21 Most Popular Looks Of Alia Bhatt

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Updated At  14 Sep 22

Want to check out Alia Bhatt outfits which are trending this year?

Alia Bhatt is a youth icon. With what began as a huge nepotism promoting gamble of a chick-flick, her career has grown leaps and bounds from her first film. Her initial years have been extremely difficult, what with hilarious memes stereotyping her as a dumb beauty, and more serious accusations about her lack of talent, Alia has risen from the ashes like a phoenix.

Alia has gone through a transition regarding her weight, and long story short, has managed to lose a lot of it. Making her what she is today, her trials with dieting haven’t gone to a waste. One of the most beautiful girls in India, she is petite, fair, and graceful. For somebody with a petite frame, she sure carries all her outfits with a lot of oomph, which just highlights her young fresh personality.

Alia bhatt’s instagram is a colorful medley of timeless grace and edgy chic. Alia’s wardrobe seems to scream - Wear whatever you may, your attitude has to be on fleek! We feature alia bhatt indian dresses which have stunned fashion gurus this year.



21 Best Looks Of Alia Bhatt




1. Indian Diva Look

One of the best looks of Alia Bhatt is an indian diva look in a saree. For the promotions of her recent release, Alia flaunted this beautiful saree with a subtle play at cool and warm tones.

Amongst Alia bhatt’s best looks, this pista and pink saree with gold details looks stunning on her light skin. Pairing it with a bindi only, she looks simple, elegant and beautiful. Alia Bhatt in a Saree is as pretty as a picture!




2. Chic And Dramatic

This Alia Bhatt cute dress will give you summer goals. A short flattering dress that looks flirty, easy and chic looks very pretty. The print is very young and playful, adding to the same vibe are the yellow heels which complete the look with panache.

The sleeves are gorgeous and add a beautiful touch, along with a deep neck. Irrespective of the outfit, you will find her skin always continues to glow which is just amazing. Alia bhatt skin care routine has played a key role in her achieving the same.




3. Whims And Structure

This stunning pantsuit is absolutely breathtaking. One of the trending Alia Bhatt outfits, it is young, clean, fresh and clearly a beautiful piece of art. What adds a beautiful touch to it is, not wearing a full shirt underneath the jacket.

The suit itself is precisely tailored and the splashes of color to its structure give it a very artsy edge. She rocks this vibe as she travels Berlin in what looks like a very formal yet fun pantsuit.




4. Young And Cool

This beautiful wrap-dress is by David Koma. And taking nothing away from the dress, the first thing that catches your eye in this picture are the boots! It is so easy for anybody to fall head over heels (pun intended) in love with the boots.

Sleek and young, they are clearly the statement piece of the outfit. And yet the dress is as stunning, with its pink sequins along the sleeves, it gives a subtle sporty vibe. The length and color pop is absolutely fresh and compliment her personality.




5. Pastel Princess
This beautiful blush dress, with a trail to it is very girly and elegant. One of Alia Bhatt’s best looks this one is extremely pretty and fun. Its short length and long trail is a very good look.

The color is a gorgeous pastel pink/blush. One of the best Alia Bhatt indian dresses, this gives us a spring vibe. And yet is very edgy and bold, with its zipper and bust pads. It’s fun and elegant at the same time. She looks beautiful in this instagram picture.


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6. The Disco Look

What is this outfit, if not stunning? We love everything about it. The color, the sequins, the length, the tailoring, the structure! The crop jacket is beautiful and a fun. The pants with their little high waist belt are stunning. And all the sequins add a smashing vibe to the entire outfit. This inspires youth and fun. Anyone would want to dance wearing this. Though it could have gone all wrong and she could have ended up looking like a disco ball, she does not! And the structured tailoring is to thank.




7. Chic Casual
This stunning casual chic outfit knocks the ball out of the park. The crop with those statement baggy latex pants and chunky shoes are an amazing ensemble. She looks young, hip and ready to take on the world! The colors are very plain and that could have been a gamble, but it definitely works!


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8. Professional Fashion Star
The dress is very plain. But it can never stop there with alia can it? The sleeves have their own statement, and where to begin with the shoes? Promoting gully boy with Ranveer, Alia couldn’t let him steal the entire spotlight could she? The outfit goes together very well. It is formal as well as fun. The sleeves add a floaty feel to the structured dress, and the heels give a much needed pop of color.




9. Yellow Vibes

This yellow lehenga is absolutely beautiful. It is soft, subtle monotone and looks so rich! Its detailed thread work is glam and the color is so pretty! Perfect for a summer mehendi or haldi. The neck of the blouse is bold and thus the neck piece goes with it beautifully. The dark eyes add a good touch to the overall outfit. One of the best alia bhatt outfits, the mid length sleeves look beautiful and give a formal, regal vibe to the lehenga.


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10. Elegant Times

This dress is stunning- A very black swan, ballet vibe. The color is a demure tan; the sequins on the bodice are pretty and glam. The skirt is absolutely beautiful. Very well structured, it is elegant, fun and a timeless design. Overall a very theatrical outfit that gives Barbie doll feels to every girl. This once in a lifetime gown that is stunning and made to fit her like a glove.




11. Cinderella’s Dream

Is that a couture cupcake? This beautiful dress is goals for every fashion expert out there. The color is beautiful and dual toned. The pinks and the oranges blend in beautifully. The sleeves are the most fun part of the dress, yes even better than the skirt. The skirt is a floaty, dreamy version of tulle Cinderella gowns. Nothing adds up better to Alia’s instagram bio than this dress - Moody, Floaty, Fire and DESIRE!


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12. Vintage Feels

This is of the most breath-taking gowns out there. The color, the lace, the subtle train, everything is absolutely beautiful. The dress looks like a vintage piece out of the wardrobe of Princess Diana. The neckline has pretty lace flower details, and the back has a corset detail with buttons. We cannot get over this gown!


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13. Silver Look

Apparently Alia can never stay too far away from sequins! Her love for the glitz can be clearly seen in this silver sequins lehenga that she dazzled in at a friend’s wedding. The duppatta had pretty flower details on it, and the silver jewelery completed the look. She as usual looks gorgeous, but you wouldn’t want to outshine the bride now!


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14. Boho Warrior

What looks like a very different vibe for the usual fun, quirky Alia, this vogue photo-shoot brought out the warrior in her. A fun take a boho chic, this look mixes the darker vibes with pastel colors making it a very unique Alia Bhatt outfit. The silver necklaces add to the look and give it a slight grunge feel. The soft lace dress with a demin jacket is a very glamorous casual look that anybody can pull off.


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15. Constellations Look

This beautiful gown is a bold statement. Its constellation sequins are absolutely gorgeous. The detailing on this makes it so much more special, and expensive. The color is a black/dark gray which looks beautiful on her light skin. The paneling on the bodice adds structure to the gown, though the black panels look a little like tape. And yet the gown is an absolute stunner!


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16. Stripped Down

This is a fun, spring dress that exudes comfort. The colors are sweet and pleasing to the eye. It is very fresh, and young. Flirty and casual, a very typical girl next door vibe. She looks very sweet and cute. The patterns are a little too much, but that’s the fun part, right?




17. Stunning in Gold

This is one of the best Vogue looks Alia has put on. A beautiful gold cocktail dress. The dress has a lot going on, the structure is fun and edgy, and the metallic gold gives the outfit a rock band vibe. The shoulder pads elevate the dress into a fashion rockstar. The messy hair, and smoky eyes add to the look. She looks exactly like a bold youth icon should.


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18. Fitted And Fresh

This beautiful casual outfit ticks all the right boxes. The lace is very dated and vintage, the pants very crisp and trendy. The outfit is very soft and well put together. She looks very pretty. The detailing on the pants is to die for. And the makeup compliments the look beautifully.


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19. Glam Look

This gown is a true showstopper. She looks like the moon and stars brought her down there! The dress is breathtakingly beautiful. Elegant, timeless, huge, glamorous perfectly fit for IIFA Awards. This dress needs an insta account of its own! She couldn’t have worn it better, holding her trophy on stage.


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20. Barbie Feels!

Another perfect award night, time to wear another perfect gown! This pretty Cinderella type gown is absolutely stunning. Its pretty, it’s young and it’s pink! What more could a girl ask for? The poufy dress is almost like the stereotypical dress every girl imagines herself dancing away in. it’s a fantasy, a beautiful girly fantasy. And the dress does do it complete justice.


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21. Sequined Mermaid

And for the last one let’s end with another sequined stunner. A whimsical mermaid is what the inspiration for this look seems to be, and yet the ‘gully girl’ rocks this outfit like a diva. The top with its multicolored extravaganza is still nothing compared to the green, skin fitted sequined skirt. Princess Ariel would kill for a dress like this.


These were 21 best Alia Bhatt outfits that she carried with complete grace and utter confidence. Don’t forget girls, what makes you beautiful isn’t the cloth that hangs around you, but the material inside that makes you who you are. And Alia’s best outfits are a statement to this exact fact!



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