15 Most Effective Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat


Updated At  22 Sep 22

Belly fat is a very natural concept of having a cushion to protect your bones and organs and a colloquial term for abdominal fat, however, the excess of it might become some cause for concern for some people. With a strict diet and multiple exercises to lose belly fat, anybody can achieve the desired results.



Top Reasons For Belly Fat And Exercises To Reduce It 


We will firstly look at the top 7 reasons one can get belly fat. We will follow it up with explaining 15 most effective exercises which will help to remove belly fat.

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Why Do You Get Belly Fat - 7 Top Reasons


1. Genetics

Hereditary can be one of the major reasons for developing fat cells in the body. If an immediate family member has a slouchy belly, it is a possibility that the genes can pass on.


2. Metabolism

Women tend to have more fat developed around their bellies more often than men and weal metabolism might be a great reason for the same.

Metabolism can really build or break your body weight. While some people are blessed with a high metabolism and do not gain weight no matter how much they eat; some others might just develop bulges and curves even when they eat a bit more than usual.

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3. Eating habits

Lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits will cause you to gain weight rapidly. 


4. Hormones

As women progress with their age, they start gaining more weight because the ratio of body fat changes with time. During the stage, if menopause, the estrogen levels reduces in girls and thus the hormones start concentrating on the fat accumulation.


5. Mental stress

Stress and hypertension tend to increase the cortisol levels in the blood. This ultimately causes the fats to pile up in the body can settle down in the various parts like belly and thighs and more.


6. Diseases

There are many diseases like diabetes, sleep apnea, stroke, metabolic syndrome, breast cancer and more can cause belly fat to develop as well.


7. Posture

Slouching can be your biggest enemy if you are aiming for a perfect body. Always have a straight spine and avoid curved back at all times.


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15 Simple Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat

Dieting and exercises are the two side of one healthy life, both of them go hand in hand. Food habits and diet varies for different people according to their lifestyle and preferences, but in order to get rid of belly fat, here are 15 exercises on how to reduce belly fat fast:





1. Reverse crunches

Reverse crunches help you work on that flexibility and strength of your lower ab muscles. These are one of the basic core strengthening exercises to lose belly fat. The best part about this workout is even though it’s a modification of the basic crunches, it can be easily performed by beginners as well without harming your posture or lower back.


How to do:


1.        Start with lying down on the floor in a basic crunch position with your feet bent right at your knees and hands place under your head.

2.        As you lift your feet off of the ground, press your lower back into the floor.

3.        Place your knees together and bend at 90 degrees angle.

4.        With the help of your core, pull your knees to your chest.

5.        Return back to the starting position without touching the floor with your feet.


-           Don’t strain your neck

-           Don’t bend the head forward and keep the hands aligned to your shoulder to avoid back pain.





2. Vertical Leg Crunch

One of the greatest exercises to lose belly fat. Vertical leg crunches help you to strengthen your core and the muscles of your upper and lower abdomen. This workout helps you to get rid of belly fat.


How to do:

-        With your legs extended upwards towards the ceiling and one knee crossed to another, lie flat on the floor.

-        After positioning your body perfectly, follow the same procedure as normal crunches. Then, breathe in a lift your upper body off the floor towards the pelvis

-        Keep breathing in as you bring yourself down and breathe out as you go up.


-        Don’t start of heavily as a beginner, as it might give you sore muscles on the first go.

-        Keep your body positioned rightly.


-        Repeat the procedure perform 12-15 reps and move up to three sets gradually.




3. Rolling Plank Exercise

It is one of the most effective belly fat burning workouts, and you really have to use your belly muscles to stay upright. Rolling plank is a full body exercise if performed correctly, right from strengthening your arms to belly, to lower abdomen to legs; it really burns the fat from all sides of the body. Belly fat burning workouts


How to do:

-        Position yourself correctly on the floor with your knees and elbows resting on the ground

-        As you look forward, make sure your neck is aligned with your spine

-        With the support of your legs on the toes, lift the knees up.

-        Contract your knees and breathe normally.

-        You have achieves a normal plan pose. Stay on that position for 30 seconds and then start moving to and fro for the next 30 seconds.


-        Your elbow needs to be perpendicular to your shoulder and legs need to be positioned correctly.

-        Your hips should not touch the ground.

-        Don’t hold your breath while performing this exercise.


-        Repeat the same sets on both side in order to get the better results.




4. Crunches

Among all the exercises to lose belly fat, No exercise can even come close to the intensity with which crunches. There is multiple kinds of crunches and they straight away strengthen your core and reduces down the belly fat and even the fat around the lower abdomen area.


How to:

-           Lie down on the mat with your feet on the ground and knees bent.

-           Place your hands behind your head or keep them crossed on your chest and lift your hand.

-           Inhale deeply as you lift your upper torso off the floor and then exhale.

-           As you get back down to the mat, inhale again and exhale as you come back up.

-           Inhale deeply, and as you lift your upper torso off the floor, exhale.

-           Inhale again as you get back down, and exhale as you come up.

-           Repeat the set again for 10 to 12 times as a beginner.


-           While performing the exercise, don’t enter the full sit-up position but just raise your back a few inches from the ground, in order to protect your back from hurting.

-           Don’t jerk your head and neck while doing crunches.





5. Twist Crunches

After you have mastered the regular crunches, modify the basic crunches in order to get rid of belly fat.


How to do it:

-        Lie down straight on the mat with your hands behind your head.

-        Bend your knees as you go about the crunched and keep your feet on the floor.

-        In normal crunches, lift your right shoulders towards the left and keep the left side of your torso on the ground itself.

-        Also, alternatively, lift your shoulders towards the right while keeping the right side of your torso on the ground.

-        Repeat the same procedure 10 times.


-        Keep your head and neck stable in order to avoid strain.






6. Lunge twists

Lunges are one of the great belly fat exercises as it helps to reduce the lower body fat quickly and easily. For beginners, shedding belly fat requires the basic exercises that can be practiced without injuries and sore muscles.  


How to do

-        Stand up straight with your legs and hip width apart and keep your knees slightly bent.

-        Life both the hand in front of you and align them with your shoulders keep them parallel to the ground.

-        Lunge forward by taking a big step forward with the right leg. Sit down as if you are sitting on a chair by making a 90 degree angle with the floor.

-        Keep the left leg positioned backwards and support them with your arms.




-        Make sure you keep the spine straight and don’t bend your spine forward.

-        Don’t twist your legs. Twist the torso to the right and then left.






7. Bicycle Exercise

You don’t need an actual bicycle for this exercise but this exercise is more like riding an imaginary bicycle. This exercise is one of the great routine for abs workout as it strengthens the core and even the lower body.

How to do:

-        Lie straight on the mat and keep your hands behind your head, like you do in crunches.

-        Lift off both the legs and bend them towards the knees

-        While you keep your left leg away, bring your right knee close to your chest.

-        Take your right leg away and bring your left leg close to your chest and continue doing the same drill.

-        Keep paddling in the air like you are paddling a bicycle.



-        Don’t lift up your neck or head while doing it, as it might strain your muscles.

-        Keep your position upright






8. The Stomach Vacuum

Amongst the various Exercises to lose belly fat, stomach vacuum is a low intensity exercise that gives out a greater emphasis on your breathing rather than lifting up your heart rate. This workout is one of those stomach exercises the builds your core strength and your pelvic floor as well.


How to do it:

-        This exercise can be performed with your hands and knees on the floor or while standing upright with your hands on the table.

-        Inhale deeply as you blow out the air from your lungs and squeeze your diaphragm while you exhale.

-        Suck in your stomach really hard and stay in the position for 15 to 30 seconds max


-        Anyone suffering from any heart or lung disease should not perform this exercise

-        Do it in an empty stomach.





9. Captain’s Chair

In order to get rid of belly fat, you need to include Captains chair as one of your exercises to reduce belly fat in your workout regime. This exercise looks like a tall seatless chair along with arms and a back rest. All you have to do it climb into it through small steps and focus on your ab muscles. This chair will support your back and will helps you build the core muscles.

How to do:

-        Sit on the chair normally with your shoulder relaxed back and spine straight

-        Place both your hands beside you with your palms by the side of your hips and face them downward.

-        As you exhale, bring both the legs upward so that your knees are close to the chest and hold for 5-10 seconds.

-        Inhale and exhale in regular intervals.



-        Don’t bend ahead and make sure you arch your back.






10. Bending Side To Side

Standing side by side targets both the external and internal oblique. It helps you strengthen the ab wall. This is one of those belly fat exercises which helps to really sculpt the waist down and improves your posture and stability of your back as well.

How to do:

-           Stand upright with your feet together and place your hands on the sides.

-           Let your legs be grounded, bend your body towards the right till you strain your left waist and make sure your hand in on the right hip.

-           Hold on to the position for about 15 to 20 seconds

-           Return to your original position.

-           Now perform the same exercise towards the other side as well.



-           Don’t strain your body too much at the beginner level.





11. Burpees

Burpee, also commonly known as squat thrust is a full body excessive workout. This four-step movement is majorly used in aerobic exercises to reduce belly fat and is a great part of cardio exercises too. Burpees are a little trickier than basic crunches and plan to perform, however among the other workouts to lose belly fat, burpees are very effective.


How to do it:


-           Keep your feet together and go down to the squat position and put your arms on the ground in front of your feet.

-           As you keep the feet together, get ready to jump back to land in a push-up position.

-           After this, bend your forearms and do the single push in this position.

-           Jump right back on your feet in the earlier position and beneath your body and then leap up right back.

-           Land on smoothly again and bend your legs carefully.

-           Repeat the procedure




12. Walking

As much as you underestimate the power of walking, it is one of the great cardio workouts to reduce the belly fat. If you follow a very healthy diet routine and keep a steady pace for at least 30 to 45 minutes for 4 to 5 days a week; there will be a noticeable difference in your stamina and fitness. Walking can get your body used to the physical activities and increase your heart rate as well, helping you burn the overall fat from the body. Apart from the various workouts to lose belly fat, walking can be your go-to start exercise to reduce belly fat.



13. Running

Don’t let your body get used to a fixed workout routine or even an exhausting exercise regime. Switch from occasional workouts to running to help your body keep up heart rate, burn a few calories and lose excess stomach fat.



14.  Cycling

Out of many belly fat burning workouts, cycling a very effective cardio method to shed the extra calories in the fat cells of your belly. However, don’t just paddle around without really putting efforts. Ensure that your heart rate really increases when you are cycling and you feel the burn in your body for greater results.





15. Swimming

Swimming gives you the best of both worlds including losing weight and toning the body to a perfect shape. Make sure you do the temp up and strenuous strokes in order and burn more calories as you go about it to burn some extra calories.