Sara Ali Khan’s Weight Loss Journey From 96 Kgs To 55 Kgs

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Want to know more about Sara Ali Khan weight loss and her inspirational jouney.

Yes, Sara Ali Khan has had a very special weight loss journey. Her fat to fit story is indeed motivational for anyone who is aiming for weight loss. Whoever had seen the actress before would never believe that this bollywood celebrity was once 96 kilos. It becomes special because she was also suffering from PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome).

If you want to know more about Sara ali khan weight loss and how she lost 30 Kgs, then read on! Saif Ali Khan's daughter Sara Ali Khan's weight loss journey is indeed inspirational.

Sara Ali Khan height is 5 feet and 5 inches and her body measurements are 32-26-34 inches. A member of the Pataudi family, Sara ali khan age is 24 years.

We specifically cover the following:

  • Sara Ali Khan weight loss journey - How she managed PCOS
  • Sara Ali Khan Diet
  • Her Weight Loss Tips
  • Sara Ali Khan Workout Routine




Sara Ali Khan Weight Loss Journey

Sara Ali Khan’s weight loss journey began when she was in college at Columbia University. Saif Ali Khan’s daughter sara was a young child, far away from the paparazzi and did whatever she liked, without an entire nation judging her.

Sara remembers eating a lot of junk food, especially pizzas as her dad slyly pointed out in one of the Koffee With Karan episodes. Owing to all that food, Sara was 96 kilos.

But there was also the fact that sara struggled with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome ), a hormonal disease which causes weight gain, irregular periods and can cause pregnancy problems.

Opening up about this issue was a big step for the star as, even if one in every ten girls goes through this, enough awareness hasn’t been spread around this issue. The disease can be cured with certain lifestyle changes, vitamins and awareness about health and fitness.

During her second year of college the young lady decided she wanted to act, and lo and behold, she now had to take her diet very seriously. Having decided what she wanted to do as her career, the future actress gave her all in order to realize her dream.

She managed to lose 30 kilos and achieved her dreams of becoming an actress.

Like every actress, Sara had to follow a strict diet and exercise regime. It had to be customized according to her body’s needs and her preferences.

Because of her PCOS it was difficult for Sara to lose weight. Because of this, her weight-loss journey has been all the more inspiring.

Sara also has been so determined and focused throughout the journey that even in her spare time she is seen playing a game of tennis with her father and her brother. This helps keep her motivated and stay in shape.

She mentioned the following in an interview.


You know, I lived on 110 on Broadway and there used to be a Pizza place called Tom’s Pizza. And for the first two years of my college, I have eaten so much of that pizza. I didn’t even realize that there is this Vitamin shop, right next to Tom’s Pizza, where you get these protein bars, salads. I think that was it, the movement from Tom’s Pizza to Vitamin shop. And somewhere in the middle of that, I lost weight.


This shows how important diet is. Sara has also tried the KETO diet, trying whatever might work for her body.

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Sara Ali Khan Diet Plan

Sara ali khan weight loss diet is pretty simple and doable for everyone. She focuses on home made food and ensures she gets the right amount of nutreints from her diet. Most importantly, she stays away from unhealthy junk food.

The following is a rough outline of sara ali khan diet.

  • Breakfast – Egg whites and toast or south Indian options like idli, dosa
  • Lunch – Chapatis, daal, vegetables, salad and fruits
  • Snacks – Upma or poha
  • Dinner –Chapatis and green veggies

She makes sure to eat Muesli or oats with fruits before workout and Protein shake, tofu, salad or legumes after workout.


Sara Ali Khan Weight Loss Tips

  • Avoid unhealthy and junk food at all cost. Regular pizza’s has been one of the main reasons of her weight gain. One can definitely have cheat days, but should avoid fried and junk food to the extent possible.
  • Make sure the diet provides you all the nutrients. Dieting is not the answer for weight loss.
  • One can opt for protein shakes to get the required protein content in the diet.
  • Drink lots of water throughout the day to flush off the toxins.
  • If one has PCOD, then the first thing to avoid is junk food.
  • Make it a habit to exercise regularly. One can opt for yoga or dance as well. Routine exercises alongwith diet control can help one lose and maintain weight.

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Sara Ali Khan Workout Routine

Sara hit the gym regularly. Sara kept her workout interesting and mixed it with Bollywood dance tunes while working out and running on the treadmill.

Apart from the exercised in gym, she also had been doing yoga. Along with that she makes it a point to dance on bollywood songs with a lot of energy whenever she gets time.

Sara’s weight-loss journey has been completely self-motivated and she has made easy work of it. But most importantly, Sara knows that her weight-loss journey is an ode to her body and not to the expectations of a “perfect” figure.


Sara did regular Pilates in her workout routine. Pilates helped her tone up the body, building muscles and improved the posture.


Sara also followed boot camp training as a part of her fitness regime, under celebrity trainer Cindy Jourdain. This special training is a full body workout which builds strength and burns more calories in less time. It involves a mix of push ups, pull ups, back lunges and similar exercises.

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After entering bollywood, she was training under Namrata Purohit, a celebrity trainer, who also had the experience of coaching famous bollywood celebrities like Kareena Kapoor Khan, Malaika Arora and Sonakshi Sinha.

Sara refused to bow down to the norm and accepted that her body may never be a zero figure. Sara knows that it is more about being healthy and fit than about an appealing body.

She says,


Of course, in many ways we as an industry are progressing and accepting. But having said that, it’s not just about being accepted, it’s also a personal thing. It’s not like I aspire to have a size zero figure, it’s not gonna happen and I’m okay with that. But you don’t have to be 96 kgs either. Apart from just acting, it’s not a healthier way to live. I was really large and for no reason. It messes up your hormones, your health – mentally, physically emotionally. It’s just a bad place to be.


This quote shows how maturely Sara has dealt with her weight-loss and why it is so inspirational to women all over the world.

Sara stands for inner beauty and confidence. Her weight-loss journey screams - Lose weight because you choose to, not because you “should”.

Because afterall, as Sara says in her Insta post, STRONG is the new pretty, FIERCE is the new fab!



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