Cute Short Nails

55 Stunning Cute Short Nail Designs You Will Love - 2024

Ankita Ghoshal

Updated At  12 Jan 24


Looking for the cute short nails for your nail makeover?

If you think nail art is just for long nails, you are highly mistaken. Your nail size does not matter if you want to flaunt art extravagantly. Here are some very interesting nail design ideas for cute short nails that you can to make your tiny talons look wonderful.


55 Cute Short Nail Designs Trending In 2024




1. Graffiti Short Nail Art

A graffiti-like dual-toned manicure is one of the cute short nails designs that do not need any tools. You just need to swipe your nail polish brush in random stripes all over your coloured nails and you are done!




2. Pinstripe Nail Art

You will just need nail polishes and a nail striper for making a pinstripe design on your cute short nails. Use any nail polish to paint over your coloured nails and then make thin stripes. You can even use different shades for different nails to make it more aesthetically pleasing. 




3. Bicoloured Geometric Nails

For recreating geometric patterns on your cute short nails, use a tape for fastening up the process. It will also give you more precision and neatness. You will need two contrasting colours and of course, a top coat to complete your chic nails art design.




4. Colour Block Design

This is yet another one of those cute short nails designs that just require two nail paints and a roll of tape. If you want a pop of colour to your every day basic outfit, this colour block nail art will do the job for you.




5. Multicoloured Stripes

For this fun and experimental nail art for cute short nails, pick up different-sized brushes for making the stripes. For straight and nice lines, just use a tape if you are not so sure of painting free-hand.




6. Ruffian Manicure

For a ruffian manicure, grab two nail polishes for this design. Use one polish for painting all your nails. Then, use your second shade for painting 90% of your nails. If you want, you can leave a little space near your cuticles. Complete it up with a top coat and you are good to go. One of the top simple nail designs, this is perfect for your nail makeover.




7. Ombre Nail Art

One of the trendiest designs of 2023, this cute ombre nail design is even popular in 2024. After putting on a pale colour of shade, use different colours in gradation on a makeup sponge and make sure they overlap each other slightly. Dab the sponge over your nails and your ombre art is ready!




8. Paint Splatter Design

For making splattered cute short nails designs, you will need nail colours as well as a paintbrush. After painting your nails white, pour any nail colour on the brush and started dipping it in water. Use your fingers for spraying your colour on that brush right on your nails.

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9. A Monochrome Peek-a-Boo

You can never go wrong with a simple black and white nail art. After painting your nails all white, make a curved crescent and with your black nail paint, fill in the crescent. And you are done!

Once you grow your nails, you can also shape them like almond nails as these have been one of the most popular nail shapes trending this year.




10. Glitter Gradient Design

This nail art design just needs glitter, one nail paint and a top coat to pull it all together. That is all you need for creating this dramatic and sexy nail design.




11. Roses and Geometric Art

This summer-appropriate nail art needs a bit of precision and patience. You will require striping tape, a thin brush, and a few beautiful nail paints that complement one another. Pick colours based on how soft or dramatic you want your nail design to look.




12. Stripey Nail Design

For this, just use a tape for creating neater and more uniformed stripes over your base nail polish. This simple and sophisticated nail art idea looks amazing on long and short nails alike.




13. Heart Design Acrylic Nails

For getting acrylic cute short nails, just make one heart right within another. Make sure to use different shades of red and/or pink to give them The Powerpuff Girls effect!

Do check out our guide on acrylic nails as we list all the details on what are acrylic nails, pros, cons, process of getting these.




14. Autumnal Nail Designs

Cute and simple, these nails look amazing. They go well with all sorts of casual and party wear outfits. Although they are perfect for the fall weather, you can even rock such acrylic cute short nails in spring too.




15. Half Moon Manicure

To get this look, you will need two complimenting nail colours, reinforcement stickers, and if you want, then a bit of glitter too. Once your desired art is done, just complete it off with your top coat.

You can additionally try solar nails as these are trending this year. Our guide covers all the information about solar nails, comparison with acrylic nails, latest nail designs and much more.




16. Triangle Nail Art

It is amazing how just with  a tiny brush and a few nail colors of your choice, you can achieve this super cool nail art design. This will look wonderful with a simple dress or jumpsuit.



17. Parisian Nail Design

If you are looking for easy-to-do cute short nails designs, this one is for you. Just grab two nail paints and let your creative juices flow. For the detailing, use a nail stripper for precision. 




18. Ying and Yang

A monochrome nail art design is all trendy and cool this year. What better way of flaunting it than a beautiful Ying and Yang design on your short talons?



19. Lace Nail Art Design

For this nail art idea, you will need two different nail paint shades of the same colour. Don’t forget to use your nail striper the right way to get the perfect checkered pattern.



20. Chevron Nails

For perfect chevron nails, you need to have a handful of nail paints and the process is very easy. Moreover, pieces of tape can make it even quicker and more precise.



21. Rainbow Nail Art

This is among the easiest cute short nail designs that you can do even if you are an amateur. Paint different colour on different nails. For making small dots or designs, using a pointed q-tip or a hairpin would be ideal.



22. Glittery French Tips

French manicure is too common these days. It’s time to take things to the next level and make those tips all blingy and glittery. Try it once and you are surely going to love it.



23. Bicoloured Triangles

Bring out your inner artist to create the beautiful triangles near your cuticles or just use a tape for keeping things hassle-free. The desired effect will blow  your mind with its beauty for sure!



24. Polka Dot Design

Polka dots are super fun and super easy to create. For this, you will need a few nail paints depending on what kind of design you want, along with a hairpin and scrap paper for ease of designing.




25. Glitter Fade Nail Art

Glittery cute short nails are elegant and simple at the same time. This manicure will fetch you a lot of compliments because of its pretty and bold appeal that grabs all the attention.



26. Fired-Up Ends

This manicure brings flames right on your fingertips! How cool is that, right? It might need a little patience and expertise so be slightly careful if you don’t think you aren’t skilled enough for it.

A Pastel Show


27. A Pastel Show

This stunning nail art design will display the beauty of pastel colours. For this art, apart from nail paints, you will need two dotting tools of different sizes but you can also use pens or pencils as an alternative.

Spring Nail Art


28. Spring Nail Art

A spring-themed manicure hits us right in the feels, doesn’t it? Use spring cute short nails images to recreate those amazing designs without messing them up. You deserve spring on your nails this season!

Geode Stone Art


29. Geode Stone Art

This design will give the illusion of having small stones on your cute short nails. This is a perfect design if you want something unique and dainty without going overboard.

Cross Stitch Manicures on short nails


30. Cross Stitch Manicures

For an innovative nail design, cross stitch patterns are the way to go. Start by making colourful tiny crosses for forming the cross stitch of your desire. Keep doing it and your nail art is complete in no time.

Mix and Match Dots


31. Mix and Match Dots

For these polka dotted mix-match on your nails, you will require three different nail paints. With the right alternation among the colours, you will get very cute acrylic cute short nails.

Faded Florals on short nails


32. Rustic Florals

This nail art design is perfect for people who like art and craft. The water colour effect is extremely pretty and a delight for the eyes. This looks complicated but is actually very easy to do.

Gingham Accent Nails on short nails


33. Gingham Accent Nails

Make good use of your tape for making thin stripes and making a checkered design. Don’t skip a friendly layer of top coat for making your manicure last longer and look better.

A Robin’s Egg


34. A Robin’s Egg

This is among those basic cute short nails designs that look very pretty and elegant. If you do it with patience and precision, this nail art will surely resemble a robin’s egg.

A Gradient Design


35. A Gradient Design

Add a drop of your nail paint on a non-absorbing  surface,  use a brush for mixing it, and cover most of your nail with the colour, keeping some distance from the cuticle. For the gradation, mix two drops of nail paint into water and apply it on your nail tips. You’re done!

Black Out


36. Black Out

If you are a sucker for the colour black, this nail art will impress you. Experiment with your black paint and use a top coat which is matte to complete the confident nail art.



37. Dreamcatching Art

For this, you need to be a bit crafty for getting the best results. This soft and elaborate design is so intricate that you will instantly fall in love with it once it’s complete.

Blue Moon Manicure


38. Blue Moon Manicure

You just need 2-3 nail paints and paper reinforcement stickers for this art. This won’t require a lot of tools and is very easy to make as well. This is a great experimental nail art idea for beginners with short nails.

Glitters and Gold nail art short nails


39. Glitters and Gold

Yes, gold may look a bit tacky at times, but this nail art idea is too stylish to skip. Your golden nails are a treat to watch and this nail art design is great for weddings, parties, and fancy events.

Aesthetic Mismatching


40. Aesthetic Mismatching

This aesthetically pleasing nail manicure required dotting tools nad nail stripers. Using them, you can make amazing floral and stripe patterns. For a more dramatic finish, use a glittery top coat.

Pink Gl’Amore


41. Pink Gl’Amore

Such glamorous cute short nails ideas look tough to create but are very easy. You can use metallic studs and dual colours for making your nails fancier. You can also go for gold studded stickers for more decoration.

Speckled Out


42. Speckled Out

Polka dots are every nail art enthusiast’s favourite as they never go out of trend. Using opposite colours for making small specks will give your polka-dotted nail art an interesting twist.

Tricoloured Nail Art


43. Tricoloured Nail Art

For a change, use three nail paints instead of two and create stripes in whatever order you want. It is really as simple as it sounds! Go for colours that complement each other so that it all looks good.

Graveyard Nail Art short nails


44. Graveyard Nail Art

Now, this is a superb nail art idea for short nails especially for Halloween. It will give you all the spooky vibes and make you stand out in the crowd for sure. Make sure you wear a gothic costume to go well with your nail art.

Cherry Blossoms


45. Cherry Blossoms

The perfect combo of elegance and beauty is this gorgeous nail art that will remind you of Japan and its soothing cherry blossom trees. It is also great for BTS fans who want some themed nail designs for their favourite artists.

Glitter and Ombre


46. Glitter and Ombre

Just read the name and you will know what you need to do. Ombre in itself looks so marvellous and with a touch of glitter, things will go to a different level altogether.



47. Blackheart

If you love dark colours, you are in for a treat with this one. You can go for chevron tips or make a heart over your nail colours to get this stunning nail art for you.

Daisy nail art


48. Oopsy Daisy

This summer and spring-friendly nail art is all that you need for uplifting your mood. With the help of a dotting tool or pen, you can make small dots and connect them for achieving the desired look.

Retro Nail Design


49. Retro Nail Design

This retro-styled vintage nail art looks so amazing as the colours work very well together. To seal off the entire beauty and to add a bit of ‘oomph’, use matte top coat instead of a glossy one.

Watermelon Nail Art


50. Watermelon Nail Art

Cute short nails will look even cuter with this yummy watermelon design idea. It is perfect for a pool party or just to chill with your friends. You can use nail striper or tape for creating the lines on the watermelons.

Galaxy Manicure


51. Galaxy Manicure

This out-of-the-world (pun intended!) nail art will remind you of constellations and the Milky Way. Pick your colours carefully so that your design looks as realistic as possible.



52. French Manicure

Trends may come and go but a good old French manicure is timeless. You can rock them at office, during get-togethers, at fancy dinners- anywhere and at any time of the day.

Popsicle Manicure


53. Popsicle Nail Art

Don’t blame us if this nail art design makes you hungry! Your cute short nails will look adorable with these icy designs on top of them. Use colours that remind you of ice cream flavours and you are good to go.

Mocha Art


54. Mocha Nail Design

If you are a coffee lover, make your short nails hold testimony to that! This caffeine-inspired nail art idea will make you the talk of the town and you will cherish it for sure.



55.  Korean Nail Art

Be it food, music bands, or skincare- we love everything Korean! Why not try their nail art and give your cute short nails the makeover they deserve? This art looks so pretty and is easy to make as well.

These are the 55 stunning cute short nails designs that are making headlines this year. You can flaunt it on your fingers or recommend them to your friend and thank us later!