55 Stunning Black And White Tattoo Ideas For Women

Sreedarshini Mitra

Updated At  04 Jul 23

The advancement of white ink through modern tattoo technology is the epitome of technological advancement. As a result, among the most self-assured women of fashion, black and white tattoos are experiencing a revival. The popularity of black and white tattoos is still at the top, and as pale ink possibilities increase, so does their position. The tattoo industry is being completely reinvented by the newfound contrast of black and white, and this creative wonder is assisting all kinds of people in getting their first tattoos. It is widely agreed that the outcomes are consistently eye-catching.



55 Best Black And White Tattoo Ideas For Women


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1. Butterfly Tattoos

You might wish to think about a butterfly if you need ideas for brand-new tattoos. Despite the fact that butterfly tattoos have been popular for years, they have a timeless quality, and the range of designs has made sure that each one is distinctive to the wearer. In addition to being delicate and lovely, butterflies can also stand for change, resiliency, hope, and even love. If you are looking for cute tattoo ideas then these provide the perfect inspiration.

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2. Dragon Tattoos

Dragons are a representation of power and strength. This meaning is doubled when combined with the hue that stands for the same traits. Yet, because the colour red is considered lucky in Chinese culture, red dragon tattoos are also representations of luck. Meaningful tattoos are always trending as these reveal deep meaning which might not be very evident from the design.


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3. Lion Tattoos

Tattoos of dragons can be extremely expressive and stand for protection, bravery, and knowledge. Numerous cultures around the world have tales of these fabled creatures. Both European myths and East Asian cultures have made frequent appearances of them. A dragon is frequently viewed as a fearsome and strong creature that should be revered but also feared.


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4. Semicolon Tattoos

The semicolon tattoo design is one example of how a tattoo can have very special value for a person. One of the best small tattoos for women, It serves as a reminder that the wearer's narrative is not yet over for people dealing with mental health issues and depression. Despite their difficulties, their lives will go on because of their voyage.

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5. Wolf Tattoos

A wolf tattoo is a good option if you want to get something that symbolises love and loyalty. These lovely animals are pack animals, and their existence and strength rely on how many there are. This is the reason why this pattern frequently depicts a family, implying that strength lies in togetherness and urging the wearer to never forget the significance of these strong familial ties.


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6. Elephant Tattoos

Elephants are gorgeous creatures that also stand for strength and prosperity. The phrase "an elephant never forgets" is frequently connected with these enormous beasts, which is why elephants also stand in for wisdom. Unbeknownst to you, the elephant herd's leader is always a female, making this a wonderful accessory for a woman who wants to embrace her femininity.


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7. Scorpion Tattoos

If you want a tattoo that is a bit more daring, the scorpion is a great option. People that choose a symbol like this frequently want it to serve as a warning because these predatory arachnids are frequently thought to be dangerous due to their capacity to cause pain. 

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8. Snake Tattoos

Snake tattoos can stand for a variety of meanings. For some snakes are thought to be malevolent beings; for instance, the serpent served as the tempter in the biblical account of Adam and Eve, which led to sin. And for others it might be legendary and strong. This is one of the most popular black and white tattoos for females.

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9. Heart Tattoos

One of the most popular tattoo designs is the heart, and for good reason. All cultures understand it as a universal symbol, and the wearer attaches significant meaning to it, including love, grief, and heartbreak. People have a lot of options for heart tattoo designs; some are straightforward, like an outline, while others are intricate, like a sacred heart.


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10. Skull Tattoos

Tattoos of skulls are frequently elaborate and labour and skill-intensive to create. It is a universally recognised image that is frequently connected to death or mortality. These works, which have been a well-liked choice of ink for decades, can have a variety of meanings depending on the design. 

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11. Angel Tattoos

Tattoos can convey sadness and serve as a warning against danger or they can be uplifting and motivating, like an angel design. Angels are thought of as pure entities who are dedicated to guard everything that is good and sacred and are connected to heaven. This makes these tattoos a great option for devout persons who wish to display their devotion to their religion. 

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12. Compass Tattoos

Since sailors are thought to have tattooed these drawings on their skin to aid them in navigation while at sea, the symbolism dates back to them. As a result, these patterns frequently denote direction and protection.The navigational tool can help you get through difficult times and keep your bearings. Therefore, choosing a compass tattoo may also serve as a reminder of the challenges you have faced. Also check out dove tattoos as these look equally stunning.

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13. Sun Tattoos

We wouldn't be able to survive without the sun. It is a source of energy and light, but it may also symbolise the truth or offer encouragement; someone has survived a difficult time in their life and found a way to move on. The sun may serve as an inspiration for others by serving as a reminder of the beauty of life. One of the top back tattoos for women, sun, moon and star tattoos looks stunning.

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14. Clock Tattoos

We all live each day on earth without knowing when our time is up; time is a valuable resource. Because of this, the balance between life and death is frequently represented with clock tattoos. People can customise their tattoos to make them special and distinctive; one way to do this is by adding flowers to remember the deceased.

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15. Crown Tattoos

A woman may believe she controls her own destiny or that she is entitled to respect and equality if she decides to get a crown tattoo on her skin. Crown tattoos are highly flexible in terms of location. Both the larger, more intricate pieces on the forearm or thigh, as well as the smaller motifs and outlines that can be inked onto the wrist, work well.

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16. Dream Catcher Tattoo

Native American culture is the origin of the dreamcatcher, which was initially a hand-woven object intended to resemble a spider's web. It serves as a symbol of protection that is hung to ward off evil thoughts and as a technique to ignore unpleasant events in favour of the positive. 

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17. Eye Tattoo

The gift of sight comes to mind when you think of an eye, right? Well, this is the basic idea of an eye tattoo. The eye might indicate something all-seeing; in Christianity, it might stand in for God keeping an eye on you. As an alternative, it may be seen as a sign of direction or safety. 

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18. Bird Tattoos

Bird tattoos are a means to express the aspiration of many people to have wings and be able to soar away from their problems. These lovely avian species stand for many things, including independence and freedom. They can also serve as a reminder that we are not bound by certain limitations on earth.

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19. Henna Tattoos

These elaborate designs can be constructed using a variety of colours, including red, orange, brown, and blue-black, since henna is a plant-based dye. Mehndi, the term for henna, is popular at Indian weddings and festivities, but it is also used in Morocco and Egypt. The fact that the ink gradually fades over time is another advantage of this style of tattooing.

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20. Unique Fingerprint Tattoos

Unique tattoos might differ from individual to person. Something personal or an interesting design can be the subject of a unique tattoo. Whatever it is, this type of tattoo is likely to hold a personal meaning for you and could possibly spark conversation.

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21. Cute Little Tattoos

You may easily have something quite detailed in a lot smaller, prettier version if you find an artist that specialises in little designs. Little dainty tattoos are always a wonderful idea if you're considering a tattoo but aren't searching for something too bold and conspicuous.

bw paws



22. Small Paws Black And White Tattoos For Women

Small tattoos are typically kept extremely plain and conservative. Depending on the style, they can be finished in ten to twenty minutes or less. Although you can still make it personal even though it's small.

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23. Cross Tattoos
Simple cross tattoos consist of two lines or two words written in cursive and intersecting each other. You may add anything wrapped around it, like a flower pattern, if you want to be more inventive. They're an excellent alternative if you come from a religious background because you may combine two concepts into one design. If you check Selena Gomez tattoos, she also has a stunning 'love yourself' tattoo on her back.


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24. Simple Outline tattoos

Simple tattoos typically feature symbols like a heart, moon, sun, or the basic form of an animal or flower. If you're having trouble coming up with a design, they're a fantastic option. Usually, if you tell your artist what you want, they'll swiftly present you with a choice of something they may previously have stencilled.

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25. Flower Tattoos

Women frequently get tattoos of flowers, especially wildflowers. This does not preclude you from thinking creatively and coming up with original concepts, either. Flowers come in so many varieties that it can be overwhelming. Anything from the contour of lavender to a water lily resting on a pad might be obtained.

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26. Hand Tattoos

With hand tattoos, you can imply a lot, including promise, love, and peace. Although they often include only an outline, you can make them as bold and precise as you wish.

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27. Lettering Tattoos

If you have a favourite quotation or a saying that speaks to you deeply, lettering tattoos are fantastic. Depending on the font type you choose, these tattoos typically appear fairly delicate. This is one of the most common black and white tattoos for females.

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28. Strike And Poke Tattoos

It's one of the first techniques for body art. Instead of using an electric tattoo machine, this method inks the skin by hand using a device resembling a needle and rod. The end product is distinctive, with each piece having a few minor flaws and having a very different appearance, but that is the beauty of this style.

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29. Minimal Dragonfly Tattoos

The beautiful thing about this approach is that it puts more emphasis on the content than the artistic approach. It is frequently made with sharp, pure lines without any shading. There are no restrictions on what you can or cannot do, but most individuals choose something simple or little, which is ideal if you're searching for a delicate piece or something discrete and readily concealable.

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30. 3D Tattoos

Because there are so many various tattooing styles to pick from, the craft is amazing. Unquestionably one of the most striking and intricate is a 3D tattoo, which, as the name suggests, gives your artwork an additional dimension to make it appear as though it has come to life on your skin.

Also check out Hawaiian tattoo designs for females as we list 50+ stunning designs which work really well.


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31. Sibling Tattoos

Sibling relationships are unlike any other. It is unwavering affection from a lifelong best friend who will always have your back. There are many wonderful designs to pick from that express this, whether you want to honour your sisters or your tight bond with your brother.

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32. Skeleton Hand Tattoos

Although getting a tattoo of a human skeleton may seem depressing to some because it is often associated with death, it can represent courage and demonstrate that you are unafraid of what lies ahead. It also serves as a reminder to live each day to the fullest because it is connected to renewal and impermanence. 

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33. Japanese Black and White Tattoos For Women

Japanese tattoos are a much-loved style because they are bold and bright, as well as extremely expressive. The topic is crucial and frequently draws from folklore or tradition. Common images include animals, flowers, or mythical beings for example, tigers and koi fish, the lotus or cherry blossom, and dragons and phoenixes.

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34. Family Tree Tattoos
As the name implies, a family tree tattoo will be in the shape of a tree, with the root representing the family's beginnings and the branches representing each family member. There are many different designs available when obtaining ink that honours your loved ones, which is excellent. Some are straightforward, such as a heart, a saying that holds a special meaning for you, or a tiny matching symbol.

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35. American Traditional Black And White Tattoos

Due to the intriguing theme and approach, these pieces are symbolic and sure to get noticed and make a statement. This option is right for you if you don't mind standing out from the crowd. American tattoos do stand out and look stunning.

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36. Arrow Tattoos

This tattoo can be done in a variety of ways and is suitable for both minimalist and watercolour tattooing styles. Some people decide to incorporate a picture of a bow and arrow while others may concentrate on an arrow compass design as a guide and reminder to keep on the straight road.

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37. Feather Black And White Tattoos For Women

Because they are symbolic, feather tattoos are a common choice. Generally speaking, the concepts of independence, bravery, and knowledge are associated with feathers. It is the ideal style for a woman who is free-spirited and wants to show that she disobeys social conventions.

bw medusa



38. Medusa Tattoos

She was said to have been given a curse by the goddess Athena, which would turn anyone who looked into stone. She fell prey to Athena's fury as a result of her connection to Poseidon, the deity. Your chosen ink's positioning is equally significant for this tattoo.

bw geometric



39. Geometric Tattoos

Geometric tattoos are a terrific way to draw attention to the lines and curves and produce a distinctive finish. They stand for harmony, balance, symmetry, and even mystery. Whether you choose an animal or a floral design, almost every image can have a geometric element.

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40. Moon Black And White Tattoos For Women

A moon tattoo is ideal if you want a representation of change, imagination, and development. One of the forms of the earth's natural satellite, such as a full, half, or crescent shape, each with a unique meaning, can be tattooed. Perhaps you are drawn to the ideas of magic and mystery; then, a full moon is a fantastic choice as it is associated with the supernatural.

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41. Phoenix Tattoos

Because of its profound meaning, the phoenix is a significant symbol of life, death, and rebirth and is a common subject for tattoos. It has been mentioned in mythologies and cultural works, such as Chinese and Greek folklore. The firebird serves as a reminder that you can overcome any obstacle and represents optimism and tenacity.

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42. Behind The Ear Tattoos

A behind-the-ear tattoo is one of the hippest and most covert places to get inked. Because they enable delicate and feminine artwork, they have recently become incredibly popular. You should choose modest designs, and frequently keeping things straightforward is ideal. Even though you don't see it every day, it's enough to know that your tattoo is carved into your skin.

bw lotus



43. Lotus Black And White Tattoos For Women

The lotus is a flower with symbolic meaning in addition to being visually appealing and lovely. Numerous things are represented by lotus tattoos, one of which is the harmony of the body, mind, and spirit. 

md infinity



44. Mother And Daughter Black And White Tattoos

One of the purest types of love exists between a mother and her daughter, a link that is difficult to adequately define. This is the woman who will sacrifice anything for you, who will genuinely love and support you. Choosing the ideal design to congratulate each other will probably be simple for you.

bw rose



45. Rose Tattoos

A rose is among the most well-liked and commonly inked pictures. Not only is a rose tattoo lovely, but it also has symbolic meaning. The flower stands for life, beauty, and suffering as well as the idea that not everything is as it seems; the blossom is beautiful, but the thorns are painful.

Bw best friend

46. Best Friend Tattoos

While it's crucial to celebrate your family, some of your friends even those who aren't blood relatives can still be considered family. Best friend tattoos are a great way to commemorate the friendship with the person that has your back no matter what.

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47. Sunflower Black And White Tattoos For Women

A sunflower tattoo is a representation of devotion, hope, and optimism. These flowers are a common choice for women who wish to remind themselves to see the positive side of life because of its symbolic importance. It is a component that might have different ink spots.

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48. Sister Tattoos 

Sisters have a unique bond with one another. You may confide all of your secrets to her because she is your best friend, and you will always be there for one another. Sister tattoos are a great method to commemorate your relationship and a chance to express your love for one another and the rest of the world.

bw angel wings



49. Wings Tattoo

If a woman wants a tattoo that represents freedom and transformation, wings are a terrific option. It is easy to understand why someone would be drawn to this idea since freedom may mean many different things, including releasing oneself from the horrors of your past or widening your mind to new experiences.

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50. Sun And Moon Tattoos

A tattoo of the sun and moon is more than simply a lovely pattern; it also has meaning. The combination is linked to direction, hope, mystery, femininity, and family. It may be related to contrasts between opposites like good and terrible and light and dark.

bw meaningufl



51. Meaningful Tattoos

A meaningful tattoo is very personal and should hold meaning for the person who is wearing it. This might be anything from an inspirational saying to a loved one's name. Or an encounter that let you realise how far you've come since a difficult recollection or a happy memory. 

bw disney




52. Disney Black And White Tattoos For Women

If you love Disney, you might be motivated to get an indelible tattoo of one of your favourite Disney scenes or characters. Many people have positive memories of Disney movies since they were a big part of their youth.

bw star




53. Star Tattoos
Some of the most popular tattoo designs are stars. Since the form is so basic, it may be inked anywhere and in a range of sizes, from small to enormous and more intricate. Stars have a deep symbolic value and are frequently used as a metaphor for honour, destiny, direction, hope, and wisdom.

bw owl



54. Owl Tattoos

The owl is a majestic animal that is frequently linked to knowledge, intelligence, mystery, and witchcraft. The owl is regarded as the keeper of knowledge and is associated with the spirit world in Native American traditions.

bw eagle


55. Eagle Tattoos

There are many different birds to pick from, making them excellent candidates for body art, but the eagle is unquestionably one of the most stunning and iconic. This powerful predatory bird is linked to knowledge, strength, bravery, and spirituality. As it can fly away, it may also stand for freedom. People often gaze in admiration as they soar over the sky.



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