Camila Cabello Launches New Makeup Collection With L'Oreal Paris

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Updated At  13 Sep 22

The girl band, Fifth Harmony sprung Camila Cabello into the limelight, and she has not looked back since 2018 saw the release of her first solo album and the tracks, "Havana" and "Never Be the Same" have soared to popularity. The news of Camila Cabello dating Matthew Hussey was confirmed once the photos of the couple spotted on a beach of Mexico were out.

The friendship of Taylor Swift and Camila Cabello has not been a secret and camila has admitted that her real friend Taylor Swift has helped her immensely through her Fifth harmony exit. At the age of 21 years, Camila has already achieved a lot already.


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Cabello is now collaborating with L'oreal Paris to create her own makeup line. Camila Cabello from Fifth Harmony is all set to make her mark in the beauty industry through this venture. She has named her new makeup collection, Havana which does not come as a surprise.

The collaboration made its debut on July 9th, but the products are yet to be available for purchase.

Camila loved the entire process. She says,

I am so excited! The process of getting to build a line from the ground up and getting to pick out the shades, and the fragrance of the lip glosses, and the packaging design has been an incredible experience.


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What was Camila’s aim behind creating the makeup line?

Cabello became associated with L'Oréal for the first time in 2017 and Havana is her first collaboration with them.

Camila's motto behind creating the line was,


I just knew I wanted to make a makeup line that was natural. If I'm not on stage or doing an award show performance, I really don't like wearing a lot of makeup. I feel like this line is really an expression of what I would wear. It's glowy and simple.


The limited edition collection has 14 pieces all of which have been priced reasonably below $ 15.

Are you excited? Well, you better be because the collection consists of eye shadows, lip gloss, brow products and a bronzer.


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Where can you get it?

If you are thinking of getting your hands on this collection, then you can breathe a sigh of relief because Havana will be available in all major countries, including Mexico, Germany, Italy, France, U.S.A and United Kingdom.

You will be able to purchase products from the Havana collaboration from July 15th on

If you want to wait and buy them from your local drugstore, then you might have to wait till August 2018.


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Why Havana?

Camila has never shied away from expressing how much she loves her hometown, Havana.

She believes in remaining connected to her culture even though she currently resides in Miami. She finds Cuban influence even in Miami. She says,


It's everything from the way the people are, the culture, the food, the tradition, how lively and how warm people are, the music playing in the streets, the heat, people walking around in flip-flops and sweaty and just feeling so lively and real.


The collection is inspired from Havana's natural beauty.


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Which products are being launched under the Camila Cabello Havana Collection?

It is obvious from Camila's excitement that she put a lot of herself into designing this collection. Expectations are running high in the beauty community because the launch promises to combine excellence with affordability.

In Camila's words,


I am extremely proud and excited about the Havana collection..I wanted to create products that not only I would personally wear, but that would work well across various skin tones. For me, looking and feeling my best helps fuel my confidence and I hope to inspire other people to feel the same.


The price range is from $10 to $15, which is a great price point for the quality of L'Oreal Paris products.

The new makeup collection “Havana” will have:

1) SUN-LIT BRONZER – in 2 tones.
2) GOTTA GIVE BROW – in 3 shades.
3) FLASH LINER - in black.
4) EYE SHADOW – in 4 shades
5) LIP DEW – in 4 shades


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The Havana Sun-Lit Bronzer is the first ever liquid bronzer from the house of L'Oreal Paris which makes it a very special addition. Not only is the formula hydrating, but it is also easily blendable which means that it will survive in all kinds of weather. If you want a glowy, dewy and bronzed effect, then this will be perfect for you!


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Havana Gotta Give Brow is a liquid brow product that comes with an angled felt-tip applicator. You will find that filling in the sparse spots in your brows becomes much easier with this tip. It also helps in outlining and defining the brows to give a natural finish.

The Havana Flash Liner in the makeup collection will soon become your best friend if you are someone who struggles with eyeliners. This liquid eyeliner has been formulated in such a way that you will be able to replicate Cabello's cat-eye easily. Getting the perfect wings will be easy now!


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Havana Lip Dew is the perfect lip gloss for the summer. Cabello has chosen bold shades that embody the Cuban spirit. The gloss will add definition and shine to your lips whether used alone or as a lip topper.

The Havana Eye Shadow in Control comes in four shades, all of which are creamy and easy to blend. Mix and match or wear them alone to create some beautiful looks. Whether you want a natural or sultry look, there is something for everybody.

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Want to know more about Camila Cabello?

Camila Cabello outfits and beauty are always on point. So when she loves something, you know you have to get your hands on it. Her favourite products from the Havana collection are the eyeliner and the bronzer. It gives precise, black lines and is very easy to use. She also loves the liquid bronzer because of its glowy finish.


Skincare routine of Camila Cabello

Camila's skincare routine is minimalistic. She lets her skin breathe early in the morning, and even on off days when she does not have to put makeup on.

One beauty tip that she follows religiously is applying egg white on the face and then washing it off after it dries down. This routine helps to reduce the pores and makes skin tighter and smoother.


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Makeup routine of Camila Cabello

Her makeup routine usually consists of bronzer and foundation for the face and liner and mascara for the eyes.

As for eyeshadows, she lets her team handle the intricate designs and blending process.

Moreover, have you noticed how perfect Camila's hair is? Her bangs are always perfect. She usually does not let anyone touch her bangs. Instead, she prefers to wet them herself and secure them behind her ears. As they dry, they assume a 'curtain-y' shape.


So should you go for the Havana collection?

Definitely! It promises to be absolutely fantastic. We can't wait, can you?


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