11 Biggest Makeup And Beauty Trends Of The Year

Ankita Ghoshal

Updated At  14 Sep 22

When it comes to makeup and beauty, each year comes and goes with a plethora of trends taking people by storm. Last year witnessed some unusual beauty trends such as charcoal peel off masks, jade rollers and Korean sheet masks and the current year is now all set to excite us with some newer, better and a tad crazier makeup and beauty trends. From liquid exfoliators to bright mascaras, the makeup trends are sure to inspire you.

Be it for fall makeup or for a party, you got to know these amazing new beauty trends to make yourself stand out.

Here are 11 biggest makeup and beauty trends of the year which cover the latest in makeup, skincare, hair and nails.


Top Makeup And Beauty Trends 2019


Golden-Bronzed Face Glow


1. Golden, Bronzed Face Glow

Every beauty blogger is raving about this beauty trend wherein one needs to create a bronzed look with a tinge of golden glow to the face. Some are even taking a step ahead and going crazy with heavy strokes of golden and using it as a blinding highlighter to make heads turn. If you want to add a sun-kissed impact to your bronzed, golden face, try out metallic hues and champagne gold.
This makeup look will put focus on your glowing face and make you stand out form the crowd.


Monochromatic Makeup


2. Monochromatic Makeup
One of the most loved makeup trends of the year so far is the monochromatic look which more and more women are experimenting with. Going for a makeup theme has become a thing now and people are sticking with just one or two similar tones rather than going overboard with shades and hues. The monochromatic look also makes for an amazing fall makeup look and saves you the trouble of figuring out which shades would go together and which wouldn’t.

Peachy pastels would be amazing if you want to get into that spring vibe and let that shade paint your lips, cheeks and eyes as well.

Also make sure you know the eyeshadow do's and don'ts as well.



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3. Bright Mascaras
One of the funkiest beauty trends of the year saw is of colourful mascaras which are all the rage right now. People are ditching their usual, monotonous black mascaras to go for something more fun, bright and colourful like pinks and neon yellows. It’s also a great lazy-girl’s hack as if your mascara is all jazzed up; you don’t really have to pay much attention to the rest of your face as your eyes are only going to do the talking!





4. Almond Shaped Nails
Forget the square and rounded manicured nails; it’s the year of almond-shaped nails! One of the most popular beauty trends 2019 is seeing is the brand new shape of nails that girls cannot get enough of. However, before hitting the salon for getting your nails shaped like almonds, make sure you have taken prior care of your nails and given them a strong base. You really don’t want a broken or chipped talon after shelling hundreds on getting those gorgeous almond nails.


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Liquid Exfoliators


5. Liquid Exfoliators
We all know how important it is to scrub and exfoliate the skin for pore cleansing and getting rid of the gunk and dead skin. However, for sensitive skin type, it is quiet a task to find a scrub which doesn’t have gritty and harsh particles that may do more harm than good to your face. Well, here come liquid exfoliators at your rescue. These gentle exfoliants come in a water-like texture. The chemical exfoliation helps in lifting dead skin gently from the surface, leaving the pores clean and unclogged.




6. Baby Bangs
The Audrey Hepburn style baby bangs are back in trend and every other woman is seen flaunting those. The super short fringes look amazing on almost all and add more shape to the face. If you think you are not going to be able to “pull it off”, try not stressing over it too much and have a talk with your hairstylist to know what length and what style would suit your better.


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Bold Lips


7. Bold Lips
While some prefer to keep it light with the makeup and go for nudes and neutral colours, others are going crazy and playing with all the funky colours in their makeup palettes.
2019 is witnessing a great move from nude lip colours and clear glosses to bold, vivacious lips which make a statement for themselves. A colourful pout can add more style and glamour to your bare face and if you are going to the office, a pop of colour might take your overall look to a different level altogether. While choosing your lip colours, pick liquid lipsticks which are highly pigmented and not drying on the lips.


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Lilac Coloured Hair


8. Lilac Coloured Hair
A delight to the eyes, lilac locks are all over the internet these days. Adding a fresh spring vibe, lilac dyed hair is aesthetically very pleasing. If you are one of the bold babes, you can get all your hair coloured in soft pastel but if you are looking for a subtle makeover, just gets your strands coloured in lilac with the help of balayage and you are good to go.


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9. Natural Gray Hair
Instead of hiding every strand of gray hair, people these days are letting their natural hair colour show. Be it the salt and pepper beard look or the silver lines shining amidst the black locks, people with grey hair don’t care! They are loving the way their hair naturally is and our undoubtedly rocking their grays.


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10. Glossy Makeup
The glossy makeup trend is back with a bang and is giving tough competition to the monochromatic makeup looks of the year. Glossing up the lips is pretty simple but the tricky part is giving your eyes that shiny dewy look. Don’t worry. There are numerous tutorials on the internet that nail the “wet” look with the dewy eyeshadows and neutral shades. Here’s a tip: you can use your lip gloss on your lips as well as your eyes for giving that tinted, glossy look to your overall face.


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11. Lash Lifting
Gone are the days of hair extensions. 2019 is all about eyelash lifting and everyone is going gaga about it. If you still don’t know what a lash lift is, basically, it needs perming your eyelashes for making them curled and you need to seek a professional’s help for going around with the process. You can give your lashes an instant boost and faster growth with home remedies like applying castor oil on them.


Now that you know all the cool makeup and beauty trends of 2019, go get started with your experiments and take your fashion level to the next level by acing these trends like nobody’s business!




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