Easy Nail Designs You Will Love

35 Stunning Easy Nail Designs You Will Love

Siddiqui Shumaila

Updated At  25 Nov 23

Nail art is a new trend in the fashion industry. Everyone is very keen to have the best design on their nails more than having a stylish dress. Now when it comes to nail designs for professionals there are lots of incredible designs that are hard to crack at home. However, there are many easy options one can try at home to paint their nails to make them look stunning without much effort.


35 Stunning Easy Nail Designs 



1. Glided Half Moons

This metallic gold half moon along with opaque teal on the other half makes the best easy nail designs. This design requires no professionals. All you have to draw is a half-moon rest fill the other part with any subtle colour of your choice. Explore full yellow nail art ideas for every occasion as these look stunning as well.




2. Nearly Natural 

If you are looking for the most easy nail design then a nude polish will work wonders for you. It goes with every outfit and makes your overall look stunning. Anything peach or pastel shade on your nails will give a flawless natural shade. 



3. Pastel With Twist 

This nail polish is a simple nail idea when you are looking for a simple yet shimmery touch to your nails. These pastel shade of opaque with a shimmer on the ring finger gives a chic look. 



4. Coffin White Acrylic Nails 

White nails will never go wrong with any outfit or place. It's a peaceful colour with a strong appealing vibe attached to it. Wearing white acrylic nail polish on your coffin-shaped nail is the best simple nail design ever. However, you can play with any other solid colour for your coffin-shaped nails. Elegant white manicure ideas are always in trend.



5. Heart-Shaped Tips 

Going on a date or showing love through your nails is the cutest romantic gesture. Having a heart-shaped tip on your nails gives the sweetest love signal. Paint your nail polish with two different colours one for the heart tip and the other for the remaining nail part. This is one of the simple nail designs when you are in a hurry but want to do something special for your special one. 



6.  Bling Fingers 

If you are a fan of DIY. Go for this unique way of styling your nails. To do this DIY nail design, all you need is a sparkler of different varieties. Get them glued on your painted nails as per the design and variation that suits you best. Any shape of the nails will work but long coffin nails are the best choice for doing DIY nail design. 



7. Blue Dots Nail  

Looking for an easy nail art for beginners? Try this nail art design using a toothpick. Coat your nails with matte colour with a subtle shade. Dip your toothpick with a brighter shade. Next, draw dots in alignment or symmetry as shown in the below image.  



8.  Colorful Lines Nail 

A colourful line on nail polish is an easy nail art for beginners. There are two variations to paint a colourful line on your painted nails. You can use a brush to draw different colour lines or use nail stripe stickers. Both will work to give the simpler yet attractive nail polish art.



9. Pastel Mismatch 

Pastels are the new trend and everyone is wearing pastel shades. though to stand out among the regular pastel nail polish. draw these mismatched pastel shades on your nails in symmetry with other hand fingers. Play with quirky shades to give that funky makeover to your style. 



10. Statement Star 

Nobody hates a star and a red matte nail polish. Now having both these together on the nail is the exciting thing to do. Draw a star on your ring on both hands with the lighter shade. You will achieve one of the best easy nail designs without tools. 




11. Subtle Shimmer Nails 

Love minimal shimmers? Paint your nails with these simple nail designs using a subtle touch of shimmer. This design is lighter in shade but gives a stunning elegant look with a touch of shimmer. 



12. Pop Colour Nails 

To make your nail polish look vibrant and impactful go for a pop of color. Several options of pop colour give vibrant vibes. But a scarlet red goes exception to give stunning simple nail designs. 



13. Orange Chrome Nails 

The chrome texture is the best nail art design for beginners. This chrome polish gives an extravagant yet simple look to nail polish. This orange shimmery chrome is the perfect blend of classy and pretty. 



14. Pink Ombre

Painting your nails with every possible shade level of pink is easy to nail art to create a gorgeous look. Go with shades of pink that you adore and apply them in the mirror to the other hand's fingers. An appealing gorgeous look will be done with these pink ombre nails. Refer our chic ombre manicure guide as we list the best designs which have been trending this year.



15. Rainbow Rhinestones 

Another DIY nail design to try! Buy some Rainbow Rhinestones and glue them on your nude or lighter shade nail polish base. Your nails get the rainbow vibes with these small rhinestones. However, it's a subtle look with the nude base but the fun element is added due to rhinestones.



16. Glittery Nails 

This Glittery yet simple nail art for short nails to make an elegant statement. One can opt for their choice of base colour. Just add the funky glitter shades to it for a pretty look. 





17. Two-Toned Blue Nail Art 

This easy nail art for beginners is perfect if you want something fresh and pretty. To glam your nails with this pretty two-toned theme design, choose any two colours that blend well.



18. Neon Ombre Nails 

This neon shade is very simple nail art for short nails. Neons on nails will always be a highlight of your look at any fest or place. Mix a neon glossy pink with a tinge of neon orange to get this vibrant look.



19. Minimalist Acrylic Nail  

The minimal acrylic nails are a perfect simple nail art for short nails. It's an amalgamation of a minimal look with a classy touch. Put an embellishment tip on your lighter base nail polish.


images (1) 

20. Smiley Art Nails  

Addicted to emoji? Draw them on your nails.  Get a base of yellow and paint a smiley emoji with a brush using black colour. This is one of the easy nail ideas at home to try. 


images (2) 

21. Modern French Tips 

One of the simple nail art is the Modern French tips. White shade French tips with a texture of nude or pastel colour make this nail art stunning. 


binder ring nail art 

22. Pretty Neon Tips 

Looking for easy nail ideas at home? Paint your nails with neutral colours as per your choice. Now use any neon shade like lime green and a draw half donut shape tip. Your bright smooth neon nails are ready!



23. Black Cute Nails 

Every girl loves cute nail designs. This black colour with a touch of funky dots is the best beginner cute easy nail design. Black is always a comfortable colour to go for a base. Add dots of different bright colours to achieve cute black nails. 



24. Gel Nail Design  

Gel nail design is the most durable and simple nail design. It gives an effortless chic look with a versatile style. You can play with different matte colour gels with one finger in glitter to make your look more stunning.   



25. Christmas Nails 

Christmas is around the corner, and you want to celebrate with something beginner cute easy nail designs. Then this red white theme glitter nail polish is the right choice to wear on Christmas. 


images (4)

26. Negative Space Nails 

You want simple easy designs that don't cost much time yet give an elegant look. Draw this Negative space nail design by painting thin or thick lines vertically or horizontally. Go with two contrasting colours.  


images (5) 

27. Rainbow Half-Moon Nails 

To draw this simple nail art at home, get a hole-punch sticker. Next, select the shades of your choice to polish your nails with this chic design. 



28. Black Line With French Tip 

Add a twist to your stunning French tip nail design. All you have to do is draw a thin black line in between your nude or pastel base shade. 



29. Checkerboard Nails  

Colourful checkerboard is the minimal plus simple nail design to wear. This nail art serves two looks simultaneously, quirky yet classy. 



30. Mismatched Hands  

This easy nail design is by far the most common trend. Yet every time you mismatch your hand with different nail polish shades it gives a whole new unique look. Lilac and moss green shade is a chic mismatch shade you can wear. 



31. Silver Glitter 

Silver glitter will never be a bad idea for nails. This simple nail design is elegant, shiny, attractive and chic for every occasion.



32. Shiny Stars 

Looking for simple nail art ideas? Grab some shiny star stickers and stick them on your nails. One of the brightest ideas within less time. Yet makes your nail art elegant. 



33. Blue Ombre 

Do you love Ombre effect designs? Try these blue Ombre on your nails for cool yet minimalist vibes. One can choose different shades for the Ombre effect and it won't go wrong in any way.



34. Pearly White  

Everyday nail design involves the frosty-white polish. To make them look more elegant and cool add some teeny-tiny pearls near the cuticle line. 



35. Gold Glitter Nails 

The gold glitter nails are an easy nail design for a party or festival. Paint your nails with gold glitter polish and get the glam on your nails.