How To Get Beautiful Pink Nails – 15 Potent Home Remedies (2023)


Updated At  28 Jan 23


If your personality is overlooked, flaunt your nails! And make them worth flaunting with these easy home remedies that will repair, moisturize and exfoliate your cute nails and cuticles for that immaculate - just got a manicure done- looking beautiful nails.

Know how to get beautiful pink nails with the following 15 most potent home remedies for healthy nails.


15 Best Home Remedies For Pink Nails




1) Lemon, Water And Vinegar For Pink Nails

Brushing your nails in a concoction of lemon juice, vinegar and warm water can do wonders for the shine on your nails.


Why it works-

Lemon has lightening properties that extirpates stains and dullness from the surface of nails revealing pink nails underneath all that grime and dead cells.

How to use-

Use a brush to apply this mixture of lemon juice, vinegar and water in 1:1:1 ratio onto your nails and nail bed.


1 -2 times every week


Lemon is also used extensively as a DIY nail polish remover and is also very effective.





2) DIY Nail Soak 

The amalgamation of Orange juice, garlic and olive oil is the incantation you have been looking for.


Why it works-

Orange is full of antioxidants and vitamins and since it is acidic it also helps to exfoliate the nail beds and soften cuticles. Garlic is antibacterial and high in selenium whereas olive oil is an excellent source of moisturizer! They work concomitantly to promote nail growth, prevent breakage and to give you lustrous nails!



1 garlic clove, crushed

1/4th cup orange juice

2 tbsp. Olive oil


How to use-

Mix ‘em all and soak your hands for 15 minutes. Repeat 2-3 times a week for best results.


Frequency- Do this twice or thrice a week.  

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3) DIY Nail Growth Serum Pink Nails

Why it works-

With the most potent ingredients, this DIY nail serum will heal and transform nails overnight making way for pretty nails to rise!


1/2 tsp aloe vera gel

1/2 tsp castor oil/coconut oil/ olive oil

1 vitamin E capsule

How to use-

Mix the following magic ingredients, massage it into the nail bed. Use it for 2 weeks for healthy growing nails.



Do it every night for optimum results.




4) Olive Oil For Moisturizing

Another fool proof method to grow strong nails and for making your nails lustrous would be to use olive oil.

Why it works-

It instantly repairs and softens your nails and cuticles making way for healthy nail growth.

How to use-

Massage your nails and cuticles for about a five minutes on each hand. Make sure that the olive oil being used for this purpose has been warmed.


Do this daily for optimum results.




5) Petroleum Jelly For The Perfect Shine!

Why it works-

Many a time, due to repeated washing, healthy nails lose their natural moisture. Massaging them with good quality petroleum jelly refurbishes their moisture reserves while giving you shiny nails.

How to use-

Apply some petroleum jelly on your nails and massage it for one minute. Leave it overnight or for a couple of hours.


Daily once or twice.




6) Water is elixir!

Wondering how to get beautiful nails? It's everywhere! We mean, water.


Why it works-

The most pervasive element on earth is clearly a miracle worker. Apart from its million benefits, it is also very helpful in maintaining the beautiful nails.


How to use-

Consuming plenty of water helps bring lustre to your nails

Washing thoroughly with lukewarm water washes off the dead and dull cells from the surface of nails.



Drink atleast 8 glasses of water everyday!




7) Rose Water For Pink Nails

Haven’t you often looked at baby nails and wished for that supple pink tinge in your own? Well, rose apparently does a lot more than flatter women.

Why it works-

Rose water, when applied on your nails on a daily basis, brings back the pink tinge to your nails. Pink nails, here we come!


How to use-

Use a cotton to apply rose water on your nails.


Do this daily for beautiful pink nails.




8) Butter For Healthy Nails

Grow strong nails with butter!

Why it works-

Butter is naturally enriched with Vitamins A, B and E and other important nutrients like potassium, sodium, calcium, zinc, iron, etc. Rubbing butter on your nails promotes healthy nail growth and moisture retention and gives you shiny nails.


How to use-

Take some butter kept at room temperature and apply on nail bed.


Do this once a day or every alternate night.




9) Coconut Oil For Lustrous And Clean Nails!

Why it works-

Being an excellent antifungal substance, massaging your nails and cuticles with cold pressed coconut oil helps get rid of dullness and dryness.

How to use-

Get healthy nails by massaging some warm coconut oil gently on your nails twice a day.


Do this once a day for optimum results.




10) Up Your Calcium Intake!

Nails can become discolored and frangible due to poor eating habits. Load up on your veggies and eat a salubrious diet.

Why it works-

Protein, zinc, calcium, biotin and iron are necessary for nail growth, resilient and beautiful pink nails.


What to do-

Eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals for pretty nails!






11) Garlic For Nails

Get healthy nails with - Garlic!


Why it works-

It is high in selenium that prevents brittle nails is one of the most potent ingredients that will help you achieve strong and beautiful pink nails.

It extirpates bacteria, improves circulation and ensures naturally shiny salubrious nails!

How to use-

Crush a few garlic cloves and apply the paste on your nails. Leave it for 10 minutes, wash and pat dry.

Apply your DIY nail serum or a nail cream on it and leave it overnight.

Frequency- Do this once everyday.




12) Baking Soda And Hydrogen Peroxide To Get Rid Of Stained Nails!

Why it works-

Nails can become yellow and stained due to the harmful chemicals in nail polish. To get rid of this, use 1 tsp. Of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide respectively.


How to use-

Mix baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, use a cotton to dab this solution on your nails and leave it on for 10 minutes.



Do this twice a week.


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13) Apple Cider Vinegar For Healthy Cuticles!

If you suffer from fragile nails and hangnails, use apple cider vinegar.


Why it works-

It strengthens nails, eliminates nail fungus and other bacteria and also promotes healthy nail growth.


How to use-

Drink a glass of water mixed with 1 tbsp. of raw organic apple cider vinegar or just soak your hands in the the same solution everyday for 5-10 minutes.



You can do this everyday!




14) Essential Oils For Healthy Nails!

Use essential oils such as lavender, lemon, frankincense, myrrh and jojoba that have nail strengthening properties.


Why it works-

These oils restore moisture and add lustre to mitigate breakage and thinning.


How to use-

Apply one-two drops on each nail including the cuticle and massage to propel new growth.



Do this every night before hitting the bed.




15) Nails Maintenance

Make sure you eat healthy, drink lots of water, trim and clean your nails and go for a manicure session regularly.

Also, apply a base coat before applying nail polish as it acts as a protective layer. Don’t bite your nails or scrape off nail polish.

Sometimes, your nails need a break so leave them as they are with some nail cream on!