Lainey Wilson Weight Loss Story

Lainey Wilson's Inspiring 70-Pound Weight Loss Journey

Pooja Angurasu

Updated At  21 Dec 23

Lainey Wilson, an American country music singer and actress, has lost a lot of weight in recent years. She shed 70 pounds by eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly. Her weight loss efforts influenced several others. She inspired her followers and others to live happy, healthy lifestyles through social media. Let's look at her amazing weight-loss journey.


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Lainey Wilson’s Profile

American singer-songwriter, actor, and musician Lainey Denay Wilson is known for her country songs. Her songs have reached the top of the American country music charts, and she is one of the most well-known country singers. She began singing at an early age and garnered various honours, both nominations and victories, during her career.


Date of Birth: May 19,1992  

Height: 1.68 meters

Profession: Country singer, song-writer, guitarist and actress

Current weight: 130 pounds

Weightloss:  70 pounds



Lainey Wilson Weight Loss Story

Lainey has been fighting obesity since the age of eighteen. Recognizing the impact on her health and well-being, she decided to make a significant change. The pivotal moment came when she declared her own "Year of Health," setting a goal to shed excess weight. The decision was motivated by a desire for a healthier lifestyle and increased confidence.


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Facing the challenges head-on, Lainey implemented a rigorous exercise routine and adopted a more mindful and nutritious diet. These changes, coupled with her determination, proved to be the key to her success. Despite the hurdles, Lainey's commitment prevailed, and she ultimately achieved a remarkable weight loss of 70 pounds.

Lainey used her social media sites to encourage and inspire others by sharing her weight loss progress. She didnt opt for any weight loss surgery or supplements and chose the hard way of focusing on diet and exercise to achieve her weight loss goals.

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     Lainey Wilson diet

Lainey Wilson’s Diet Plan


She started her day with detox water, which has several advantages for weight loss, including increasing immunity, speeding up digestion, improving metabolism, and removing toxins from the body. She enjoyed a glass of soy milk after working out, and she ate some dry fruits before working out.


- Cereals and grains     

- Eggs and bacon

- Chicken omelette

- Smoothies

Her favorite foods for protein include scrambled or boiled eggs and bacon, chicken sausage, and chicken omelettes. She made sure to use only olive oil to prepare the dishes. She preferred smoothies which contained avocados, cucumbers, and kale.

Lainey's Pro Tip - Hydrate yourself really well by drinking lots of water and never miss breakfast.



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- Salad with grilled shrimp or chicken

-  Vegetable or fruit salad

-  Multi-grain bread

She enjoyed multigrain bread with her favorite fruit and veggie salad. She strategically consumed a healthy, adequately balanced diet rich in vital micro and macronutrients.

Lainey's Pro Tip - To make weight loss sustainable in the long run, make healthy choices in your diet. Decrease consumption of processed foods, sweets, and dairy and increase intake of fruits and vegetables. Instead of consuming sugar-filled drinks, opt for lemon water. Eat more raw vegetables and avoid unhealthy, overly salty treats.




- A bowl of soup with plenty of vegetables

- Hummus and beef jerky (occasionally)

Every day before 8 o'clock at night, Lainey finished her dinner. She considered this the most satisfying dinner because the plentiful vegetables provided her with ample fat, protein, vitamins, and minerals. She started eating almonds instead of her unhealthy munchies. She occasionally ate hummus and beef jerky. She would eventually indulge in a bite of dark chocolate to satisfy her cravings.


Lainey's Pro Tip - Find ways to include the dishes one likes in the meal plan. Lainey grew up eating fresh, local crawfish, which made her an avid fan of seafood, so she made sure to include the same in her meal plan. She loved chocolates a lot, so she consumed a small proportion of dark chocolate daily.


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Lainey additionally implemented the Mayr method, which helped her improve her gut health. She even went to a premium medical detox and wellness facility, where they used acupuncture and herbal remedies to treat her intestinal issues.

 Her weight-loss journey was greatly impacted by all these great modifications.



Lainey Wilson’s Workout Regimen

Her fitness regimen has made a significant contribution to her weight loss mission. She walked quickly to warm up and did a different kind of exercise every day. As the days went by, Lainey increased the intensity of her workout. 


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She began doing cardio exercises first and then added pilates. These two distinct exercise regimens were quite helpful in reducing weight. She also added Zumba and aerobics to her workout routine later on. 


"If I have lost weight, it’s because I’m working hard, playing hour-and-a-half shows and running around every night of my life," Lainey said. "And to be honest, me losing weight or gaining weight ain’t got anything to do with my music.”


During a recent interview, she disclosed that she ultimately engaged in the most challenging type of physical activity known as "high-intensity interval training." She frequently shared her progress along with her exercise videos on social media. She never used any unnecessary techniques, such as eating gummies and dietary supplements. She would rather exercise six or seven times a week.

She also tried to include variety in her daily workout routine by opting to go for swimming and trekking quite frequently.



Lainey Wilson Denies Taking Ozempic

Lainey Wilson made it quite evident that she had never used any weight loss drugs and had never taken medicines like Ozempic to lose weight. She invested a lot of effort in losing 70 pounds by exercising frequently and participating in physical activities like jogging and climbing. She has also cautioned people against believing in fake news.

She mentioned in one of her insta reels,

“Alright y’all, by now I’m sure a lot y’all have seen some ads about me losing weight, being hospitalized and then I started taking some weight loss gummies and blah blah blah that saved my life. Well surprise, it ain’t true ,” Wilson she declared in the video. ”People will do whatever to make a dollar, even if it is lies. Cause ain’t nobody sent me any gummies.”


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Lainey Wilson’s Weight Loss Tips

  •  Exercise 6 to 7 times a week
  •  Drink plenty of water
  •  Follow Mayr method for good gut health
  •  Add more veggies and fruits in diet
  •  Don’t skip breakfast


Her emotional and physical well-being have increased as a result of her six to seven times a week of exercise. She drank a lot of water to help her body rid itself of the toxins. For her diet to have enough fiber, she increased the amount of fruits and vegetables. She had never skipped breakfast in an effort to reduce her risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease.


Lainey Followed Mayr Method


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Dr. Franz Xaver Mayr, an Austrian physician, created the intriguing Mayr Method diet regimen in the 1920s. This regimen is predicated on the notion that enhancing gut health is essential for fostering both health and weight reduction. The Mayr Method is a 14-day diet plan designed to help people lose weight by changing their eating habits and enhancing intestinal health.

The 14-day strategy told participants to cut back on dairy and gluten, eat a lot of alkaline foods, and avoid sweets and caffeine. It also meant avoiding distractions like watching TV or using a smartphone when eating.

Things to follow in the Mayr method

  • Chew food at least 40–60 times with each bite.
  • Consume your largest meal of the day early.
  • Quit eating as soon as you feel satisfied.
  •  After 3 p.m., only consume cooked food.
  •  Steer clear of water throughout meals.
  •  Give up food after 7:00 p.m.




After following the Mayr technique, and a strict diet and workout routine, Lainey was able to shed 70 pounds. She included a variety of exercises like cardio, pilates, Zumba, aerobics in her workout routine and it seems to have helped her immensely. She denies taking ozempic or any other weight loss supplement and claims her weight loss is all natural.

Lainey's journey serves as an inspiring example of resilience, illustrating that with dedication and lifestyle adjustments, anyone can overcome obstacles to achieve a healthier and happier life.