Wedding Nail Designs

60 Classy Wedding Nails: Stunning Manicure Inspiration for Brides

Anushka Maheshwari

Updated At  21 Jun 24

Get the perfect wedding nails by checking out all the latest nail art like rhinestone nails, white nails, french tips, marble nails, and many more.


60 Latest Wedding Nail Designs





1. Bling Wedding Nails

Elevate your bridal style with bling wedding nails adorned in rhinestones—a dazzling fusion of pink and white hues. These glamorous nails capture the essence of romance, adding a touch of sparkle to your special day.





2. White Ombre Effect With Flower Design

Here, the nail artist did an ombre design with 3D flowers made using acrylic powder. This coffin-shaped design is an enchanting set that will make your hands look beautiful on your wedding day.

Dua Lipa's nail artist Mei Kawajiri comments,

3D nail art is poised to be huge this year.




3. White And Rhinestone Details Design

This design is perfect for anyone who wants to embrace their extra side. With the white ombre effect, the nails have rhinestones and glitter work done to make them to make them look extra.




4. Pink Nail Elegance With White Tips

Many women love baby pink color and these classy wedding nails are a great option for your big day. With the white French tips, there is also a thin line in the middle of the nail giving the nail a modern look.


Betina Goldstein, a Chanel nail artist suggests that to create a memorable wedding look, the bride can add an accent that doesn't become the center of attraction. She suggests going for French tips or shimmering nude nails. As per Betina, it's important to add the extra element however, one should not overdo it.




5. Stunning Nude Pink Nails With Diamond Tips

If you have a sparkling diamond ring then this wedding nail design will look exceptionally good on you. This design will look especially well on natural wedding nails, rather than combining it with a very bright color.




6. Wedding Nails With Bow Design

In this simple wedding nail design, one hand has white tips and the other has black tips. The special touch is adding a white bow on the ring finger of one hand and a black bow on the middle finger of the other hand.




7. Butterfly Style White And Gold Nail Art

If you adore long acrylic nails for your wedding, this butterfly tip style is a perfect match for you.




8. Pink Nude Nails With White Hearts Design 

Continuing the theme of love and hearts, consider this elegant wedding design with white and gold hearts on the nude nails. This design will make your hand look even more stunning because of all the details.




9. Glitter Ombre Effect Wedding Nail Set

These beautiful bridal nails start with a nude base on all nails, and then each one is adorned with a distinct pattern. Some nails have a white and glitter ombre effect, while others have a peach and white ombre, creating a varied and lovely look across the nails.




10. Beautiful Nails With White Curvy Lines

These nails will truly add a touch of aesthetics and trendiness to your big day. With thin white curvy lines on each nail, the overall look is incredibly pleasing and stylish, making it a perfect choice for your special occasion.







11. Pink Marble Style Wedding Nails

It includes subtle marble detailing with gold and white. This nail set has gold accents making it a stunning choice for your wedding nails.





12. Gold Shimmer Wedding Nails

This design begins with a base of off-white color on all nails. The middle finger is then adorned with a gold shimmer, while the first finger features a small diamond. Adding a touch of elegance, the ring finger has pearls on them. The combination of these elements makes the nails truly beautiful.




13. Burgundy And Silver Nail Art

Here is a red and burgundy wedding nail design. These are perfect for brides who like bright colors. The silver glitter on the middle finger and a translucent background with tiny red flowers make this nail art stand out, creating a unique and eye-catching look for the bride.



14. Shiny Gold Wedding Nails 

Choosing baby pink nail polish underneath shiny gold is a lovely option for those who want to stand out without being too flashy. This nail art complements the skin tone with elegance.



15. Pink Nails With Golden Tips

If you like the idea of a gold wedding you can consider this design for inspiration. It has a pinkish-nude nail polish with golden tips. They both pair up well together and create a beautiful look.



16. White And Black French Tips Short Wedding Nails

In this design, one hand has nude nail polish with white French tips while the other has black French tips. The nude polish beautifully complements your skin tone, adding an elegant touch to your hands.




17. Simple Nude And Yellow Nail Design

This is a simple yet elegant nail design for your wedding. Here, thin lines of white and yellow are swirled on a shiny nude base for a pretty finish. These can also complement wedding nails for guests too. 



18. Wedding Nail With White Swirled Lines

A French-tip wedding nail design is always a classic choice. You can also take inspiration from this nail design where bold white lines are swirled giving the nails a unique and eye-catching finish.



19. White French Tip With a Golden Touch

This set of nail art has a royal touch to it. Each nail has its special detailing with a golden border giving it a royal look.



20. Yellow Detailing Wedding Nail Set

These adorable wedding nails are perfect for sunny celebrations. You can try a similar design with various other details in mind.



21. White French Tips With Pearls

For a classy yet modern touch to your wedding nails, grab some pearls and nail glue, and use this as an inspiration. These nails will match perfectly with your pearl wedding dress and will make you look mesmerizing.



22. Simple Warm Nude Wedding Nails

The warm nude nail polish color will give you a subtle and classy look.




23. Pink Nails With Heart Design

This stunning wedding nail design feels truly romantic and unique with the pink glitter nail polish applied to all nails, except for one that features a nude heart.




24. Green And White Wedding Nails

Green wedding nails can be perfect for super elegant wedding themes, especially when you choose the right shade. It’s an excellent choice, especially if you’re going for a botanical wedding theme. These can also enhance the wedding nails for guests. 



25. Glitter White Art Wedding Almond Shape Nails

This nail art is ideal for a winter wedding with the design of the white lines creating an icicle effect. If you consider getting your wedding nails inspired by this design, then it will also perfectly complement a diamond engagement ring.




26. Rhinestone Style Bling Designs For Wedding Nails

If you’re aiming to add a bit of sparkle on your wedding day, consider keeping the jewels or rhinestones limited to just one or two nails.



27. Nude Ombre Style Wedding Nails

These bridal nails have an ombre design that adds a softer touch to the whole bridal look. In this design, one of the nails in each hand has a sparkly touch to it making the nails look modern.



28. Pink Acrylic Nails With Rhinestones

Your wedding day is your moment to shine, so don’t hesitate to go all out with your nail design if that’s what you want. In this acrylic nail design, each nail features a different style, creating a unique and diverse look.




29. Wedding Nails With Geometric French Design

In this wedding nail for the bride, nails are coated in nude polish, while the artist has crafted a geometric French tip using white nail polish. To add a touch of glamour and uniqueness, small white stones are glued on the ring finger, making the entire set look fabulous and distinctive.




30. Pink Glitter Design

In this mesmerizing design, the nails are painted with a lovely pinkish tone. Some nails have a touch of glitter on them.




31. Rose Gold Almond Shape Wedding Nail Set

This design features nails in a charming rose gold hue with glitter to add an extra layer of shine and charm.




32. Wavy White Wedding Nails

These bridal nails combine the vibe of retro and modern. In this design, the nails are painted with a nude pink color and paired with wavy white lines. The tiny gemstones are added for a touch of extra glam, making it a perfect blend of classic and contemporary.




33. Gold Glitter Bling Wedding Nails Design

If you adore a bit of sparkle, you can consider choosing gold shimmer. It will enhance your bridal beauty look, adding an extra touch of glow.




34. Glazed Wedding Nails

Hailey Bieber showed the timeless charm of glazed donut nails, making them perfect for a simple and elegant look on your wedding day.





35. Lilac Colored Wedding Nail Design

In this captivating design, lilac and pink ombre effects are blended. The addition of white swirls enhances the beauty of these nails which will make your hands stunning on your big day.





36. Simple White Ombre Glitter Style Wedding Nails

This is an elegant nail design for a wedding with a base of nude nail polish. Then, an ombre effect is introduced with white and glitter. The result is a beautiful yet simple look that enhances the overall charm of the nails.




37. Half And Half Heart Design Nails

These classy wedding nails are long and painted with a white hue. The middle and ring fingers have a half-and-half design of heart-shaped rhinestones, adding a touch of glamour to the overall look.




38. Peach Color Wedding Nails Design

In this lovely design, the nails are coated in peach nail polish with white French tips. The ring finger has a beautiful arrangement of rhinestones, adding a unique touch to the entire set.




39. White And Golden Style Wedding Nails

In this design, the nails are first painted white. Then, special gold film is used to make unique patterns on the nails, giving them a special look.




40. Flower Inspired Wedding Nails

This design takes inspiration from flowers. The index finger is painted with a white polish, while the middle finger features a floral-style design. The ring finger showcases gel detailing with an inspired flower design. Finally, the pink finger has a lovely lavender nail polish.




41. Colorful Gel Polish Wedding Nails

In this chick style, the nails have a vibrant gel design, and the ring and pink fingers have eye-catching rhinestone patterns.





42. Watercolor-inspired Inspired Wedding Nails

In this design, the ring finger has a stunning watercolor-inspired look. This unique and enchanting touch will make your hands stand out beautifully on your wedding day.





43. Magenta And Purple Wedding Nails Design

This marble nail art shows a rich and dark purple with a combination of colors to make a stunning design.




44. Brown, Gold, And White Marble Wedding Nails

While brown is a neutral color, mixing it with gold and white makes it a stunning choice for your ‘THE’ day. This design would complement darker skin tones beautifully.




45. White Ombre Style Wedding Nails

Ombre-styled nails provide a subtle look resulting in a softer look. This design has a milky white ombre style which makes it look wonderful.




46. Simple Sparkly Pink Wedding Nails

This simple wedding nail design gives a very simple look however the sparkling nature provides a delicate approach to a bridal manicure. Here, the nails are painted pink and have a sparkly touch to them making them lively.




47. White And Silver Wedding Nails

This celebratory style is attention-grabbing ensuring beautiful hands on your wedding day. In this design, the nails have white ombre effects with rhinestones to make them look beautiful.




48. Simple And Delicate Flowers With Blue Hue 

This design has a delicate touch to it. The nails have light blue French tips with simple white flowers.




49. Sweetheart Pink And White Wedding Nails

In this design, the nails are painted with light pink French tips and little hearts on them. These embrace your romantic side.




50. Simple Pink and Rhinestones Wedding Nails Design

In this specific look, real diamonds sourced from Hatton Garden are used by Manicurist Stephanie Staunton for an extra special sparkle. However, you can also opt for budget-friendly rhinestones for your nails.




51. White French Tips With Pearls

For this look, the manicurist has incorporated pearls which adds more glamour to the set.




52. Colorful Wedding Nail Design

If you like colorful and bright colors, consider this design for your wedding day. It blends various attractive and lively colors including shades like yellow, and cyan, creating a cheerful nail art for your special day.





53. Marble Design With Gold Patterns Short Wedding Nails

If you are looking for trending short nails design, then this marble nail art is a perfect fit. This glamorous design has a marble effect with gold detailing making it perfect for your big day.




54. Lace Print Pink And White Florals Bride Nails 

This lace print nail design is created by using stamping nail art that would look stunning on a bride's hand. This approach saves time and is also versatile for any occasion. The floral detailing enhances the coffin shape of the nail adding a chic and glamorous touch.




55. Nude Wedding Nails Design With Pearls

Hailey Bieber was mainly responsible for making the glazed donut manicure popular. This design is a combination of a nude base color with pearls making it ideal for a wedding day.




56. Simple White Florals

The nail artist Tooran Hejazi puts a twist on simple French manicures by painting delicate white flowers. To enhance the glamour, each flower’s center is adorned with a sparking gold polish.




57. Pink Nails

Simple pink bridal nails exude timeless elegance, offering a soft and romantic touch to complete the bridal look with grace and sophistication. Ideal for those seeking a subtle yet beautiful accent on their special day.





58. Soft Milky French Nails 

Achieve a soft, milky look with French nails that effortlessly complement any outfit. Perfect for a subtle touch of elegance, they're an easy choice for a polished and classic appearance. 





59. Wedding Nails With Gems

For your wedding nails, add a touch of elegance with silver gems in diamond shapes. They effortlessly elevate your bridal look with subtle sparkle and timeless charm.




60. White Flowers And French Tips

For a simple and elegant look, opt for white flowers and French tips on your nails. This classic combination adds a touch of sophistication to your manicure, perfect for any occasion.