Edgar Haircuts

55 Most Popular Edgar Haircuts For Men In 2024

Siddiqui Shumaila

Updated At  17 Jan 24

If you are looking for a stylish haircut that has a different number of variations, experiment with it. Then Edgar Cut is one of the best options out there. It can be styled with so many different cuts, designs, and fades. Anyway, the haircut will stand out among the crowd. However, you might get confused about choosing between so many varieties of Edgar cuts. But once you make the right choice, you will love the outcome of your haircut. Below is the list of the 55 best Edgar haircuts for 2024 to experiment with and feel good about your hair.

But first, let's understand what Edgar Cut is.


What Is An Edgar Cut?

The Edgar haircut is not so complicated; rather, it's a very simple yet elegant haircut. It has another name: the Takauche haircut. It's a very versatile and stylish hairstyle that allows a variety of styling. The haircut consists of a faded side and the back. The top is cropped short, and the front fringe is short too. The front fringe is cut in a way that resembles a straight line across the forehead. The Edgar cut has a variety of variations that can be paired with many different types of fades and styles. Lastly, Edgar Cut has a very sophisticated type of look that is quite simple and easy to maintain.

55 Best Edgar Haircuts For 2024



1. Messy Takuache Cut

This haircut is commonly used among Mexican men. This Messy Takuache Edgar Haircut is very famous and loved by them. It gives a messy and tousled appearance by using gel or wax. To look closer at this haircut, we can see the sides are short compared to the back and top hair.




2. Burst Fade

Wearing this burst fade Edgar Cut allows you to make a statement with your haircut. Plus, it also gives off a funky and cool vibe along with a clean look. You will have a long forehead, as the fringes are short and symmetric with the high faded sides.



3. Mullet Edgar

The Edgar haircut is itself very nice, but when combined with a Mullet haircut, it looks even better.  The short top and sides, along with the long back hairs in the mullet haircut, complement well with the edgar cut, which contains short sides with a sharp part. It will be a great haircut combining the two styles, plus it will make you look attractive and unique. 




4. Fohawk Edgar

Edgar's fohawk fade is the epitome of a sleek and edgy short hairstyle. The precision of the cut exudes confidence, making it a timeless choice for a bold and stylish look.




5. Asymmetric Edgar Undercut

The asymmetric fringe on the forehead with thin sides makes your hair achieve the asymmetric edgar cut with an undercut. Also, if your barber is skilled, he can play more with the haircut by using a trimmer.




6. Stylish Taper

Edger cuts are very versatile haircuts; they can be styled with any other cuts easily, and they will look good. Here the tapers are paired with an edgar cut, which looks super elegant with a moderate look. Also, you don't need to put in extra effort to maintain this style, and they are quite easy to carry.



7. Mexican Edgar

This haircut is loved and used among Mexican men. The Edgar Haircut Mexican is a very common hairstyle among Mexican men. It is a short haircut consisting of a top and side textured cut with the forehead and temples outlined with a defined line. Also, this haircut became popular after the former Dutch soccer player Edgar Davids wore it.




8. Bald Fade

If you want extreme sharpness in your haircut, then this blonde Edgar hair is perfect. You will be satisfied with the results of this haircut. You can decide the level of fade to get your desired haircut. However, if you want an edgier look, you need to level up the fade in the style.



9. Bowl Cut And Taper Fade

This Edgar haircut version is very unique. It is characterized by a line of fringe shaped inside a mushroom-shaped bowl haircut. Bowl haircuts usually look better with black colour, and to add a more edgy look, one can add the taper fade. Lastly, all you have to find is a skilled barber to cut your hair in your desired style.




10. Cool Short Haircut

White-coloured hair with edgy cuts looks very cool. The hairstyle has a line of bangs over a darker, blurry fade. So the hairstyle from the sides is like three colours in sync: white, black, and skin. It is a great concept of colour contrast in a haircut. You don't have to miss out on this cool, short Edgar haircut.

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11. Temple Fade

This hairstyle is an amalgamation of two styles: a straight hairline and a curved temple fade. This is one of the shortest edgar haircuts, and it looks very thick due to the addition of crisp edges. If you like to keep your hair less messy and without too much drama, you must get this haircut done ASAP.



12. Trending Fade

One of the most popular and famous haircuts in Edgar's style is this taper-fade Edgar cut. The style consists of fades present at your back and side hair, with a bit longer hair on the top. Overall, it's a great haircut to enhance your face cuts and embrace a cool look.




13. High Fade Takuache Haircut

Takauche haircuts are one of the versions of Edgar's haircuts. Among the variety of Takauche haircuts, one of them is this high-fade Takuache Haircut. The haircut is short from the top and sides of the hair, with a high fade coming from the back and sides. To achieve the best results for this haircut, use gel or wax to smoothen the texture and get the perfect high-fade Takuache haircut. 




14. Spiky Cut 

If you are keen to get a haircut that is unique and cool, then get this Spiky Edgar Cut along with a bald fade. You won't regret your decision with this haircut, as it has everything plus it suits most of the face shape. The spiked top with some length up and side fades looks stylish and elegant. Also, the shades of contrast between the fades and top make a very funky appearance too.



15. Messy Cut With Straight Bangs

A messy haircut with straight bangs can attract many eyes, as it has an edgy look.  Men love to wear this trendy hairstyle, especially young men. The haircut consists of a nape and ears surrounded by taper with a bit of long hair length from the sides and top to have more volume. Get a skilled barber and have your hair cut into a stylish hairstyle.




16. Edgar With Mexican Mullet

Mexican men like to wear a variety of edgar haircuts; one of their favourite variations is the edgar haircut with a Mexican mullet. Here, the highlighted part is the back of your hair, as it has mullet hair with longer hair. The sides and top are cut short to have a sleek look from the front.



17. Long Top

This is the most interesting variation of edgar cuts: a straight edgar cut with a long top. Plus, here you can avoid those short haircuts on the side and back. The whole haircut is simply an interpretation of having a bowl on your head. It's simply the most gorgeous cut you can ever experience and works both for short and medium hair lengths.




18. Blonde Hair

Blonde hair is nonetheless a very standout thing on your hair. Now, when it is paired with Edgar cuts, it looks more attractive and attracts many eyes. Also, it's always a better idea to bleach your hair shorter rather than covering the whole thing. So edgar cuts allow you to have short blonde hair with faded sides.




19.  Haircut With Design

The best thing about Edgar haircuts is that they let you try various things and designs with them. The design is completely up to you. And now it all depends on the barber you have chosen to get Edgar's haircut design. Minimal designs go very well with Edgar cuts, or you can go big with designs.



20.  Trendy Cut

Two haircuts coming together to form one give a very stellar look. Here, the Edgar cut is paired with a low fade consisting of the lineup given in the image above. Also, the line-up addition makes your hair look slick, and your face gets a perfect hairdo.




21. Edgar With Mid Fade

If you are looking for a haircut that will go with your day-to-day life or office, then get this edgar cut with arched mid fade cut . The hairstyle is not complicated; all you have to do is get a normal Edgar cut. Next, add the arched mid fade in the side hair with a partition of hairs in the back.




22. Edgar With Hair Tattoos

Love tattoos? Like to have creativity in your hair? Have both with these stunningly curated hairstyles topped with hair tattoos. The process is simple: get an eyebrow cut and ask your barber to shave your hair with tattoo designs on the side. Make sure to consult a very skilled barber who will shave the best possible design with precise detail.




23. Textured Haircut Shaved Sides

It's a basic concept to enhance the dark side with a light side. Similarly, in this haircut, the textured top is highlighted with the shaved sides. Normally the edgar cuts have fades, but here the shaved sides are added to get more contrast between the top and sides of the hair.




24. Buzzed Sides Scruffy Edgar Cut

If you don't want to put extra effort into maintaining a stylish hairstyle but are looking for a stylish cut, this Buzzed Sides scruffy edgar cut is an excellent option. The hairstyle has scruffed hair on top with buzzed sides and back. To have the complete look, go for a well-trimmed beard with it.




25. Platinum Hair

If you have done platinum hair and now want to upgrade the hairstyle with a trendy cut, go for this mid-fade edgar haircut on your gorgeous platinum hair. It will give you a nice and fashionable look by enhancing your face too.




26. Choppy Hair

Simple things are very attractive and give a very elegant look. Here, the Edgar haircut with choppy hair gives off the same vibe—simple yet elegant. The contrast between the taper fade and choppy hair stands out yet gives a minimalistic haircut look to your face.




27. Widow’s Peak

If your hair has already been cut into a widow's peak, then style it with an Edgar cut to get a funky and cool look. To make this hairstyle look better, make sure to cut your fringe diagonally, making a point to land precisely at the centre of your forehead. This hairstyle will help you enhance your facial appearance efficiently.




28.  Edgar Cut With Hair Pomade 

Don't you have much volume in your hair? No problem; you can still get a stylish haircut. This Edgar cut, paired with hair pomade, is the best when it comes to a minimal haircut that gives a stylish look. Also, it's a very new-age type, or, we can say, a modern haircut.




29. Mid Fade

Here is another stellar, unique option to try with Edgar cuts. Rather than going for a traditional edgar cut, cut your hair with a mid-fade and a round edgar cut. The mid-fade is usually done on the sides and back of your hair. Plus, the round shape starts from the sides and not from the forehead.




30. Buzz Inspired Hairstyle

Due to its sophisticated appearance, the buzz haircut is usually donned by military personnel. Now, when paired with an Edgar cut, it allows you to have a sophisticated yet fashionable look simultaneously.




31. Curly Fluffy Edgar

It's a very unique combination of haircuts, curls, and fluffy hair. The classic Edgar cut is reinvented with a mix of both curls and fluffy hairs for a sleek texture look. All the curls and fluffy hairs are styled on the top, while the sides are faded to have a contrasting appearance.




32. Mid Skin Fade

If you already have the classic Edgar cut and now you want something that enhances the hairstyle more, try having a mid-skin fade with your straight Edgar cut. It will give you both a modern and classic look simultaneously.  To add more charm and freshness to your look, you can go for a well-groomed beard.




33. Edgar With High Drop Fade

A high-drop fade addition to your Edgar cut will give you a very high-contrast look to your hair. Coming to the haircut, the top has extra volume, with the sides getting nicely high and faded. Also, the top fringe is short and straightened on the forehead.




34. Jagged Haircut

This type of edgar cut makes way for the jagged fringe on the front rather than the classic straight fringe. Eventually, the jagged fringe is highlighted in this haircut. So you can even play with fringe as per your choice. One of the top short haircuts, this one looks amazing on all face shapes.




35. Bleached Haircut

Have long, straight hair? Get your hands on these super elegant bleached Edgar haircuts. The haircut is not only about the bleach, but there is more to it. This Edgar cut variation is somewhere between the Caesar and bowl cuts. Or you can say that the haircut is somehow inspired by the K-drama. 




36. Mid Fade Edgar Cut 

This haircut is not for everyone; it's for those who want to make a brave statement. The mid-fade line in this Edgar cut gives a very different look, which is not very commonly seen. It starts from the side of the hair and runs until the starting point of the back hair. The styling is so unique that it will look very attractive to many eyes.




37. Afro-textured Edgar Haircut

The Afro-textured Edgar haircut is a very sleek and sophisticated cut. Also, it looks super neat with a very elegant look. Ask your barber to trim your side hair with a textured top with short, messy curls on it.  Trust the process, and you will look your best and stand out among the crowd.



38. Scruffy Edgar Haircut

The scruffy Edgar cut is one of the easiest haircuts out there. Casual, messy, and very easy to maintain. The sides are trimmed short to add more volume and texture to the top. Also, the scruffed hair makes your less-volume hair look very thick. 




39. Cascading Mohawk Edgar Haircut

Got naturally thick hair? You are blessed to choose from the variety of options available in Edgar Cuts. One of the great options is this cascading Mohawk Edgar haircut. This cut looks super cool and sexy, with a very unusual volume on the front, unlike a classic Edgar cut.



40. High And Tight Edgar Haircut

This is another variation of Edgar's cut that is derived from the military department. It has sleek, sophisticated, and short hair that looks very professional. The haircut consists of high faded sides with short top hair, making a good contrasting layer.



41.  Unique Edgar Haircut

Bored with the classic and commonly used variations of Edgar Cut? Try having this super stylish and unique Edgar haircut. Though this cut has Edgar's style as his base haircut, the top hair is styled like messy hair with many layers of different cuttings. All of this looks very cool and attracts many eyes.



42. Edgar With Shaved Design

Have you heard of Old is Gold? One of the gold haircuts is this Edgar cut with a shaved design. It has that old retro 70s feel with a modern touch of Edgar cut. The haircut consists of the sides shaved like tattoos, and the top hair is twisted and rolled, which looks very sexy.



43. Wavy Edger Cut

Edgar's cut is perfect when it comes to pairing it with wavy hair. And if you have wavy hair naturally, then it's the best option to go for. Here, the sides are very less faded to enhance the top hair's wavy texture. 



44. Neat Edges Fade Edgar Haircut

The Neat Edges fade Edgar haircuts consist of a short and tapered fade on the back and side hair. Plus, the front edges are well-trimmed to have a neat and sharp look. Overall, the haircut is very polished, neat, sharp, and sophisticated.



45. Edgar with Low-Temp Fade and Blunt Fringe

To have brave choices for your hair, go for an Edgar cut with a temp fade and blunt fringe. It's a very tough decision to make, but once you get your hair cut this way, you will be in love with the look. It gives you a very appealing and attractive look that makes many eyes turn to your haircut.



46. Textured Edgar Haircut

There is no doubt that every Edgar cut variation is highly popular among men. Here, the variation of Edgar is quite simple; all you have to do is consult a good barber and get your hair textured.  Now, when you add the Edgar cut with it, the whole hair look will enhance and look quite stylish.




47. Choppy Edgar Cut with Burst Fade

To make the eyes turn on your haircut, you have to get a cut that has a very appealing look. This choppy edgar cut with burst fade and line designs on the sides has appealing and attractive vibes to it. Top hair textured with line designs on the faded sides makes a great combo of contrast and sends out a very sexy vibe.




48. Spooky Haircut

The spooky edgar haircut is another variation of edgar cuts that is most suited to the Halloween season. The hairstyle has many layers popping out with a lot of creativity. Moreover, you don't have to put in a lot of effort to achieve this dramatic haircut; just play well with your creativity by using your hand.




49. Edgar Cut With Long Bang

Usually, we see Edgar cut with a short bang, as it is the traditional way to have Edgar cut. Having said that, there is no set rule for edgar cuts. You can get an Edgar haircut with long bangs from the front, and it looks super elegant. The sides faded, giving a contrasting shade before moving to the top, which is just the perfect hairstyle to experiment with.




50. Edgar Haircut With Beard

Going for a normal Edgar haircut and pairing it with a sleek beard trim will enhance your facial appearance. It's the best combination to have for your face. The only thing you have to make sure of is to cut your beard short to have a balance between the Edgar cut and the beard.




51. Hairstyle For Thick Hair

A thick, slicked hairstyle is the best recommendation for men who have naturally textured hair. It will enhance your natural hair texture and look instantly. It doesn't require much effort, and it gives elevation to your hair.



52. Short Disconnected Edgar Haircut

It is one of the most neat and clean haircuts available. It's a very simple haircut in which you have to shave the sides and texture the hair on the top, which contains a short bang on the forehead. Thus, we can clearly state that this is a bit of a disconnected hairstyle under Edgar cuts variation.



53. Platinum Edgar Haircut

If you are looking for a haircut or don't have the time to style your hair, then it's always better to get a bold hair colour. Edgar cuts with a touch of bold colour to give a very cool and unique look. All you have to do is maintain the timely colour touch-ups on your hair.



54. Fluffy Edgar

If you have large volumes of hair, then go for this cut called the fluffy edgar haircut. The centre and long hair are fluffed, with the sides taped to achieve a contrasting look. It makes your hair look more thick and healthy. Also, Fluffy Edgar is a great option for those who like puffed haircuts.



55. Short, Spiky Edgar Haircut

Spikes are very trendy among young people. Even older men like to have this cool and funky haircut. A short spikey edgar haircut gives your straight hair a new and cool look. To add more funk to your look, you can make pointy spikes in the middle and back areas of your hair.



56. Classic Edgar Cut

If you are confused and overwhelmed with the varieties of Edgar haircuts, you can simply get a classic Edgar haircut. This haircut is characterized by faded sides along with a tight bowl shape extending outward.