Coffin Nails

What Are Coffin Nails- Pros, Cons, FAQs (Complete Guide)


Updated At  08 Jan 24


Looking to find out what are coffin nails and the pros, cons, process of getting them? One of the most popular nail shapes, coffin nails have grown in popularity over the years. Our detailed guide lists out everything about coffin nails alongwith the most popular FAQs.





Coffin Nails History And Origin

You may have heard the term “coffin nail” to describe something that is boring or uninteresting. The phrase has been around for quite some time and refers to a type of nail that is commonly used in carpentry to fasten wood together. This type of nail is also known as a spike or a nail with a small head. Carpenters would use these nails frequently because they could easily be hidden from view when working on wooden structures like coffins.


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These nails were so commonplace that carpenters would simply pick them up and put them back down again as they saw fit since they were fairly cheap and readily available. Carpenters would leave these spikes out on their workbench whenever they needed them. As a result, the phrase “coffin nail” was born to describe something that was uninteresting, redundant, or secondary to another subject being discussed at any given moment.

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What Are Coffin Nails?

A coffin nail is a type of nail with a small head and is commonly used in carpentry. These nails are also known as spikes, ballerina nails or nails with a small head. Coffin nails have a shape characterized by a long and tapered design with a squared-off tip. They resemble the shape of a coffin or a ballerina's shoes.

This type of nail was initially used in coffins to fasten wood together. You can use coffin nails to create a variety of things like picture frames, candle holders, and furniture.

These nails are custom-made to be thicker than normal and have a slightly longer head. Carpenters often use coffin nails to secure larger pieces of wood together such as building a fence or deck. Coffin nails are much less likely to bend or break when driving them into the wood. Coffin nails can be found in any home improvement store and are inexpensive.

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Coffin Nails Meaning

The phrase “coffin nail” has been around for a long time and many people are wondering why these nails are still called coffins. The answer is simple, these nails were originally used to fasten a wooden structure together that was used to bury the dead. Coffins were almost always constructed from wood, so it made sense for carpenters to use nails to secure the pieces together. The nails were placed on the inside of the coffin so that they wouldn’t be visible. Carpenters would often leave the coffin nails lying around on their workbench just in case they needed them. When the phrase “coffin nail” first came into existence, the nails were commonly referred to as coffin nails.




Coffin Nails Vs Almond Nails

When it comes to almond vs coffin nails, the main difference between the two is mostly about where you place your nail. A coffin nail is a manicure that is long and tapered at the end, resembling a casket. On the other hand, an almond nail has a pointed tip that makes it look like an almond.

Coffin nails are great for people who want their nails to be longer than their natural nails but don’t have the time to wait for them to grow out. Almond nails are great for people who want their nails to be long but don’t want to wait for them to grow out. 

So which one are you going for? Coffin nails have been trending for quite some time now and there’s no denying their appeal – with so many celebrities sporting them regularly. The almond-shaped nails are also popular but, depending on your personal style, there could be better options for you. We’ll go over both types of nails and help you figure out which one suits you best!




Coffin Nails Vs Square Nails

 Coffin and square nails are different on various parameters as mentioned below. 

  • Shape: Square nails tend to be rectangular-shaped, with the corners rounded off. Coffin nails are shaped like squares with a pointed tip at the end.
  • Thickness: Square nails are thin and delicate. Coffin nails are thick and robust.
  • Length: One of the biggest differences between coffin nails and square nails is the length. Coffin nails are generally longer than square nails.
  • Growth pattern: Coffin nails grow in a straight line across the surface of the finger. Square nails grow at an angle along the sides of the finger.

if you are looking for a nail makeover, both are excellent options, but each one has its own unique benefit that make it a better choice for certain situations. Keep these differences in mind when you’re planning your next manicure. Whether it’s for a special occasion or just for everyday wear, you’ll have plenty of choices when you know the difference between square nails and coffin nails.

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Coffin Nails Process - How To Get Coffin Nails? 

  • Step One: Base coat
    A black base coat will make the nails look even more dramatic.
  • Step Two: Paint your nails black
    Make sure to paint your nails really thoroughly so that there are no bare patches and avoid reusing the same brush as you did in step three as it might not be clean enough.
  • Step Three: Using a nail art brush, paint two rows of white dots on the nail bed and one row at the very tip of your nail
    It’s best to use a nail art brush with a thin, round tip that can get close to the nail bed. If your brush is too thick, it might make your nails look uneven.
  • Step Four: Using the same brush (with no colour) draw three diagonal lines from the bottom of your nail to the top. Be sure to end with a little flick at the end to create a casket-like effect.
    This is where the bulk of the work is so make sure to take your time and use plenty of water to get your brush as clean as possible between each line. If you have any bubbles on your nails, try blowing on them to get them to disappear. Be careful not to get water on your black nail polish because it’ll make it run and ruin the whole look.


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Coffin Nails Pros And Cons

Though coffin nails have one of the best shapes and give a sassy look, it is important to know the pros and cons.


Coffin Nails Pros

  • Looks stylish, trendy and fashionable. It makes the nails appear longer and is a great shape for the nails.
  • Can be worn on both acrylic and natural nails.
  • Suits both long and short nails.


Coffin Nails Cons

  • Coffin nails can sometimes be tricky to shape by yourself and may need a salon visit.
  • This shape needs some reinforcement from acrylic. Filing the side of the nail away will weaken the nail.
  • Nails become prone to breakage if proper care is not taken.    




How To Take Care Of Coffin Nails?

Your natural nails should be extremely strong and able to resist any challenges you may face if you have shaped them into a coffin form. The same steps work for both long coffin nails and short ones.

1.     Our first piece of advice is to make the most of some simple, affordable products to improve the strength and health of your nails naturally.

2.     This entails taking good care of your cuticles, using a small amount of nourishing moisturizer, and if you can, staying away from harsh chemicals like acetone.

3.     Look into some specialized nail hardeners if you feel like your nails could use a little additional oomph. They will assist to strengthen the nail bed's enamel and reduce chipping.

4.     Even if you use gel or acrylic treatments to give your nails length and body.





Coffin Nails FAQs  


Q. Why do they call it coffin nails? 

There are a few theories about the origin of the term "coffin nails." One is that the long, rectangular shape of coffin nails resembles a coffin. Another is that the term originated in the 1800s when women would use coffin-shaped nail tips to achieve the popular ballerina look. Today, coffin nails are still a popular choice for women who want to achieve a dramatic, elegant look.


Q. What kind of nails are coffin nails?

There are a few key differences between ballerinas and coffin nails. Ballerina nails are shorter and have a more rounded shape, while coffin nails are longer and have a more rectangular shape. Coffin nails also tend to be more dramatic, with bolder colours and designs.


Q. What is the difference between ballerinas and coffin nails?

Coffin nails can be any colour or style, but they are typically long and rectangular in shape. Some women prefer coffin nails because they can be filed into a sharp point, which creates a more dramatic look. Others find the long, rectangular shape flatter for their hands.


Q. What's the difference between square and coffin nails?

The main difference between square and coffin nails is the shape. Square nails are, as the name suggests, square in shape. Coffin nails are long and rectangular. Coffin nails are often seen as being more glamorous and elegant, while square nails are more simple and classic.


Q. What is the classiest nail shape?

There is no one "classiest" nail shape, as it is ultimately a matter of personal preference. However, coffin nails are often seen as being more elegant and sophisticated than other shapes, such as square or round.


Q. What nail shape is in for 2023?

Nail shapes like square, almond and round nails have been always popular. In 2023, new nail shapes like coffin nails are also trending.  but coffin nails are always a popular choice for women who want to achieve a dramatic, elegant look. 


Q. Are coffin nails elegant?

Yes, they do look elegant. However, to get the best look from coffin nails, the shape and design becomes very important. One can go for long coffin nails to ensure that the complete design becomes visible and one can get the desired look.


Q. How are coffin nails achieved?

Coffin nails are achieved by filing the sides of the nail straight and then shaping the tip into a square or rectangular shape.


Q. Can natural nails be shaped into coffin nails?

Yes, natural nails can be shaped into coffin nails, but the length and shape of natural nails will determine the look with coffin nails. One can also look to use artificial extensions to make the nails look even better.