Stunning Short Coffin Nails

21 Stylish Short Coffin Nail Ideas You Can Flaunt Now

Sheena Shah

Updated At  18 May 24

Looking to add a touch of sophistication to your manicure adventures? Something chic and classy that looks good on a shorter nail length? If yes, then short coffin nails should be your next choice. 

With so many nail shapes and lengths to choose from, it becomes difficult to pick the perfect one to wear. In the world of nail art and design, one particular style that stands out is the Coffin Nails. Known for its unique and bold tapered shape, this nail design has been creating a buzz since the early '90s. 

Coffin Nails, recently made popular by Kylie Jenner, has become a classic and trendy choice for those seeking a classy and fashionable look. Inspired by the shape of an actual coffin, the style quickly became associated with edgy elegance. These nails, also known as ballerina nails, have squared-off tips and tapered sides. In terms of length, coffin nails can be worn short, medium, or long, depending on how you want to experiment with your manicure game.

Short Coffin Nails offers a stylish alternative for those who prefer a shorter nail length. Whether you're drawn to classic designs, glittery glam, or personalized nail art, short coffin nails can literally help you nail that look. So, what are you waiting for? Let's go through the 21 stunning ideas of short coffin nails and explore everything you need to know to rock the trend.

21 Stunning Short Coffin Nail Designs




1. Gradient Pink Short Coffin Nails

If you want a look that radiates soft and feminine energy, go with Gradient Pink Short Coffin Nails. The transition of colour creates a beautiful design. Whether you want to flaunt your newly done nails at a casual event or some special occasion, this short coffin nail design will be a perfect choice.

Interested to find out all the types of coffin nails, its origin and pros, cons of getting them, do check out our guide as we cover the same in detail.




2. Blue and Pink Mix

Get an elegant touch to your fingertips with a vibrant contrast of blue and pink short coffin nails. The cool tones of blue and the warmth of pink are a trendy fusion to look for in your next nail salon visit.



3. Simple & Everyday Style

You can wear short coffin nails in basic style by opting for clean lines and muted tones. Popular among working professionals, this simple short coffin nail design follows a minimalist approach for a timeless and classy manicure.



4. Shimmery Short Coffin Nail Design

Ready for a dazzling effect on your nails? These glittery and shimmery short coffin nails add a sense of glamour, making them ideal for special occasions. Shine bright with this eye-catching nail look.



5. Bold Red Glitter

For those who crave drama and impact, bold red glitter on Short Coffin Nails is something they should try. The boldness of red combined with the glittery shine is truly a match made in heaven. Looking for more inspiration for red coffin nail designs? Do check out our guide as we cover 25+ stunning nail art ideas which have been trending this year.




6. Professional Red Velvet Matte Nails

This refined and elegant nail style brings a nice touch of professionalism. These nails are suitable for various occasions where a polished appearance is the key. The red velvet matte finish adds a luxurious texture to the nails, creating a look that is tasteful and chic.



7. Creative Blend

In a mood to be creative? Try a mismatch of colours with some art on the side. For instance, you can try matte short coffin nails featuring a unique floral design. The matte finish will add a contemporary touch, while the floral design will bring an echo of nature to your fingertips.



8. Floral Design on Matte Short Coffin Nails

The charm of floral designs is timeless. These matte short coffin nails are for those who appreciate the fusion of artistry and style. The artistic approach allows you to express yourself through nail designs.



9. Cute Short Coffin Nails 

Infuse an adorable look into your nails by going for a unique and cute nail design. The key to this style lies in playful colours, charming patterns, and an overall look that brings a smile to your face. You can try various nail looks such as quirky designs, or cartoon-inspired art.




10. Glossy Look With Short Coffin Nails

You can keep your short coffin nails timeless with a glossy finish in simple shades like nude or soft pink. This shiny look adds flair and elegance to short coffin nails for any occasion.




11. Short Coffin Nails with Glitter

A bit of glitter hasn't hurt anyone and these sparkly and glittery short coffin nails are the best fit for fun and festive vibes. Whether you go for an all-over glitter effect or subtle accents, the glitter transforms your short coffin nails into a magnificent spectacle.



12. French Tip Nails

French tips and short coffin nails together mean a classic charm that can never go out of style. The clean lines and contrasting colours of the French tip hold the power to bring a touch of sophistication to your short coffin nails.



13. Stylish Animal Print

Make a bold fashion statement with animal print on your Short Coffin Nails. Choose your favourite animal print – be it leopard, zebra, or snake – to add a trendy and fierce look to your nails.



14. Stunning Black Acrylic Nails

Are you thriving in your gothic girl era and in desperate need of an edgy nail look? Maybe, it's time for you to try some stunning black acrylic short coffin nails. The black acrylic will bring a chic aesthetic to your short coffin nails, creating a stylish appearance that stands out.



15. Quirky Animal Print 

If you want something unconventional yet trendy, try some quirky animal prints on your short coffin nails. This nail design will allow you to express your playful side and, at the same time, can make a fashion statement.

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16. Elegant Short Coffin Nails

Keep it simple and refined with this nail look. The understated elegance makes this style classy and suitable for various occasions where you want a chic and sophisticated appearance without any fuss.



17. Pretty Short Coffin Nails

This artistic design with white strokes can complement any skin tone. The clean lines and understated elegance give this nail design a captivating appearance. These are perfect for casual outings, fun events, or whenever you want to showcase your stylish side.



18. Minimalist Look 

Sometimes, simplicity can steal the show. Such is the case with Minimalist White Short Coffin Nails. The white colour takes the spotlight and gives an elegant statement. The absence of elaborate patterns or vibrant hues allows the white colour to speak for itself, creating a look that is effortlessly chic.



19. Lavender Shine

Add a subtle pop of colour to your short coffin nails with a lavender shine. This trendy hue brings a fresh and stylish look to your nails. You can experiment with a glossy finish to make the colour stand out.



20. Stunning Nails with Grey Glitter

Want to add glitter that isn't too glittery? Try grey glitter for your new short coffin nail look. The grey glitter will add a touch of sparkle without being too overpowering, making it suitable for various occasions.



21. Trendy Short Coffin Nails

Don't miss the latest in nail fashion by trying out this nail look. This stylish design experiments with different colours, art and patterns, to give a modern twist to nail art. You can also try bold geometric shapes, vibrant hues, or chic minimalist patterns to express your unique flair. Remember nail art and design are all about creative exploration and flaunting the look that makes you happy.



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