Meghan Trainor Weight Loss - Her Incredible Journey

Meghan Trainor Weight Loss - How She Lost 60 Pounds

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Meghan Trainor is a very talented and famous singer-songwriter and producer. Meghan's most accomplished achievement is her debut song, All About That Bass, which was a huge hit globally. Since then Meghan has become a global star with her gripping lyrics, engaging pop style, and great sound. Meghan has seen a huge success with her albums. 

Moreover, Meghan was also in the news due to her brave stance on self-love and endorsing her body type as beautiful. Meghan’s other achievement was her tremendous weight loss after her pregnancy when she was her heaviest in weight. Meghan is proud that she is curvy. But she emphasized about being fit and leading a healthy lifestyle. In this complete guide about the weight loss journey of Meghan Trainor, you will know about her routines, workouts, and diet plan in detail. Have a look! 




Meghan Trainor Profile

Full Name: Meghan Elizabeth Trainor

Birthday: December 22, 1993

Age: 30 years

Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer

Relationship Status: Married 

Height: 1.64m 

Weight Before: 200 pounds

Weight After: 140 pounds

Weight Lost: 60 pounds




Meghan Trainor Family

Meghan is the middle child of her proud parents Kelli and Gary Trainor. She grew up in Nantucket, Massachusetts. Meghan Has two siblings. Both of them are brothers. The older brother Meghan is Ryan and the younger one is Justin. Coming to her personal life, Meghan Trainor is married to Daryl Sabara in the year 2018. She also has two baby boys named Riley and Barry.  



Meghan Trainor Weight Loss Story

Meghan Trainor is the epitome of bravery when it comes to self-love and the courage to stand up for curvy-shaped women around the world. She has always been vocal and proud about the size of her curvy feminine figure. Meghan was always very confident in size and weight. 

Meghan began gaining weight at a regular rate during her pregnancy. Even though she was pregnant, she was very happy with her weight. However, by the time she gave birth, her weight reached over 200 pounds. She was concerned and angry about her weight gain.

Meghan stated,

I was my heaviest I've ever been, I was like over 200 pounds when I C-sectioned him out. I just wasn't feeling great,’ she said. ‘I've never had stitches, so to have this C-section scar, I was in a really dark place and I wanted to be in a great place for my son.”




Meghan said that she was upset and psychologically drained as a result of the weight gain during her pregnancy. Meghan was adamant about living a life full with healthy food and choices within a few months. She was taken with the thought of becoming more active and healthier.

Meghan said,

“I want to run and keep up with my kid. I want to be able to put on a bathing suit and run out there and not be in my head about it. And I want to climb up a treehouse with him,’ She added, ‘I've lost all the baby weight and 10 extra lbs., so I'm just going to keep going and do this for my younger self".


Meghan fans were very surprised and impressed with her weight loss. She inspired millions of fans around the world to get fit and healthy.




How Meghan Lost 60 Pounds? 

Meghan achieved 60 pounds weight loss by following a strict diet and workout routine.

Meghan said,

“ I worked every day and challenged myself,’ the singer added. ‘I was like, “If I can survive a C-section, I can do anything!” I was very dedicated, and I started seeing the pounds come off like one week at a time, one pound… I learned that I do like healthy food and I learned what portions mean. And I learned my brain is so happy when I exercise, so I’m just [feeling] better than ever.


Meghan's diet plan was filled with ample healthy items and her workout routines were consistent to achieve the weight loss she aimed for.  



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Meghan's Diet Regime

In Meghan Trainor's Weight Loss Journey, the Diet plan was the key factor that helped her to achieve the weight loss she aimed for. Meghan was keen on having a healthy lifestyle during her weight loss journey. She started making some healthy changes in her diet that helped her to lose weight effectively. Below is Meghan's Diet Regime which she followed for weight loss: 

- She avoided junk food and ate clean and healthy foods for each meal.

- Her meals were often home-cooked and low in calories.

- Meghan also followed the pattern of portion control for her meals. She emphasised the importance of having food in portions that help in weight loss incredibly.

- She also added lean meat like chicken and turkey.

- Meghan also focused on being hydrated throughout the day by drinking ample water.

- She used to drink water infused with lemons. It is said that it helps in digestion and weight loss.

- Meghan also ate Celery in her diet during weight loss to get fiber and water from it.

- Lastly, Meghan was steady and consistent with her diet plan and did not hurry or crash her diet to achieve weight loss faster. 


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Meghan Trainor Before And After Weight Loss Photos



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Meghan's Workout Routine

Meghan Trainor worked very hard with the workout routine during her weight loss journey. She did ample exercises but what she followed was the Shaun T's Focus T25 workout programme specifically designed for weight loss. 

Meghan has also stated that her husband Daryl Sabara was the biggest motivation. To work out and lead a healthy life. She said Daryl was the person who introduced her to the idea that working out can be fun. His support and motivation greatly helped her during weight loss.

Shaun T’s Focus T25 workout routine was only about 20 minutes. Due to the less time, it was a super efficient workout program for Meghan. With the help of the video Meghan and her trainer Rebecca posted online we have guessed the workout exercise she used to follow during her weight loss. The workout plans different workouts - HIIT, Cardio Exercises, Sprinting, Unilateral Exercise, Splits, etc 

  •  HIIT(High-intensity Interval Training): This type of training for Meghan involves High knees, banded squat jumps, and banded skater jumps. She used to do all these training exercises consistently as it helps develop higher metabolism, calorie burning, and cardiovascular fitness.
  • Cardio Exercises: Jumping is the most beneficial cardio exercise. It makes your blood flow. Plus it also gives various advantages such as boosting balance and coordination, strengthening muscles, and making cardiovascular fitness better. Moreover, Meghan also used to do resisted squat leaps in her workouts religiously. 
  • Sprinting: Sprinting is a form of strength training exercise. It is a running exercise which makes you do short bursts using much effort.  Sprinting gives you many benefits like good cardiovascular health, muscles getting more powerful, higher fat-burning, and better sports performance.
  • Unilateral exercises: Unilateral Exercise is a type of exercise that uses only one side of the body. It is very beneficial to balance the muscular imbalances, improving functional strength and overall performance, and better stability and coordination.
  • Splits: Split exercises have many advantages such as improved flexibility, better range of motion in the hips and legs, improved muscle strength and tone, better balance, stability, and overall body control.

Meghan has followed these types of exercises during her weight loss journey. She was very committed to the workout plans. Her trainer and Meghan religiously uploaded her high-intensity workout videos on the Internet.



Did Meghan Trainor Hire Any Trainer? 

Meghan Trainor did, in fact, engage a personal trainer. Rebecca Stanton is her given name. Meghan used to train with her pal, who is also her trainer. There are several fitness videos of both of them during and after their pregnancies. Meghan's weight loss journey was greatly aided by Rebecca's encouragement.



Meghan Denies Using Weight Loss Supplements

Meghan Trainor did not use any supplements or weight loss drugs like ozempic for weight loss. She shed the extra weight with natural processes like eating healthy and doing workouts that helped her immensely to get back in shape. Meghan also stopped drinking alcohol to have greater results in her healthy lifestyle.





Q. How much weight did Meghan lose?

Meghan has said that she has lost 60 pounds during her weight loss. She was over 200 pounds before her weight loss journey started.


Q. Which workout plan Meghan followed for her weight loss? 

Meghan used to follow the DVDs of The famous fitness trainer Shaun T’s T25 workout program which was 25 minutes in title.  


Q. Who helped Meghan to shed weight? 

Her husband Daryl Sabara was the biggest supporter and helped Meghan to lose weight. He introduced her to cooking and eating healthy, doing exercises to lead a better healthier life. Moreover, her trainer Rebecca and the videos of Shaun T’s helped Meghan immensely through her weight loss journey. 


Q. What was the reason for Meghan’s weight loss? 

Meghan wanted to have a healthy and fit body as she wanted to live longer. She also stated the importance of being fit for the family she has to raise. In addition, her mental health was affected due to her weight gain. Hence, she started getting back in shape and lost weight.



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