Best Mens Celebrity Hairstyles

Best Men's Celebrity Hairstyles Trending In 2024

Sahiba Tandon

Updated At  02 Jan 24

A haircut can help in changing your personality. That's why a lot of discussions and research goes on when somebody chooses their next cut. Specifically, we are talking about celebrities since their cuts can define their characters and even personalities. So, today we'll go through the top mens celebrity hairstyles that can make anyone look good!



Top 55 Men's Celebrity Haircuts


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1. Idris Elba’s Crop Cut 

Idris Elba has been known for his short hairstyle for years now. It's a crop cut that goes perfectly with his face cut while covering the face at just the right angles. The fine hair around the head is very easy to maintain!


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2. Tom Holland’s Loose Curly Haircut 

The short curls are a practical hairstyle that looks elegant and classy. If you have naturally curly hair then you just need to use some hairspray to add definition. If you don't have natural curls, try using a curler!


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3. Ryan Gosling's Taper Haircut 

Taper modern haircuts are indeed among the top handsome men's celebrity haircuts. They are easy to manage and look amazing. Ryan's is considered steller by stylists!


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4. John Cena’s Crew Cut

A crew cut with fade is a very practical hairstyle. In this short style, we see cropped hair all over the head. It is different from buzz cuts as it generally has more fine hair.



5. Justin Bieber’s Caesar Cut

Came into popularity after the pictures of Emperor Caesar Augustus pictures emerged, the Caesar cut requires your front head hair to be cut in a short straight line. It takes in a length of about 2–5 cm.

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6. Liam Hemsworth Quiff

For a nice quiff style, use your hair to shape the hair from all sides. The length can vary from person to person but it is generally about 3-4 inches. It adds volume and movement to the hair.


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7. Robert Pattinson’s Buzz cut

The list of top mens celebrity hairstyles cannot be completed without the classic Haircut; The buzz cut! All the hair will have to be razored at the finest but it makes a very dashing look! Just pick the right buzz cut length when you selecting your haircut, and it would change your look for sure!


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8. Bruno Mars’s Pompadour

The pompadour has the front hair in an upward manner. It may require some extra hair products unlike other mens celebrity haircuts but it is an eye-catching style that makes a statement! 

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9. Justin Timberlake’s Side Pomp Hairstyle 

The side pompadour is a voluminous hairstyle that adds a lot of style and texture to a normal pompadour. You can take a side part from the side that makes your face cut look better. Use hair gel at the end of the styling.

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10.  Billy Ray Cyrus’s Mullet 

Mullet was among the top male celebrity hairstyles that celebrities like Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and more carried. But, Billy Ray Cyruss’ truly made it iconic! In a mullet, we have shorter hair on the side while longer hair on the back. 

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11. Will Smith’s Temple Fade Cut

The temple fade cut is quite a popular variation of the fade cut that you can include in the top-seen men celebrity hairstyles. The hair starts to face gradually from the temple to the ear.


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12. Ryan Gosling’s Side Swept Haircut 

The side swept is a perfect hairstyle if you have longer hair. It adds volume to your hairstyle without doing much work. Just sweep your hair on either left or right, which suits your face cut best, and you are ready!


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13. Ashton Kutcher’s Fringe Hairstyle 

The fringe is not only a popular women's but mens celebrity hairstyle too. Many celebrities including Ashton Kutcher, Zac Efron, Matt Lanter, and more have supported getting their long strands touching the eyebrows over time.


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14. Keanu Reeves Middle Part Hairstyle 

The classic cut of Keanu Reeves is the one he has for many years now. He has shown that just because you are getting older, you don't need to have the common short haircuts! Do a central part with long hair and apply hair gel for a more sleek look!



15. Justin Bieber's Slicked Back Undercut 

Similar to other hairstyles that include side cuts, an undercut is a very common men's hairstyle that goes with making cuts on the sides around the ears. Combine it with slicked back for more depth! His hair stylist for this look, Florido, says:-

“That is a process. You have to use a root-lift spray and then dry the hair in the direction that you want it to stay. Then I will even put a texture powder in. Then I'll use a pomade to slick it back or finish with hairspray, but you have to layer in the hairspray to get it to stay. That's what I do on Justin whenever he wants it slicked back.”


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16. Tom Ellis’s Wings Hairstyle

A lot of texture goes into a Wings cut. Tom Ellis has had this look for a long time now. The hair is wild in this cut; here they go in different directions and show different textures.


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17. Christiano Ronaldo's Hard Part Hairstyle

When you search for easy and stylish soccer players hairstyles, you are bound to find this cut! You can shave one side of the head like Christiano to make the cut more edgier!


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18. Chris Hemsworth’s Burst Fade Hairstyle 

A stylish burst fade has a gradual cut of the hair along the sides of the ear like a taper haircut. The fade begins low near the ear and tapers gradually into longer hair at the top to create a burst effect. It's a perfect combination of short-side hair and long hair that provides versatility.



19. Joe Jonas's Shaggy Hairstyle 

As the name suggests, in a shaggy, your mid-length hair will have a shaggy look. They can be either wavy, curly, or any other type. It goes with any hair texture! There are many choices!



20. Rami Malek’s Shaved Haircut

The shaved sides are definitely a bold haircut that is definitely eye-catching. As the name suggests, you'll have to shave the hair around the ear and sides of the head. You can go with one side of shaved hair or even both.



21. Jason Momoa Long Wet Hairstyle 

Jason Momoa as the Aquaman has gone with this style for years for not only shooting but even for personal reasons! Just apply a hair gel on your long locks for this cut. You can also dye your hair to be more on-trend. Jason is one of the early adopters of eyebrow cut style and has made them very popular.



22. David Beckham’s Curtain Haircut

It will go in different directions of the face like an actual curtain. Works with either thin or thick hair. The piecey strands come around the eyes and part in the middle.

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23. Steve R McQueen’s Glossy Curtain Hairstyle

You'll see this haircut being supported by a lot of early 2000s actors like Steve R McQueen, Zac Efron, and more where they'll place their natural looks just right above their eyebrows and use gel or shine spray to make them glossy.



24. Patrick Dempsey’s Mid-length Hairstyle 

A style that is common for male celebrities as it doesn't require much work but looks fantastic is the mid-length. This particular man's haircut is neither too short nor long! Patrick Dempsey and Bradley Cooper are popular celebrities who have gotten this style.

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25. Tom Hardy’s Faded Spiky Hairstyle

If you'd like a haircut that's on trend as well as easy to care for then go for this “piecey haircut” (because of big spikes around the crown area) that fades from the side to the end of the head!  


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26.  Timothee Chalamet’s Curly Hair

Messy and Curly are two different types of men's celebrity haircuts that when done together project a clean image like Timothees'.




27. Tom Cruise’s Short Straight Hair

Which male celebrity has the best hair? The answers are many as every fan will add the name of their favourite actor! But, the chances of finding Tom Cruise for his classic short straight casual are many!




28. Gerard Butler's Brushed Back hairstyle 

This hairstyle is a very classy haircut that is enhanced by the use of hair styling tools like combs, hair gel, hair spray, and more.


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29. Chace Crawford’s Drop-Down Hairstyle

As it says, in a “drop-down” cut, the hair will actually drop towards the head. You'll have your front hair at the forehead touching the eyebrows, even coming to the eyes in this cut.



30. Bradley Cooper’s Spiky Hairstyle 

The spikes at the crown come from the use of hair gel. You can try to make side spikes as well but the chances of those staying up are lesser in comparison to the spikes around the crown.




31. Harry Style's Textured Hairstyle

Textured hair works well if you have medium to long hair length. It goes well with a thick head of head and you get to use different types of hair projects to add texture to the hairlocks.



32. Jacob Eloird’s Messy Hairstyle

If you don't want to worry about styling, then go with a messy hairstyle. As the name suggests, it is indeed messy and doesn't follow a particular pattern making you add your personal touch! You can apply hair gel or spray to add shine though! 


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33. Diego Boneta’s Natural Flow Hairstyle

Flowing haircuts are common mens celebrity hairstyles that you'll see all the A-listers supporting at one time of their life or another. Just make use of your voluminous hair and style it in its natural flow with a comb.


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34. Jamie Foxx's High Fade Cut

The High fade goes gradually from the top to the area around the ears in a tapering cut method making it look sophisticated and trendy at the same time.




35. Zayn Malik's Wave Haircut 

To answer the question of which male celebrity has the best hair, Zayn Malik’s name will come! He has gone from colored hair to buzz cut, but his phase of having the perfect wavy haircut was just amazing for fans! Zayn's stylish hairstyles have been really popular with his fans and he never disappoints.




36. Adam Levine’s Combed Back Undercut 

You'll have long hair slicked back from the front of the forehead on one side in this combed-over cut. Get an additional undercut to cut look edgier and easier to manage.




37. Collin Farrell’s Gel Undercut

Undercuts are quite a beautiful cut for males. Colin Farrell, Brad Pitt, and other Hollywood Celebrities have had undercuts in their career. Use lots of gel around the crown area to add another feature to the hairstyle!

Sacha Quarles, Colin Farrell's longtime hairstyle says about this cut:-

“I like to use a quarter-size amount of medium- to strong-hold gel like AG Firm Hold Jel while Colin’s hair is wet and a vent brush to smooth and control his texture. His texture is a pretty straight to start with, but I like to restructure his growth patterns with products and a hair-dryer so it looks perfect.


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38. Timothee Chalamet's Voluminous Hairstyle  

Because of the thickness of the hair and the big volume, this cut requires different layers and textures to be added. It can take a moment to style but when you've got big locks like Timothee, you have to care for them!


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39. Johnny Depp’s Straight Ends Hairstyle 

The straight ends make the hairstyle look slightly straight and lightly spiky making it a match made in heaven for men who like to have a stylish haircut! 



40. Simon Baker's Tousled Hairstyle

Simon Baker is the perfect example for anybody who wants to make their hair shine with the use of gel and spray afterward that add a lot of texture to your small curls in the tousled haircut. 



41. Harry Styles Shoulder Length Side Part

The side part is a perfect way to enhance your features. You can either take a parting from the left or right side that suits your face cut. If you have long hair then it really works well!



42. Jason Momoa’s Dreadlocks 

Jason Momoa was seen supporting this look a lot in his personal life when he was not playing the Classic Aquaman look with his luscious locks. 



43. Jared Leto's Long Hairstyle 

Many celebrities may not be seen supporting long haircuts due to their commitment to their roles but some including Jared Leto have carried this cut for a long time. The long haircut just requires to be and you do a side or middle part for enchantment. His hairstylist, Chase Kusero, says-

“Washing the hair less is the key. Using some sort of wave-enhancing shampoo will add more moisture. That has been the key: moisturizing the hair allows it to hang well, have shine, and separate. The more moist the hair is, the more it can wave."


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44. Joaquin Phoenix’s Knot Hairstyle

The knot is worn by celebrities when they are going with longer hair. You just need to make a small knot at the back from the side stands. It can also be called a small bun as it will project like that and you are ready. 




45. Orlando Bloom's Flow Hairstyle

The center part works best with medium to long hair length. You can add hair polish and hairspray after combing your hair for additional details for this fun yet classic look.




46. Matthew McConaughey’s Beach Waves Hairstyle 

The beach waves are a classic haircut for women but even male celebrities are seen supporting them from time to time. To get the beach wave texture, use a lot of hair gel in your natural or enhanced wavy hair. 


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47. Zac Efron's Fohawk

If you want to look edgy and add a rocky vibe then go with a Fohawk. It is done with lots of spikes and gives a Mohawk look without even cutting your hair that way. 



48. Jungkook’s Comma Hairstyle 

In a comma haircut, the front of the hair is curled inwards. It resembles the shape of a “comma” and thus, is named for the same.


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49. Brad Pitt’s Mid-Fade Hairstyle 

The fade will go from the temples to the ear creating a transition from the side and back of the head. In a mid-fade, the length around the crown is rather long or mid-length.


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50. Ryan Reynold’s Side-swept Taper Hairstyle 

A classic taper will have your hair longer on the top, the crown area, and shorter on the sides. Combine it with a side sweep like Ryan Reynold to make a striking hairstyle!


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51. Justin Timberlake's 90s Perm

A perm will be a new way to go if you want your hair curly. Since perms are permanent, make sure you are a hundred percent confident in your decision to get these curls!


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52. Jake Gynellhall’s Man Bun

The tight man bun is your solution to getting a new look if you are bored with your long hair. The slicked-back hair that comes from this style looks quite handsome!



53. Nick Jonas’s French Crop

Ideal for short hair, Similar to other short mens celebrity hairstyles, a French Crop with additional high faded sides.



54. Donald Glover’s Afro

If you do have naturally curly hair and are looking for black celebrity haircuts male, then you can get the afro haircut like Hollywood star Donald Glover. Doesn’t require doing any work on their hair but projects a strong look.



55. Drake’s Short Afro

If you are looking for black celebrity haircuts male and your locks are short, then you should be going with the short afro for your natural hair.

These were the best mens celebrity hairstyle that the stars of today love and support for both personal and professional reasons. Each new haircut brings a new side of a personality and this is what makes choosing a haircut with proper research a must!