Gigi Hadid’s Diet Plan And Daily Fitness Routine For A Toned Body

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Updated At  13 Aug 23

Want to know the secrets of the gorgeous body of Gigi Hadid? Gigi Hadid diet and her exercise routine has definitely played a crucial role but her fitness journey has been inspirational.

From doing boxing to horse riding to managing Hashimoto's diesease, her journey has been motivational, however, gigi hadid’s diet and Gigi Hadid’s fitness routine has played a very important role in her getting a toned body. Check the details to find all the information.

We specifically cover the following:

  • Gigi Hadid Journey
  • Gigi Hadid Diet Plan
  • Gigi Hadid Diet Tips
  • Gigi Hadid Fitness Routine
  • Gigi Hadid Fitness Tips


Gigi Hadid Journey


Gigi Hadid whose full name is Jelena Noura Hadid is a committed and unfaltering American model.

With a whopping 48.2 million followers on Instagram, she has achieved heights that are unimaginable for any fashion model in a career span of just four years. It is no unknown revelation that modelling has been seeped deep in her veins since forever. Her mother Yolanda Hadid was a supermodel in her own era.

Gigi Hadid Weight And Height – Having amassed an inexplicably high net worth at a young age, Gigi Hadid has had to pay special attention to her figure. She has managed to stay slender and beautiful by keeping her weight at 55 kg. Gigi Hadid’s height is 1.79 metre.

Being a fashion icon of this new generation, Gigi Hadid followed her fitness regime and diet plans very rigorously. However, the journey to become supermodel Gigi Hadid was not easy.


Once considered too fat and too curvy, Gigi was barred by multiple model agencies because of her weight but she left no stone unturned to go through a ravenous regime and attain a deadly combination of a fit body and non-harnessed attitude.


Gigi Hadid also suffered from Hashimoto's disease which is an autoimmune disease in which the body attacks the thyroid gland.

She has always been very upfront and candid about her rejections because of her puppy fat. She, being a strong headed individual who lives life on her own terms, transcended the mantra that a woman needs to embrace her body in order to be comfortable in her own skin.

Now, she didn't lose hope and put her best efforts to turn out rejections into worldwide acceptance as a fashion model. How she did that is a question lingering in every mind.

She did follow a fix diet and stuck to her fitness routine when she was battling the disease and rejections. Things started changing though with time as she started getting modelling assignments. She has never looked back since then. Gigi hadid model journey is indeed inpirational.

Throughout her motivational journey, Gigi Hadid exercise routine and gigi hadid diet, played a pivotal role to help her get the perfect body.

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Gigi Hadid Diet Plan

Gigi Hadid diet has been instrumental in her maintaining her gorgeous body.

Now that you know how she pulls off every kind of attire with such finesse (by staying healthy and slim – 55 kg), you must wonder if it is possible to emulate her physique. Also check out Cara Delevingne diet to find out the details about how she has maintained her weight perfectly!

It is and so we bring to you the one and only gigi hadid diet.

  • Breakfast – Scrambled eggs, bacon, orange juice, coffee
  • Post - exercise meal+ Lunch – Arugula Salad since it is her all-time favourite
  • Snacks – Acai bowls, carrots and hummus, chocolate chips and guac
  • Dinner – Sushi and a healthy drink or smoothie

Gigi Hadid diet is a perfect mix of proteins, carbohydrates and fats which gives her body the optimal nutrients.

Gigi hadid weight loss diet and her normal diet is the same except the fact that she does go for cheat days during her normal diet which she ignores during a weight loss diet plan. Additionally, she complements tougher exercises like core focused tranining as she needs to burn more calories when Gigi goes for a weight loss diet.




Gigi Hadid Diet Tips

Like many supermodels, Gigi Hadid diet tips have been extremely popular. From cheat meals to sticking to her diet plan, the tips cover everything.

  • Gigi is a self-proclaimed protein fanatic or protein addict so she makes sure that she intakes a lot of it in her everyday food habits.
  • One should always try to eat home cooked food to the extent possible. In spite of her hectic schedule, she prepares her own food which includes smoothies, mostly.
  • Gigi is someone who stays hydrated and advises her followers to drink gallons of water so that the stomach doesn't feel empty. She drinks water frequently and feels it is very much required for a toned body.
  • One should eat food that one likes. Yes, we have always been advised to stay far away from caffeine for our better health but Gigi Hadid diet plan contradicts this. She consumes a few cups of coffee everyday and it just works for her amazingly well. She thinks that coffee when taken in moderation is a good source for antioxidants.
  • She tries to minimize sugar and cream intake in her diet.
  • Gigi loves orange juice as it is rich in Vitamin C.
  • Gigi believes that sticking to the diet is very important however, one can also have a cheat meal intermittently. She loves burgers and fries and enjoys them on whenever she goes for a cheat meal.
  • One important item in every fitness freak’s diet plan including Gigi’s is ‘salad’ and one might be blown away by the variety present in it. Gigi, personally, prefers arugula salad and whenever she feels like munching on some snacks, she seeks respite in fruits and hummus.
  • Gigi never believes in skipping meals before an important event like a photoshoot. Yes, many of us have heard certain supermodels or celebrities mention that they skip meals before a fashion show but Gigi is strictly against this ideology.
  • Gigi drinks smoothies to shed the weight that she put on involuntarily. However, she doesnt believe in starvation and is completely against it.


On her cheat days (from strict weight loss diet) she prefers tofu and cheeseburgers/fries and has publicly admitted that they are her weakness. She can crave for tofu any time but she also balances out that excess/extra weight by doing a kickass workout and yoga.




Gigi Hadid Fitness Routine

Gigi Hadid exercise routine might be tougher than tough but one has to take the extra mile to reach 10x of the actual goal. Gigi exemplifies struggle to maintain physique, so, note down these points of Gigi Hadid workout (one of many gigi hadid fitness secrets) which reveal the fitness secrets behind her glowing skin.

Gigi Hadid Fitness Routine is tough but is certainly doable.

  • Regular Gym Under Guidance - Gigi is an avid fitness enthusiast and attends the Gotham Gym in NY. Her personal trainer Rob Piela is all praise for her extreme dedication and feels Gigi Hadid workout is the primary, pivotal reason for her fitness.
  • Exercise Routine Focuses On Core - Gigi performs core focused exercuse routine. This includes 10 minutes of cardio for warmup, followed by crunches, boxing, planks, leg raises – 4 to 5 days every week. She does mix the exercises and switches them regularly as she does not want to perfrom the same exercises every week.
  • Boxing - Gigi's ardent love for boxing makes it a part of her routine workouts followed by other alternatives. Gigi feels boxing is a full body workout and is greate for arms as well as the body core.
  • Exercise Even When Gym Is Unavailable – Gigi performs simple exercises like bicycle crunches when she can not access the gym. She certainly feels that exercises even without gym can be performed anywhere.
  • Yoga - Gigi Hadid yoga also comes under her fitness routine. Yoga brings out the best possible peace of mind and stamina in those who voraciously indulge in it. Gigi Hadid is a replica of this statement. She believes in the strength (emotional/mental strength) that a human body needs which can only be transmitted through meditation and yoga. Hence, Gigi takes out time from her gym and shoot schedule to take a peaceful breather by doing yoga. It can also be said that workout complements gigi hadid diet.
  • Running - A sneak peek into Gigi Hadid’s exercise routine reveals that when she finds it difficult to go for boxing, she goes for a run in the park or any open space. She feels any kind of cardio will do the needful if one cant go for boxing.
  • Ballet Inspired Exercises - Gigi sometimes goes for ballet classes. Her personal trainer had mentioned that he includes "ballet-inspired floor exercises" in Gigi’s workout routine. Ballet is very effective as it works on the entire body and helps to strengthen the body core. Additionally, ballet exercises promote flexibility.

To keep up with Gigi Hadid exercise routine which is so strenuous, one needs ample amount of motivation, inspiration and support from their trainer and Rob Piela epitomises this.

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Gigi Hadid Workout Secrets

There are various Gigi Hadid fitness secrets which reveal her focus and dedication towards maintaining a perfectly toned body.

  • Being an athlete, she used to play volleyball a lot. She did horseriding too and used to get up at four or five in the morning. As she moved to New York, her life went on to become topsy-turvy. She started relying heavily on gym sessions and skipping, boxing. However, the disciplined life that she had as a young child always helped her to keep the focus.


As a horseback rider, Gigi got qualified for the Junior Olympics.


  • Gigi feels that one should pursue the sport that he or she is comfortable with. Gigi feels,
    “If boxing isn’t your thing, you can swap it out for another cardio. I’ve always liked jump rope-it’s great for legs-or running if you prefer.”
  • Include the sports and activities in your exercise routine which you like. Gigi had a strong pursuit for ladder training which has been included as part of her cardio. She is also fond of ending her workout regime by doing ballet based floor exercises and dance.
  • In between boxing sessions, especially during intermissions, she does squatting, donkey kicks as she loves the same.
  • Gigi feels that exercises does not necessarily need a gym. She often goes for a run in the park and also performs exercises like bicycle crunches whenever she can not access the gym.
  • Gigi feels working on mental toughness is also crucial. She is conscious of how yoga, that is, mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing signifies peace of mind and that is why she never cheats on her fitness regime.
  • When Gigi is on the road, travelling to and fro, she makes sure she covers up for the missed training sessions by staying motivated enough to eat and drink healthy. She does FaceTime with her trainer to get the necessary dose of support as they are great friends too.
  • On most days, Gigi saves some room in her stomach for ice cream as she believes in content-eating and shedding the excess by difficult workout sessions post meals.

With all glory and adulation, Gigi Hadid has amassed, she has also become a living inspiration for all those who want to embrace their body as it is and then try their best to stay fit for their own sake and not somebody else's.

She does relaize the importance of a lifestyle and hence always makes sure to eat right even while maintaining her exercise routine.

Follow Gigi Hadid diet and the popular Gigi hadid exercise routine and you can also have a dream body like Gigi. You can also check gigi hadid best looks to check her amazing fashion quotient.



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