How Seth Rogen Lost 30 Pounds In 10 Weeks?

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Updated At  17 Aug 23

Do you want to know how Seth Rogen lost 30 Pounds in 10 Weeks?

Seth Rogen is a Canadian born American actor known mostly for the humorous role in many blockbuster movies. Some of the famous movies include The Interview, Good Boys, Superbad, Green Hornet and Long Shot. Seth Rogen started his career as a stand-up comedian and through his hard work and dedication he made a mark for himself in the Bollywood.

Recently Seth Rogen startled the whole Hollywood industry with his role and performance in the movie “The Long Shot”. The astounding Seth Rogen weight loss became the talk of the tinsel town. 

We have reviewed Seth Rogen weight loss journey in detail. We have specifically covered:

  • Seth Rogen Weight Loss -  How his weight loss journey started?
  • Seth Rogen Weight Loss Diet
  • Seth Rogen Weight Loss Workout
  • Seth Rogen Tips
  • His timeline
  • FAQs




Seth Rogen Weight Loss - His Incredible Journey

Seth Rogen Weight Loss is inspirational as the chubby comedy star lost 14 kgs in 10 weeks by just adjusting his diet. Seth Rogen lost a whooping weight he bagged the role of Green Hornet in a very short span of time- to be precise 3 months.

seth rogen weight loss-


The main problem faced during the weight loss journey was skin sagging. Seth Rogen’s trainer suggested that continuous strength training will help with the problem. Continuous strength training helps to shrink your skin and prevents skin sagging when you start losing those accumulated fats. Strength training should be done twice or thrice a week for 1-2 hrs. During the shooting of Family Guy Seth Rogen met Ryan Reynolds. Seth was impressed by his physique and contacted his trainer. From there on Seth Rogen’s fitness journey started.

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seth rogen weight loss diet


Seth Rogen Weight Loss Diet

The main factor that helped Seth Rogen to lose weight was his diet. Seth Rogen strictly adhered to a healthy diet.

Breakfast - The breakfast menu comprised of proteins and fruits for micronutrient nourishment. Inclusion of proteins in the diet helped to enhance the lean muscle build-up while fruits took care of his energy level. Seth Rogen’s weight loss diet breakfast comprised of 3 foods from the following list-

  • Choice of protein- Oatmeal, eggs, chia seeds, hemp seeds and smoked salmon.
  • Fruits and Veggies- blueberries, grapefruit, banana, and all kind of veggies.

Mid morning snacks- The Seth Rogen weight loss diet comprised of a mid-morning healthy and quick snack to reduce the hunger cravings and junk food intake. This meal comprised freshly baked or olive oil fried veggie chips dipped in either hummus sauce or salsa sauce.


Lunch Menu- The Seth Rogen weight loss diet is fiber and protein rich. The protein portion comprised of eggs, seafood and chicken. The fiber portion comprised of green and all kind of organic veggies. His favorite meal combination included protein salad enriched with green veggies, grilled chicken served with egg omelets and spaghetti squash chicken pasta cooked in olive oil.


Afternoon snacks- Seth Rogen’s weight loss exercise was followed by afternoon snacks. This snack portion was a relatively small one which comprised of dry fruits and protein shake.


Dinner- The main focus on the Seth Rogen weight loss diet dinner menu was to keep the carbs as low as possible. The dinner menu comprised of proteins and greens. Protein options included- salmon, fat free turkey, chicken breast, pork loin, cod fish and fresh sashimi. Veggies option includes- zucchini, bell peppers, lettuce, cabbage, carrots and fresh cauliflower.

Switching to healthy diet was the key to speedy weight loss, followed by a calorie burning workout.

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Seth Rogen Weight Loss Workout

Seth Rogen Weight loss workout comprised of calories burning and muscle building exercises on a 5 day per week routine plan.

His trainer had put him on a hardcore exercise circuit that resulted in a whooping loss of 30lbs in 10 weeks. His exercise routine comprised of HIIT exercises that continued for 45 minutes. The workouts targeted 2 specific muscle groups every day. His trainer also ensured that Seth increased the amount of weight he lifted to enhance muscle gain and stimulate loss of fat tissues.

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The push and pull Seth Rogen Weight loss workout

This workout targeted the upper body muscles mainly the chest, shoulders and the upper back. The circuit comprised of weighted pull ups that targeted lattimus dorsi, rhomboids and trapezius, barbell bench press, inclined bench press and barbell row, all of which targets chest muscles, pectoralis major and deltoids. All these exercises increased muscle strength while improving the muscle volume.


Seth Rogen weight loss workout- The leg shaping

The Seth Rogen leg shaping workout circuit comprised of lunges, squats, step-ups, weighted leg press, leg curls and leg extensions. All the leg exercises targeted the gluteal, calf and thigh muscles.

Seth Rogen’s trainer added weights to the simple exercises that helped him to improve his strength and increase muscle mass quickly.

The most astounding fact about Seth Rogen’s weight loss journey was he didn’t perform any cardio workout for fat burning. His workout concentrated on muscle buildup which automatically eliminated the fat tissue and a low carb diet.


Seth Rogen Weight Loss Tips

We have listed some Seth Rogen weight loss tips which he diligently followed to get the chiseled look.

1. Stop Eating Junk Food

Yes. The first thing you need to do is cut off on the junk food. Find healthy alternatives. Seth had freshly baked or olive oil fried veggie chips which was a health snack and a delicious alternative to junk food.

2. Stay Motivated

Diligence and discipline in the routine are of utmost importance if you want to get results like Seth Rogen. It is hard to achieve but not impossible. So, stay motivated. Seth Rogen’s coach made sure that he followed every part of the weight loss program without any failure.

3. Take Natural Supplements

Natural weight loss supplements act as a catalyst to the whole weight loss process. Seth always followed a low-glycemic diet and to ensure better results he consumed 3 spoonful of apple cider vinegar for lower carb deposition. Other supplements in his diet include blueberry and lemon tea for fat burning and metabolism stimulating pills.

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Seth Rogen Timeline




This is Seth Rogen when he was just 16 years old. A photo taken in one of the camps, he looks to be super cool.



Setn Rogen in his younger days looked very different. This was one of the prom nights when he enjoyed the dance floor.




Another look of Seth Rogen caught during TCAs in 2019 wheerein he looks to be really happy.



A special moment for Seth Rogen when he shared the stage with Beyonce and gave the glimpse of a very different look.




One of the unique looks of Seth Rogen, he seems to have lost some weight and is showcasing the jar he received as a gift in 2020.


This is Seth Rogen with BFFs in 2022.




FAQs On Seth Rogen Weight Loss


Q- How did Seth Rogen lose weight?

Seth Rogen in an interview discloses that he faced difficulties because of his physique while shooting for a fighting scene in “Observe and Report”. He said, “To make an action movie, you have to be in some sort of physical shape just to do what you need to do take after take.” After that incidence he wanted to change that about himself and get a physique suitable for an action movie.

When he bagged a role in “The Green Hornet”, he started working for getting a better physique. And we can now see the result- sculpted Seth Rogen.


Q- Which were the favorite exercises of Seth Rogen?

Seth Rogen followed the HIIT circuit workout which comprised of different compound exercises. He loved doing HIIT workout as it added to his strength and not just muscle buildup.


Q- Which weight loss tip was most effective for Seth Rogen?

Eat Right. The basic and most important weight loss. Seth Rogen was a fan of cheese burgers and fries. It was hard for him to strip down to a strict boring diet plan. So, he advised Seth healthy alternative for fast food. 


Q- What is Seth Rogen's 5-Factor Diet?

Seth Rogen was put on a 5-factor diet which means he had 5 servings of meal each day. A 5-factor diet ensures the correct amount calorie and nutrient being consumed by an individual. A 5- factor diet also helps the body to keep the process of metabolism continued for better and faster fat burning.


Q- Who was the trainer of Seth Rogen?

Seth Rogen was trained by celebrity dietician and fitness trainer Harley Pasternak.


Q- How much weight did Seth Rogen lose for pam and tommy?

Seth Rogan lost about 14 kgs in 10 weeks. The 5-factor diet that he had been following has largely been responsible for the same. In addition to following a strict diet, he also followed a regular exercise routine which helped him lose weight.






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