Shoulder Length Hairstyles For Fine Hair

25 Stunning Shoulder Length Hairstyles For Fine Hair


Updated At  18 Mar 24


Do you have fine hair that tends to struggle to hold a style? If so, you'll want to try one of these 25 stunning shoulder length hairstyles for fine hair. Fine hair can be tough to style, but with the right tools and a little know-how, you can get the look you want. From easygoing waves to sleek chignons, these styles will have your fine hair looking its best. These styles will work well on you whether you have dry or oily hair.

So if you’re looking for some inspiration for fine shoulder length haircuts, then do read the complete story. We’ve got 25 stunning shoulder length hairstyles for fine hair that you’re going to love.


25 Shoulder Length Hairstyles For Fine Hair




1. Hairstyle With Bangs

Bangs are one of the most famous hair cut these days and the reason is- they completely change your look and make you look amazing without even the tiniest efforts. This shoulder-length hairstyle for fine hair is a great option if you’re looking for a change and want a minimum-effort, good-looking hairstyle all the time. This hairstyle looks great on all face types and can be worn at all times.


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2. Long Bob With Face Framing Layers

Looking for a new hairstyle? Check out the long bob haircut with face-framing layers style! This trendy look is perfect for those who want to add some extra length and volume to their hair. If you have fine hair then you may want to try this shoulder-length hairstyle for fine hair with layers hairstyle. The layers help frame your face, and the long length creates a flattering silhouette even with fine hair.




3. Middle Parted Straight Bob

Who would have thought that the middle part hairstyle would come back in trend? Well, as the middle part hairstyles are now back, this straight bob shoulder-length hairstyle will be a perfect option for people with thin hair who want a sleek and stylish look without having to compromise with style. You may want to straighten your hair to achieve the same look and your hair will be ready to rock.




4. Feathered Bangs

One of the top hairstyles for fine hair, bangs are extremely stylish and give a perfect appearance. Feathered bangs look great on people with oval face shapes or long faces. These feathered bangs are quite similar to schoolgirl bangs however these bangs add a little more style and are a perfect option for people with fine and thin hair. If you're looking for a long bob with bangs hairstyle, you'll love this style!




5. Haircut For Fine Hair With Round Face

It becomes quite difficult to find the right hairstyle that also looks good on your face shape and goes with your hair texture and volume. Well, this shoulder-length hairstyle for fine hair with a round face is a perfect option if you are looking for a low-maintenance and effortless hairstyle. You can wear this style any time of year - summer or winter – and it will make you look stylish and elegant.




6. Layered Hairstyle With An Ombre

Shoulder-length hair with an ombre hairstyle is a versatile and fashionable style that can be worn any time of year. Ombre dyeing techniques make this look easy to achieve, and it can look stunning when styled in different ways. In this shoulder-length hairstyle for fine hair with layers, the layers are arranged so that they flow down the shoulder blade to create a natural and stylish look.


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7. Wavy Highlighted Shoulder Length Hair

If you have naturally wavy hair or you love to style your hair into waves then you might want to give the wavy highlighted shoulder-length hair a try. Shoulder-length hair is comparatively easy to style and waves as well do not require a lot of effort. Highlighted hair can add extra spice to your look by making your hair more stylish and trendy. The waves add volume to your hair and thus might be a good option for your fine hair.




8. Long Curtain Fringes

Long Curtain Fringes are yet another haircut that looks amazing on face types and is completely in trend right now. The long curtain fringes give a very subtle and aesthetic look to your hair and change the way your hair looks normally. This is one of the most sought-after shoulder-length hairstyles for fine hair as this does not make your hair look extremely thin and they give a smooth and appealing look.




9. Blunt Bob With Wavy Texture

Blunt bobs with wavy texture hairstyles are a popular style right now. They add volume and definition to your hair, while also making it look sleek and stylish. There are several different bob hairstyles that you can try, depending on your personal preferences and the shape of your face. Short bob or long bob either will be a good option if you have wavy hair or even straight hair. The trick is to add slight curls in the front part of your hair.


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10. Wavy Shoulder Length Hairstyles For Fine Hair

Wavy shoulder length hairstyles are perfect for fine hair. They can be styled in a variety of ways to give you the look you want. Some popular styles include beach waves, side-swept bangs, and loose curls. All of these styles are easy to style and maintain, so they're great options if you want something comfortable and versatile. The best thing is these wavy shoulder-length hairstyles for fine hair works with any hair colour.




11. Shoulder Length Hairstyles For Fine Hair With Layers

Well to be very honest, we are huge fans of hairstyles with layers. Layers make the hair appear extra pretty and voluminous. There is nothing wrong or right with layers. Layers of hair can be cut of any length depending on your preference and present hair length. The most common layering style is in descending order. It is really easy to style afterwards as they look great with just one stroke of brushing.




12. Wavy Brunette Blonde Ombre

If you want to keep your locks looking healthy and vibrant, then an ombre hairstyle is a great choice. Ombre haircuts are simply defined as a gradual transition of colour from one section of your head to another. This look can be achieved by combining two different shades of hair dye, or by using highlights and lowlights in combination with each other. Using a heating rod, you can easily get wave effects or curls that will make your hair more flattering.




13. Shoulder Length Haircut With Blended Bangs

If are like us, you may have wondered what haircut you should go for that is also subtle and blends perfectly with the rest of your hair. We have the answer for you, the shoulder-length haircut with blended bangs is an absolute favourite and the perfect hairstyle. Blended bangs are the ones with blend with your natural hair and yet give the appearance of bangs or fringes (depending on the length and style you wish to achieve).




14. Honey Blonde With Bangs

Honey blonde is the favourite colour for many ladies (and men) as it is an extremely sweet shade that accentuates your facial features. This honey-blonde shoulder-length hairstyle is for fine hair with bangs features short, choppy bangs that frame your face nicely. You can style the bangs any way you like - straight down or wavy – and they'll stay in place throughout the day thanks to long-lasting and damage-free styling products.




15. Ombre Shoulder Length Hairstyle For Fine Hair

The key to getting the perfect ombre haircut is to plan it carefully beforehand. Use a brown or black colour as the base shade for your ombre, then work in lightening shades towards the ends of your hair while leaving the middle section dark. For extra dimension, use two colours together (for example, start with a light brown at the root then finish with a darker brown near the tips). This ombre effect shoulder-length hairstyle for fine hair is going to alter your entire appearance.




16.  Straight Shoulder Length Hair

If you have naturally straight and fine hair, then this hairstyle is for you. Straight shoulder length hairstyle for fine hair is easy to manage and ready to go at all times. All you need is a straightener if you do not have naturally straight hair, and a comb to detangle your hair. This hairstyle does not feature bangs but just in case you are looking for some, you can ask your stylist to cut blended bangs of the length you like.




17.  Side Part Shoulder Length Hair

If you are bored of the normal middle part hair and wish to try something else that does not require a lot of effort or time, then this side part shoulder-length hairstyle is for you. Side part hairstyle involves parting the hair from one side rather than parting them from the middle which will help you add extra volume to your hair and may also help to cover the receding hairline. This hairstyle also gives a textured look to your hair.


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18. Side Swept Bangs And Layered Hair

Shoulder-length hair in a layered hairstyle can be very flattering and stylish. Layers add length, volume, and texture to your hair, which makes it look fuller and healthier. Side-swept bangs are a perfect option if you are looking to change the style of your bangs. Bangs take time to grow back and blend in with the rest of your hair. While you wait for them to grow, you can try styling your bangs in other ways. One of them being this side-swept bangs hairstyle.




19. Front Fringe U-Cut Shoulder Length Hair

Front fringes have become common and trendy nowadays because they suit every face type and are a good match for any haircut. You can style your shoulder-length locks in a variety of ways to make them appear thicker and more voluminous, one of them being the U-cut. U-cut, adds a curve to the end of your hair making your hair appear fuller and voluminous. Styling products that contain waxes will help create more texture.




20. Vintage Bob With Bangs

There is no doubt people are going back to the vintage and taking inspiration from the past. This retro shoulder-length hairstyle for fine hair with bangs looks amazing and is a great medium-length hair option. If you are looking for a vintage hairstyle then you may want to give this vintage bob with bangs a look. This hairstyle will require a little more effort than regular hairstyles as it will be important to manage and style the hair finely every day.




21. Diagonal Backward Shoulder Length Haircut

If you are looking for a hairstyle that is much more trendy right now, then your search stops here. Diagonal haircuts are super trendy and stylish and many celebrities are opting for diagonal haircuts this year. A diagonal cut can be forward (long to short) or backward (short to long). A perfect diagonal shoulder-length haircut depends on your preference and face cut and definitely on the practice of your stylist.




22. Side Part Haircut With An Ombre

An ombre-style side-parted haircut is a great choice for those with fine hair. It is a simple, yet stunning style that can be worn both casually and formally. The ombre colouration adds dimension and interest to the hair, while the side-parted style keeps it looking sleek and polished. To style, simply part the hair to the side and use a flat iron to create sleek straight locks. Add a bit of shine serum to the ends for a touch of glamour.




23.  Shoulder Length Hairstyles For Fine Hair Over 40

If you are looking for a shoulder-length hairstyle for fine hair over 40 then this short and sleek hairstyle might be worth a try. Shoulder length hairstyle for women over 40 does not mean that your hair has to be cut and styled in a boring way. You can always go for short or long bobs with fringes or bangs that compliment your style. Styling your hair in the side part or middle part is going to be completely your call as this can change the way your hair will look.




24. Mid Part Bangs On Shoulder Length Hair

Fine hair can be difficult to style. It can be flat, limp, and difficult to hold a style. But there are ways to work with fine shoulder-length hair. The key is to find the right haircut and to use the right products. With the right haircut, you can add volume and texture to your fine hair. And with the right products, you can help your hair hold a style. This mid-part bangs-on shoulder-length hair is going to be a perfect choice if you want to change your look.




25. Shoulder Length Blunt Lob

Are you in search of a new hairstyle that will make heads turn? Well, look no further than the shoulder-length blunt lob haircut. This chic shoulder-length blunt lob is perfect for women with fine hair, as it will give your tresses the illusion of fullness and volume. Plus, it's a great way to show off your facial features. This haircut is easy to style and can be worn on any occasion.



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