How To Start An Anti-Pollution Skincare Regime!

Kritika Mishra

Updated At  09 Dec 22

With progressing lifestyle and world pacing to reach new heights, pollution has taken over each and every corner! Nothing is spared, be it water or air and these come with their severe effects! Imagine the toxicity of these pollutants affecting your skin! Your skin goes through -clogged pores , dead skin cells, tanning, pigmentations, spots and blackheads everyday!!

In order to avoid such terrible skin problems, the protection has to be enhanced and made stronger!

Know how to start an anti-pollution skincare regime which can protect your skin!


deep cleanse


1. Deep cleanse regularly

Deep cleansing is the most effective way to clean your skin!

A good and constant cleansing routine ensures clear skin! How? Your pores are unclogged that reduces sebum production , hence no acne ! Dead skin cells are removed on a regular basis so your face always glows!

Get a mild cleanser so that your skin isn’t dried out. You can also try the technique of Double Cleansing in which the first cleanse is to remove makeup and dirt using an oil based makeup remover and the second step is the final face wash! This cleans the skin deeply ensuring no residue of dirt!


anti pollution scrub


2. Start using anti-pollution scrubs

Get your hands on anti-pollution scrubs available in the market! These can be mineral based or have essential oils like tea tree and lemongrass! These products work really great in exfoliating dead SKIN and blackheads!

You can also use a soft skin exfoliating brush to remove tan and dead skin by scrubbing in circular motion!


tighten pores


3. Tighten pores with ice

Rub an ice cube on your skin after cleansing the face and before applying makeup! Ice helps to close the pores and tighten them. Hence the dirt is not clogged in the pores and you get a smooth base to apply makeup! Also, ice works like a primer too ,so your makeup lasts long!


ayurvedic products


4. Switch to Ayurvedic products

They say natural products are skin’s bestfriend and somewhere we all know it is true! Put some Ayurvedic formulated skin products in your cart and give it a shot!

You can start with skin oils and face cleansers! These products are mild on the skin as they are naturally formulated and repair the pores and skin cells from within! Also, you barely see your skin reacting to natural products as these are free from chemicals!




5. Do not skip sunscreen

No matter what happens, one must always keep their sunblock close to themselves! The sun is usually at peak in India and you won’t want the UV rays causing harm to the skin making it tan and age faster!

Reapply sunscreen after every 2 hours! Get one with SPF 50 to achieve the best skin shield!




6. Hydrate with moisturizer

As pollution sucks off the moisture of the skin , one has to keep supplying a good amount of moisture to retain the suppleness of the skin! A dry face looks dull and can get irritated too! Carry a moisturizer always and keep re-applying it to keep the dewy look intact!

Now that you know how to start an anti-pollution skincare regime, let your skin breathe pollutant free!

Let the real glow be visible always!


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