Mounjaro, she also highlighted a concern during the interview.

She wished some of her fellow housewives, who were already thin, didn't misuse their prescriptions.

She said,

"I do think that people shouldn't abuse [Ozempic]. I think it's being abused because I see people, Housewives, that are posting and you literally see their ribs, and it's sad because you were already skinny.


There are many celebrities who have been using ozempic for weight loss. You can check the top celebs who have admitted using ozempic here. The list includes popular names like Elon Musk, Amy Schumer and many more.




Lauren Manzo's Stunning Before and After Photos

Lauren Manzo before and after photos are proof of dedication and the impact of positive change. Let's take a look at Lauren Manzo photos and witness her weight loss journey. Manzo is active on social media platforms such as Instagram, where she shared her transformation photos. In this before and after shot, Lauren Manzo daughter can be seen standing next to her. The photo tells a big story of hard work and success.

Screenshot 2023-11-27 210439


Before her weight loss, Lauren was dealing with some tough times. She was carrying extra weight, not just on her body but also in her mind. You can see the challenges she faced with things like feeling down, stressed, and even having certain health issues. You can find her talking openly about her struggles related to her weight loss on social media platforms.

After her weight loss, you can see a big change in Lauren Manzo now. She looks lighter and happier. Those smiles aren’t just about losing pounds; they're about feeling better inside too. These pictures tell us about the changes she made, like trying different diets, removing a lap-band, and using new ways to lose weight.


How Lauren Lost 30 Pounds In 2011?

Lauren has a history of struggling with weight issues. She made a choice back in September 2011 to aid her weight loss. She opted for lap band surgery to address her weight concerns. This surgery helped Manzo to make a shift from 185 pounds to 155 pounds within nine months.

She lost 30 pounds and was very happy about this physical transformation. She spoke openly about going from a period of depression and finding newfound happiness after the lap-band surgery results.



Lauren Manzo Revealed She Removed Her Lap-Band in 2020

In February 2023, Lauren Manzo shared a revelation with her fans on Instagram. She posted about her choice to remove the lap band in 2020. This decision was part of a broader effort to prioritize her mental health.

Lauren, a Bravo star known for her openness, disclosed her weight loss struggles and how she went through therapy and consultations with a functional medicine doctor. During this process, Lauren discovered that her body struggled to tolerate gluten and dairy. To address these concerns, she made the decision to eliminate these food groups entirely from her diet.

The choice she made not only showcases her dedication to her personal health but also emphasizes how closely mental and physical well-being are linked. Lauren Manzo weight loss story is inspiring and throws light on many important aspects related to health and overall well-being.


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FAQs on Lauren Manzo Weight Loss



Q. What was Lauren Manzo weight before her weight loss?

Lauren Manzo weighed around 208 pounds before her weight loss journey. She revealed that after she removed her lap band in 2020, she started working towards losing weight to heal her body. 


Q. How long did it take for Lauren Manzo to lose 80 pounds?

The entire weight loss transformation took around 3 years, showcasing the efficiency of her holistic approach. 


Q. What motivated Lauren Manzo to share her weight loss journey?

Lauren Manzo, motivated to inspire and encourage others, shared her weight loss journey with the public in 2023 through Instagram.


Q. What was Lauren Manzo's diet plan?

Lauren Manzo's diet plan included healthy food items that were gluten- and dairy-free. She also follows a high-protein eating plan. She tries to stay on a clean diet, not over-eat, drink plenty of water, and get consistent exercise.


Q. What was Lauren Manzo's workout routine like?

Lauren Manzo likes to workout in the gym with her gym trainer. She posts footage of her gym moments on Instagram, where she can be seen packing punches, pullups, etc., with intense passion.


Q. What is Mounjaro?

Mounjaro is a prescription diabetes drug that is new in the market. It triggers dramatic weight loss in people who inject it.