This Bizarre Makeup Trend Has Taken Instagram By Storm!

Senjuti Chakraborty

Updated At  19 Sep 17

Has it ever happened that you saw something that is so disturbing that you wished you could un-see it? Something that reminded you of centipedes crawling across your face in the name of fashion?

Adding more cess to the pit that bizarre makeup fads are, the new trend of ‘Squiggly Lips’ or ‘Wavy Lips’ is a sister to the 'Squiggly Brow' trend that has got bloggers and Instagrammers going bonkers!

Started by the beauty influencer Promise Tamang, who used a lot of PVA glue, concealer and brow liner to create the look, this trend has already garnered quite a few followers! While some are criticizing it and some under the influence of a concussion; actually, fancy it, there's no denying this trend is sure to turn heads, whether towards you or away from you, is debatable. We are not talking about conventional techniques like cysteine treatment. As you will find out these makeup trends are unique.

Here’s a glimpse into the brouhaha created across Instagram :-


1. The Glossy squiggle

Using a concealer and glossy lipstick with outlined lips using a liner, this looks screams cringe. If you’re up for trying this look for some kicks don’t forget to blend in the liner for a better blend.


2. Why leave Ombre behind?

Pairing the Ombre trend with waves, go fuller and trendier wavy lips way following this look.


3. Squiggle Brow + Lips = Mistaking your face for a beach

For all those, who crave the beach but are way too busy to get away from their desk job; you can literally create waves through this look comprising wavy brows and lips. Never have we ever dreaded being a beach babe this bad!


4. Squiggle along with glitter!

If you haven’t gotten over glitter lips already, this look is a fool proof way of doing so. Get some loose shimmer on with some concealer to blend and you’re good to forget glitter for life!


5. Make ‘em dots wavy

If you’re up for some Polka Dots and major Andy Warhol vibes, take a cue from makeup artist Olga Tereshchenko by contrasting Orange with Purple with a Squiggly upper lip. We say, your Halloween dream of looking like a Pop Art Installation is set with this look!


6. Wavy outlines only!

This bizarre trend, doesn’t stop here. Squiggly outlined lips giving the illusion of Venom from Spiderman spewing out of your mouth look is being tried out too and how!


7. Squiggle no holds barred!

If you thought you’ve seen it all, then lo and behold! People have not limited themselves to lips or brows, but have tried to squiggle all of their makeup from eyeliner, eyeshadow to cheek highlight, as well!


To see if it’s another bizarre fad or wearable new age makeup, our team is squiggling away with bated breath!

Let us know what you think of Squiggly lips in the comments below!