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7 Amazing Ways A Lipbalm Can Be Used Other Than On The Lips

Kritika Mishra

Updated At  29 Aug 17

Lip balms are no doubt one of the most pocket friendly items everyone has regardless of gender. Be it those glossy and color popped ones for ladies or simple shea butter infused chapsticks for men, lipbalms are care bottles in small tubes to slather on.

But lipbalms are more than just being lip chapsticks. They are a multi functioning product that can be used to ease your daily life hassles! Scroll further to decode some amazing lipbalm hacks.


1. Makeup Remover


Ran out of makeup cleanser? Fret not! A dollop of lipbalm on cotton is your savior. Lipbalm easily slides off makeup from your face leaving your skin moisturized rather than dry. Wash your face later and apply toner to get a clear skin.


2. Makes perfume last longer


We all want our favorite perfume to last long but often fail to retain it as it gets used quickly, isn’t it? Well, here is a solution. Dab some lipbalm on your wrist, behind ears and behind knees and then use the perfume. This will make the perfume stay longer throughout the day!


3. Tame the tresses


Tiny baby hair spoiling your hairstyle for the day? Set that mane sleek by sticking those flyaway hair or baby hair with the help of a little lipbalm magic! You can use toothbrush too to comb those little hair that stickout .


4. Cuticle softener


Dry cuticles? Dip them into moisturizing effect of lipbalm! Winters are coming and there are high chances of flaky cuticles. Pamper yourself with maintained cuticles with the help of that lipbalm in your vanity!


5. Under-Eye cream


You can also use lipbalm as an eyecream before going to sleep. Dab some lipbalm enriched with Vitamin E to sooth out the sensitive skin around your eyes and brighten up the next day! Buh-bye puffy eyes!


6. Brow gel


Want to save some bucks over those expensive brow kits yet have them on fleek? Girl here is a hack for you then! All you need is a baby toothbrush and lipbalm. Dab some lipbalm on a clean baby toothbrush, brush your brows and Voila! Your brows are ready to slay!


7. Highlighter


Lipbalms have the sheer ingredients that mosturize and gloss up your pucker and that can be excellently used as a highlighter too. Apply some lipbalm over eyelids, cheekbones and temples and you easily achieved the dewy glow look !


So now you know what wonders your lipbalm is capable of doing!

As they rightly say , "All the amazing things comes in small packages" !

Never knew lip balm could be of used in such creative way to get benefit out of it. Loved the article, Indeed very helpful. Thank you!