Best Indian Beauty Tips For Glowing Skin

15 Best Indian Beauty Tips For Glowing Skin

Tanumita Mishra

Updated At  18 Apr 24

Who doesn’t long for a bright and glowing skin? Well, the Indian beauty tips for glowing skin work perfectly well for almost everyone.

Facial skin is sensitive and prone to infections and damage. The environmental pollution, stress, excessive intake of alcohol, poor sleeping habits, and ultraviolet rays make your skin dull, lifeless and deprive it of the entire glow.

There are a variety of treatments, beauty products and grooming procedures to retain the glow of skin but these might sometimes come with side-effects. So, following the right beauty tips for taking care of your skin and giving it the desired glow, is definitely a concern for many.

Here we are to simplify your efforts to search for skin remedies. We bring to you a complete list of 15 Indian beauty tips for face that will let you have a perfectly glowing skin. These are the Indian traditional beauty tips which have been used by many since ages. These ancient indian beauty secrets not only will make your skin glow naturally but will also make it healthy from within.


15 Indian Beauty Tips For Glowing Skin




1. Coconut Oil For Skin Brightening

Lukewarm coconut oil when applied gently over face and left overnight, gives you amazingly exfoliated and clean skin after you rinse it off in the morning. It is the most suitable therapy for drab and dry skin as it contains vital fatty acids and antioxidants which effectively nourish your skin and brighten it.


2. Ghee A Must Have In Every Diet

Ghee is very important not only for good health but even for glowing skin. It helps improve digestion and kills germs. It is natural skin lubricator and helps to maintain the glow on the skin.

It can even be used on the lips instead of the lipbalm.



3. DIY Homemade Face Masks Always Work

DIY homemade masks are one of the ancient indian beauty secrets which have been working since a long time.

One of the best face masks which gives instant glow to your skin is the gram flour and turmeric face mask.

To prepare this, mix right quantity of gram flour with turmeric powder and some milk or water. Apply it on your face as scrub. Let this face pack stay on face or a specific time and then wash it off. This DIY homemade face pack is easy-to-prepare and helpful in rendering your skin with a natural golden glow and acne-free skin.


4. Water For The Radiant Skin

One of the easiest but guaranteed and effective ways of getting a glowing skin is to stay hydrated. Water removes toxins from skin and the dead skin cells. As a result the skin gets cleared up and also hydrated. This leads to natural lightening of skin and gives you a radiant. Drinking 4 to 5 glasses of water every day at regular time intervals helps you to have amazingly clear and lighter skin tone.



5. Get Rosy Cheeks with Rosewater!

Rosewater or popularly known as gulabjal, is rich in antioxidants and possesses anti-inflammatory properties that help in moistening and smoothening of skin. Rosewater tones your skin, lets you get rid of the stubborn acne, soothes you skin that is exposed to sunlight and UV rays, heals sunburn and keeps your skin refreshed and glowing.


6. De-tan with tomatoes or oranges

Take the tomato or orange peel and rub it gently on your face. It works as an amazing scrub. Rubbing with tomato and orange peel reduces skin tanning and gives you a fresh and glowing skin. It keeps your skin moist and soft. Alternatively, you can mix tomato juice with buttermilk and apply it on your skin for the glow.


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7. Yoga For The Natural Glow

Exercising and yoga offer you multiple benefits for healthy and fit body. Apart from this practicing yoga aasans and exercising regularly boosts blood circulation to your face area and head. As a result it lightens up your skin tone. Make yoga an essential part of your skincare regime to get a naturally radiant skin.


8. Keep Your Diet Balanced

A good and healthy diet including food rich in proteins, vegetables, fruits and essential vitamins, is indeed the key to a fresh and rejuvenated skin. Add these necessary elements in right quantity to your food for healthy, nourished and thus a radiant skin.


9. Milk And Curd Do Wonders

Milk is one of the best and most common home remedy used as moisturizer. It not only keeps your skin soft but also helps in de-tanning of skin. This, as a result, makes your skin glow naturally. Use cold milk or curd to wash your face or you can also use it to prepare an effective facial scrub.


10. Take A Sound Sleep And Stay Closer To Nature

This is something we very important that we often miss out due to hectic and busy schedules. Taking a good sleep of around 8 hours should be an essential part of your routine. The blood flow in your body increases while you are asleep and this helps you get rid of lifelessness and dullness of skin, making it glow healthily. So, go to bed on time and sleep well!

An early morning walk or a stroll taken barefoot on the green grass increases blood flow upwards and makes your face glow. Walking in the park and garden where you are surrounded by lush greenery gives you sufficient fresh air. This revives your skin cells and makes the skin glow naturally.



11. Nourish Your Skin With Honey

Honey holds properties of anti-oxidants and moisturizing elements that work well for skin repair and strengthening. Honey is used to cure facial pores and wrinkles. Its bleaching and moisturizing properties make it excellent for fighting skin infection, skin smoothening and making skin clean and clear. Apply a layer of it on your skin to get an evenly toned skin and radiant face.


12. Keep It Glowing With Aloe Vera

Aloe vera gel is also known for its antioxidants and anti-bacterial properties. Using aloe vera as a face mask keeps your facial skin moist and smooth. It performs deep cleansing of skin pores and thus lightens up the skin tone making it all the more fair and radiant. It is also effective in curing tanned skin and acne.


13. Your Own Saliva Also Works

Yeah it may sound freakish but your own early morning saliva can get you a clear and glowing skin. Our saliva is enriched with anti-microbial properties and is also helpful in controlling skin inflammation. You can use it to fade away pimples, acne, marks and dark circles on your skin. This is one of the most traditional beauty tips to rub your morning saliva on face for flawlessly glowing skin.


14. Skin Cleansing With Ginger

Ginger powder when applied on face acts as a skin toner. Its antioxidant properties make it idle for clearing dark spots and acne marks. Apply ginger as face mask or facial scrub to unclog skin and make it glow naturally. It cleans and balances skin tone to give you that gorgeous glow.


15. Cucumber Face Mask

All you need to do is grate a cucumber and prepare a face mask by mixing it with yogurt. Apply this face pack all over your face, 3 to 4 days a week, gives you bright, fresh and glowing skin. The fruit rich in antioxidants revivifies skin, enhances skin complexion and restores its glow.

So, now when you know the most effective and great Indian beauty tips for glowing skin, then without much wait get ready to pick one of these to tame your skin with the natural glow. Also, do tell us in comment section how these tips have helped you.



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