21 Trending Bollywood Celebrity Sarees - 2023

Shalu Bhati

Updated At  29 Mar 23


Saree—the 6-yard wonder—it is that one piece of clothing that will never let you down. Be it a formal event or your best friend’s engagement or perhaps a puja at home, you can never go wrong with a saree. Generations of women have worn this traditional garment before us including our mothers, their mothers before them, and so on.

The modern woman of today likes to express her individuality and personality through her wardrobe and what’s better than a saree to express it. Why? Because it is elegant, sophisticated, and classy. You can style it in any manner you want and mostly, it is comfortable. Once you get a hang of it, you can even dance away the midnight blues while donning a saree.

And it is not just us who have a soft corner for this garment. Many of the Bollywood beauties are bringing saree back into the fashion game. Yes, you heard it right. Sarees are back. From Kangana to Deepika to Alia, everyone has caught the saree bug. So we decided to bring some trending celebrity sarees for you. You know, for #inspiration.



21 Trending Bollywood Celebrity Sarees





1. Belted Bollywood Sarees

Belts are not just for your jeans or your dresses. Belts can be used with a saree too. If you ask us, belted sarees are all the rage with the B-town divas. They are one of the most popular Bollywood sarees. A belt keeps your saree in place. It can hold your pallu or your pleats, depending upon how you wear it. You can even call it a modern take on the age-old Kamar bandh. Team up your favorite saree with a belt to add structure and some of the indo-western vibes to your look. Match up with your saree or not. Style it as you want.




2. Pre-Draped Bollywood Sarees

This is another one of the popular celebrity sarees which is perfect for the busy woman who doesn’t have the time to get her drape perfect. Or even if you just don’t know how to do it. This one is for you—a pre-draped saree. They come as a readymade piece of clothing and can be worn in one easy step. From dhoti style to a uniquely draped pallu, pre-draped sarees come in various forms.




3. Floral Bollywood Sarees

Do you love spring? If you would look at Deepika Padukone in saree, then you will know that she does too. How? Simple. She has worn the floral saree time and again. Whether it is a small floral print or a big bold and beautiful one, Deepika carries it all with élan. It is not just her. Many other celebrities have been seen donning their love for spring. Now is the time for the spring lover in you to wear this love on your sleeves quite literally.




4. Celebrity Sarees With Ruffles

The easy-breezy ruffles which were big in the 70s have found their way back into fashion in 2019. Ruffles are everywhere. So how can a saree be left behind? Ruffled sarees are all the rage this season. This is one of the best celebrity sarees which is feminine with a bit of drama added into it. If you want something fun and quirky, this is for you.




5. Bollywood Designer Sarees In Tulle

Crystals or sequins on tulle—one of those Bollywood designer sarees which refuses to go out of fashion and is a favorite among celebrities. And why not? It has a certain charm to it. This saree can give you an effortlessly elegant look. Take it from Anushka Sharma, Kareena Kapoor, and Madhuri Dixit who have been seen wearing this saree on many occasions.




6. Bollywood Sarees With Diamond Pattern

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. No wonder, the diamond pattern on sarees is back in vogue again. Thanks to Sabyasachi and many other designers. This is one of those Bollywood designer sarees which is a must-have in your wardrobe—simple yet chic.




7. Celebrity Sarees On Pant

Bollywood sarees this season are all about you and your very own personal style. So what if you are not a fan of petticoats. Take inspiration from your favorite fashion icons and drape it over a pant. Be the perfect amalgamation of tradition and the new age.




8. Bollywood Designer Sarees With Cape

You are a woman of the new age. You deal with your home and office responsibilities while fighting off the barriers created by patriarchy and everyday sexism. You are nothing short of a superhero. It is time for you to don a cape (which you very much deserve). Take a cue from your favorite celebrity sarees and add some bold style to a simple look with a caped saree. The cape can be added as a part of your blouse or even as a separate piece.




9. Bollywood Sarees With Long Trains

Who said long trains only come with the fancy ball gowns? What if we told you long trains are a big part of Bollywood sarees this season? Long trains as part of celebrity sarees are a rage this season. Live your Disney dream with a desi twist.




10. Indian Handlooms

East or west, India is the best, right? There is a reason why the Indian Handlooms form a part of the best celebrity sarees. They are timeless classics that can never go out of fashion. Benarasi silk or a kanjeevaram—there is a whole range waiting to be explored. Their rich colors, sheen, and texture, what’s not to like? And Bollywood seems to agree. These sarees have found a home in the wardrobe of many top actresses including Rekha, Vidya Balan, Kangana Ranaut, and Deepika Padukone among others.




11. Sheer Bollywood Sarees

A sheer saree is a see-through garment that can single-handedly enhance your look from simple to HOT! It surely is versatile. It is bold, sexy, and glamorous. This is one of those celebrity sarees which you have to have. You can even call this one as the LBD of sarees.




12. Bollywood Sarees With Fringe

Fringes are huge this season just like ruffles. On the blouse, or border of a saree or the pallu—wherever you choose to put the fringes, it will have the same effect. A saree with fringes will add that oomph factor in your look. This season is seeing a lot of Bollywood designer sarees with fringes. Come on, jump in the fringe wagon!




13. Pastel Bollywood Designer Sarees

Celebrity sarees in the softest hues which give a romantic feeling. What else is there to say? Pastels are big this season too. They have been here for a while and it appears they are going to stay. A pastel saree is best for an outdoor garden event. Rock it!




14. Uniquely Draped Bollywood Sarees

A simply draped saree not your cup of tea? You are not the only one. This season Bollywood designer sarees are all about creating unique drapes from a dhoti saree to one with a cape or a coat, from a front pallu to a double one, pleats, or no pleats, it is entirely your choice. Be creative and let your style show.




15. Bollywood Sarees In Check

Checkered Bollywood sarees have flooded the markets and they really should enter your wardrobes too. It is a fun, simple, and sophisticated look which you cannot say not to because it just looks that beautiful without any effort.




16. Retro Bollywood Sarees

Bollywood celebrity sarees have witnessed the combing back of a retro-inspired print. Both polka dots and bold stripes were a fashion staple back in the day and it has come kicking once again. The dots and stripes look fun and quirky when done right. Many designers have adopted them in their collections which are then also seen on many Bollywood actresses.




17. Velvet Bollywood Sarees

Bollywood designer sarees have brought something back which is unique, majestic and will give you all the royalty feels. Yes, we are talking about velvet which seems to have taken up Bollywood by storm. A favorite amongst designers this season, velvet is incorporated mostly as a part of a blouse or the pallu. Georgette sarees with a velvet pallu are all the rage with celebrities. If you are feeling bold, you can also go for a full velvet saree. 




18. Dhoti Style Bollywood Sarees

Love to dance but thinking saree can be a hindrance? Then this one is for you. Bollywood sarees with a dhoti drape are a perfect example of fusion which is as comfortable as it is pretty. Be an attention grabber with not just your moves on the floor but also with your uniquely styled saree this wedding season.




19. Bollywood Sarees With Jacket

Celebrities like Shilpa Shetty and Sonam Kapoor have single-handedly changed the way we drape sarees. Their fashion experiments have given rise to yet another saree trend. This would be the jacket with a saree trend. Replace your blouse with a jacket or wear one that matches your saree.  There is nothing to stop you from experimenting with this style. Because no matter the way you choose to go about it, you are going to be at your stylish best.



20. Embellished Celebrity Sarees

Another one of the best celebrity sarees which refuses to go out of fashion is an embellished saree. From subtle to bold, all types of embellishments are in. Choose one according to the event you are attending.




21. Cotton Bollywood Sarees

The most comfortable of the Bollywood sarees are the cotton sarees. They are perfect for everyday wear. Beat the heat with a cotton saree and look effortlessly chic at the same time. Accessorize it with chunky silver jewelry or elegant pearls as per the event, and you are good to go.

That was our list, ladies. Go shopping or go through your mother’s wardrobe and be a part of the saree mania.