Acrylic Nail Designs And Ideas

55 Classy Acrylic Nail Designs And Ideas For 2024

Sahiba Tandon

Updated At  07 Mar 24

Acrylic nails are known for their durability and perfect finish. There have been many bright acrylic designs we've scrolled over but for those who'd like to have a more softer and classier style, there are many options for acrylic nails for them as well! Take a look below at the top designs that can serve as a nice inspiration for your next nail art session!


55 Classy Acrylic Nail Designs




1. French tip variation

French tip nails have dominated the nail art industry for a long time and thus, even for acrylic nail ideas, they appear on the top. If you'd like to try something new for this classic version, then you can play with the tips and use different nail stickers to have a hollow design. You can even try full white nails as it will look stunning as well.




2. Pink ombre nails with marble effect

The simple design is good for everybody; whether they are a beginner in nail art or experienced! The marble design on one of the nails makes it among the most unique acrylic nails.




3. Butterfly wing design

The butterfly style provides a unique set of nails that may take some to complete but instantly catches everyone's attention once done! The idea of going with a classic black color for the nail art gives us a chance to look at the fine details of the acrylic nails!




4. Bright red shade

Red is the color of confidence and passion. Just few coats of the bright red projects a glamorous look! With the addition of some manicure gems, these simple and cute nails looks even regal. 




5. Cross nails

Combine your love for contemporary nail art with your religious beliefs through this white-and-black edgy aesthetic! The long nails give the nail artist ample space to add different patterns and jewels too!




6. Tartan print

For unique acrylic nails, one can take inspiration from the classic pattern of the tartan. We love the traditional red color but the nails in green shades add an interesting new feature to the design. Clean and prep your nails before applying the different nail shades as Hailey Beiber’s manicurist, Zola Ganzorigt, says: 

“Nail prep is the most important part to keep your nails healthy."




7. Pastel colors 

Pastel color adds a sense of calmness to not only our nails but to our whole personality! They are subtle without losing the fun vibe and that's what makes these nails different from others. Michelle Humphrey, celebrity manicurist to Rita Ora and Cate Blanchett quotes:

“For an easy nail art option, try a pastel gradient mani."




8. Pink Heart French Tips

Why not add a fun twist to the simple design on hearts we are all used to seeing? Yes, with these fun hollow hearts in different shades of pink, anyone can make their nails one of a kind!




9. Coffee swirls

Swirls acrylic nail ideas have been slowly catching up with the nail art industry and this year, they are all over the net! For a classy version, you can go with the retro colors of white and brown. A square nail shape would modernize the look.




10. Short French Tip Nails

These acrylic nail designs for dark complexion are unique because they use purple tips instead of pink or white. It demonstrates that a French tip does not always require a long nail length; even short acrylic nails can look lovely in this style! You can also try out black french tip nails as these look gorgeous too.




11. Clear marble design 

Marble design add an interesting feature to our normal nails. The clear marble look that is done with a coffin nail shape adds to the effect as well. They go with any outfit!




12. Green swirls with little jewels

For people who would like to get ideas for sophisticated yet cute acrylic nails, then you can combine swirl design with dual shades of green. The addition of little jewels on the nails would make it appear even more special!




13. Gold foil nails

Foil nails look edgy and sophisticated at the same time. Especially, if one is going with classic shades like gold or silver! If done with a nude nails base, they will add a beautiful sparkle.




14. V-tip nails

Acrylic nail ideas with V-tips are many but you can get inspiration from these glitter tips with dual colors to make them appear beautiful and mystical at the same time. With the rich brown color and the copper shimmer, the nails look dazzling!




15. Sparkle nails

If you are looking for cute and short acrylic nails, then you can try out different shades of bright sparkles on a white base to make them stand out of the crowd! For the shine, we can take advice from Jin Soon Choi, manicurist to models and actresses like Miley Cyrus and Squid Game’s actress Jung Ho-yeon, who quotes-

“Get naturally shiny nails with a JINsoon Effortless Buffer & Shiner - it's the healthiest choice for your nails!” 




16. White nails with silver glitter

Did you know that you can transform a normal white nail polish design into a memorable one with a simple addition? Yes, you can with that's the insertion of some silver glitter! It literally adds a shine to the look!




17. Pink gradient 

Different white French nail tips are common but if you want to do something fun with your nails while still being close to the tradition, then try pink shade gradients. You will have lots of options to pick and choose your favorite colors for each nail this way.




18. Maroon jeweled nails

Even simple jewels add another layer to the whole acrylic nail design but if you truly want to go all out, then you can combine a regal color with heavy nail jewels!




19. Plant-inspired nails

For acrylic nail designs for dark skin, this green plant inspiration can work very well. The green color inspired by nature is simple but beautiful. To make them last long, use a nail primer afterward.




20. Nude shimmery nails

Nude shades are very common in the nail art world. You can go with the mix-and-match nails for a different look by adding alternative glitter nails. This adds more character to the plain design. Evelyn Lim, an experienced nail artist quotes-

“What is classic about nude nails is they're flattering on everyone and go with everything."




21. Blue and pink

For innovative and fun acrylic nail ideas, you can check out different nail color ideas for each hand. And if you want a foolproof combination of colors, why not go with the popular shades of pink and blue?




22. Gem tips

A beautiful variation of a white tip nail design would be to go with the 3D effect and leave one nail to add the gemstone tips. The iconic combination of white with the beautiful silver gemstones goes with any outfit!




23. Acrylic hearts

From this design, we can see that just the application of a simple red and white polish to create tiny hearts would turn a light-colored nail, like white, into a cuter one!




24. Swirly brown almond nails

Different dark colors like brown and black are as popular to be applied together as they look beautiful individually. Swirl pattern on almond nails provide a chic design and would be ideal for people looking for a modern look.




25. Purple stars

If you are interested in a colorful way to add some mystical vibe to your nails, then you can go with the purple ombré design. The application of the sparkly star coat is an amazing stroke to get the final feature on the nails.



26. Pink and purple combination 

Pink and purple make a great duo! For extra depth to the nail art, go with one sparkly design on any fingernail. It will provide a beautiful contrast to the other cute shades.



27. White marble and French tips

You can mix two of the most popular nail art techniques today with this design. Both the marble effect and the French tips are beautiful in their own way but combining them makes a rare nail look!



28. Golden French tips 

Square acrylic nail ideas are quite different and even underrated. The golden shade as a French tip with tiny sparkles all over the nail makes a beautiful nail art piece.



29. Ombré with rose gold flakes

You cannot go wrong with the nude and white ombre combination. But you can try to give the design an upgrade with rose gold flakes making the nail art truly dazzling.



30. Blue glitter ombré 

Different shades of blue alone can make a great set of nails but if we add some sparkle to them, they will shine through and make us ready for a party! 



31. Pink aura nails with white webs

The aura design is trending right now. You can try the light pink shade with a lighter color to be used as the top layer, as they provide a pretty look while being something different!



32. Almond hearts with eyes open nails

When we choose to add the icons of big red hearts with open eyes, a very simple nude nail becomes somewhat extraordinary! You can have some nails with this particular heart design and others with simple red tips.



33. Silver chrome nails

Chrome acrylic nail ideas are predicted to be in trend throughout the season! And why not? These detailed nails look as if they have just been made for a photoshoot!



34. Plaid coffin nails

Even darker shades can give us a calm look if applied with the right technique and with other contrasting shades. The dark brown with the plaid design on one fingernail makes a fabulous combination!



35. Baby pink nails with tiny jewels

The baby pink shade can be used for anybody, from first-time applicants to people who are proficient in nail art. These will go with any nail length and the attachment of the nail jewels to even one or two nails will make a wonderful duo!



36. French bow almond nails

A simple French tip is a retro nail design that can never go wrong. But, we can definitely try to update the everlasting look. How? With the cute little golden bows, this nail design looks even prettier!



37. Yellow matte nails with chrome rose

The matte yellow shade is a subtle yet optimistic nail shade to go for, if you want a softer tone for your nail while not picking the common light colors like nude or white. To make the nails look even more special, add a chrome rose on one fingernail!



38. Royal almond-shaped nails

You can create a royal look with the classic combination of red and gold shades to make sparkles, heart, and moon! The acrylic nails go with the almond shape as any other design of the nail as perfectly, if not better!



39. Berry nails

The berry nails consist of different shades like pink and purple as we get from the natural berries. They make a great set of acrylic nails as they add a fun element to the whole personality! The matte finish on these colors looks fabulous!



40. Stained glass design

The stained glass rose nail art is a vintage and beautiful look that can go with any shade! But to make those really come on the top, why not go with a simple matte acrylic color like grey or brown?



41. 3D mature shade pastels 

The 3D effect of the nails literally adds another layer to them. This makes our nails add another feature that can make even simple colors like beige or nude look more exciting!



42. Square gold swirls

The gold swirls on the nails may seem simple when we first take a look at them. But, they have depth in their own way. Because of a light background like light pink or nude, they come out beautifully and show us that less is more.



43. Red and black heart tips 

Sharp-pointed acrylic nail ideas are very interesting to look at and style. You can even do an addition of implementing different nail polishes on each hand to make this style even more unique! Don't forget to place a gemstone in the middle for effect!



44. Matte nails with glossy tips

The matte shade in black comes out so beautifully after done! You can make the simple design add a touch of shine by going with the glossier version of the shade on the tips!



45. Copper glitter nails

The nails with the copper shimmer shade on one nail transform a normal set of gel acrylic nails into a party-ready set! This addition of copper sparkle uplifts the whole image of the hand!



46. Butterfly coffin nails

The coffin shape goes with the butterfly nail stickers here almost perfectly! Half-tips done with the light blue colors add a refreshing feel!



47. Rose gold marble effect 

There are many alternatives to this marble nail art done with different shades, but the classic image that the rose gold and copper combination gives is one of a kind!



48. Royal Blue and white nails

The pairing of white with most of the colors is a smart decision for nail styles. But the shades of royal blue gel acrylic nails with white add a regal touch to even a simple set of nails.



49. Sage green matte nails

The sage green color seems to be the shade of peace. This, as a matte nail shade, can be represented more interestingly if we get one nail in a marble design.



50. Coffin spring nails

The spring colors make a perfect choice if you are looking for a bright nail shade combination. The light pastel sides of the spring colors just have the right aesthetic for any occasion!



51. Half Moon nails

The classic half moons are done leaving the fingernail moon empty and applying a beautiful shade on the rest of the nails. You can go with the classic red acrylic shade for this style!



52. Milky white with a matte finish

The milky white color is definitely one of the most modern and intriguing ones that gives us an effortlessly sophisticated feel after looking. You can make this design even more chic with the addition of a matte finish on the nails!



53. White and glitter V tips 

V Tips can turn out so beautiful if we do an amalgamation of white stripes and a sparkly shade like silver! The nude base will help in getting attention to the dual shades!



54. Long black design 

For people with longer acrylic nails, a simple glossy effect would be considered an everlasting and classic way to go for it! Because of the retro look, there is no need to make any more updates!



55. Matte baby blue ombré

When you have such a beautiful shade like the icy baby blue, then one doesn't need to do much work. A simple ombré itself makes the nails look striking!