17 Beauty Trends Of 2018 You Need To Check Out

Shailee Basu

Updated At  29 May 18

Did you think year 2018 couldn't get any crazier? Think we present to you the craziest beauty trends from 2018. Read on to know more and try some of these looks at your own risk!


fishtail brows


1. Fishtail brows

We think that this quirky beauty trend that’s taken Instagram and Pinterest by storm is pretty cool and one of the craziest beauty trends but would you dare to try it? It’s nothing too crazy or gaudy, nothing extra glittery or sequiny, just something you might want to try. You might be wondering how to achieve this look- don't worry, you don't have to shave a part of your eyebrows for the gap or anything. Just draw and fill in the upper part of the fish tail and conceal a part of your eyebrow to create the gap effect.


stormi nails


2. Stormi nails

Soon after makeup and beauty mogul Kylie Jenner posted the first picture of her daughter Stormi who was holding her thumb in the photo, a nail art page on instagram was quick to post a stormi inspired nail art and honestly, it's kind of creepy but thousands if people seem to admire the “Stormi nails”. It has a clay model of baby Stormi’s fingers clutching kylie jenner’s thumb affixed on a nail. The clay fingers can be seen being bent with a stick in the detailed video. That’s impressive! Stormi nails, anyone?


halo brows


3. Halo brows

This look was created by 16-year-old Hannah Lyne, who said in an interview that "This look was influenced by fishtail brows; seeing the way my brow flicked upwards inspired the idea of just carrying the brow on until it met in the middle." Girls, this is as close to heaven you’ll get so get set going with Halo brows.




4. Corkscrew nails

Let’s talk about another bizarre nail trend that is corkscrew nails. We think that this is quite impressive. This bizarre nail art was brainstormed by Kiara Sky Nails and you can see how the corkscrew is created with such precision. A piece of straw is placed under the nail and the corkscrew like design is created with glitter acrylic that surrounds the straw. The straw is removed once it dries off and the entire nail including the corkscrew nail is painted.


tiger brows


5. Tiger brows

The beauty mogul Huda Kattan isn't afraid to experiment with quirky and offbeat makeup looks and this time it's Tiger brows but we can say with 100% conviction that she pulls it off like a true tigress. Just draw the upper wings of the brows and conceal the parts that are supposed to be left as gaps.


neon makeup


6. Neon makeup

These lights will definitely guide you home! Neon makeup is the latest addition to our love it or hate it makeup looks in 2018. After glowing nails, it's time to deck up your face with fluorescent or neon makeup that make you glow like nothing else. While some makeup artists actually use UV makeup, others use their ineffable makeup skills to create the neon glow effect.


nose art


7. Nose art

Ditch the filters on Snapchat and draw them on your nose instead! Is this the wackiest beauty trend of 2018? We'll leave it to you to decide whether this is a creative or creepy spin off of nose pore strips...Just kidding, some of the nose art makeup look beautiful!


feathery brows


8. Feathery brows

Feel evangelical with these immaculately satisfying brows that resemble feathers..or The upper part and lower part of your brows are parted and positioned like that with non toxic glue or a sticky gel like product. We’ve got two opinions on this crazy feathery brows trend that was started by Finnish makeup artist Stella Sironen- Love it, or Hate it.


faux freckles


9. Faux freckles

Unlike in the past, freckles are apparently now chic trend among makeup enthusiasts. Charlotte Tilbury is of the strong opinion that expertly applied, perfectly positioned freckles create an anti ageing effect. While that may be true, it seems absurd to have something like faux freckles create an anomaly on your skin for beauty. Definitely one of the craziest beauty trend.


ombre lashes


10. Ombre lashes:

Why construct yourself to same ol’ black lashes when you can get yourself colorful and ombre lashes extensions? Yes, that's right, you've heard about ombre hair now it's time for ombre lashes for some extra vibrancy. The colors are gradually blended for a natural shading on your lashes.


nude eyelashes


11. Nude eyelashes

This one stands out among all the lash trends. A Finnish makeup artist took the road less travelled and opted for nude eyelashes that went viral on Instagram. For the perfect nude lashes look, curl your eyelashes and then use a liquid lipstick in nude that is safe for your eyes to coat them.


holographic hair


12. Holographic hair

The craziest yet cutest hairstyle trend of 2018 has got to be the holographic hair- it looks so endearing that you want to eat it. It’s like a unicorns cotton candy- so beautiful. This creative hair color is a concoction of blonde hair color and rainbow paste; colors that gives it the metallic holographic effect.


pontail eyebrows


13. Ponytail eyebrows

As if ponytails at the back of our heads wasn't enough, Mary Jane the makeup artist decided to augment her eyebrows with cutesy ponytails! And it wasn't long before a new trend was established. Of course, for now it's a virtual trend(Photoshop) but our guess is that it won't be long before eyebrow hair extensions are available in the market.


nose hair extensions


14. Nose hair extensions

Provenating from a simple joke, nose hair extensions have all of a sudden gone viral over the internet. This has got to be the craziest beauty trend of 2018. With fake eyelashes stuck around the rim of each nostril to make it seem like a hair outgrowth of the nose, all of a sudden, the very definition of beauty is being redefined.


jewel eyes


15. Jewel eyes

Now twinkling eyes are no longer merely metaphors for mischief. Jewel eyes are essentially makeup techniques to tone your eyes to look even more gorgeous than they already are(or aren't). Just bear in mind that apart from embellishing your eyelids, remember to accentuate the region under and around your eyes too.


bow brows


16. Bow brows

To begin with, hats off to Lisette Schefler. Brow trends have been becoming popular since last year. Lisette Schefler, a German makeup artist says that makeup is all about creativity and fun. And we agree with her! What's the harm in trying to look cuter by using a brow pencil to trace the outline of your bow and then filling that with tiny brow hair like lines and then adding definition to your bow brows with a brow gel right? It might take some time for this to catch on but hey, it takes time to create history.!


holographic highlighter


17. Holographic highlighter

Monochrome neutral highlighters are now archaic. 2018 has witnessed some extraordinarily fascinating and weird fashion trends- one of them being holographic highlighters. Essentially, holographic highlighters are multichromatic highlighters- head on they look subtle and glowy, however, light at varied angles on your face creates a rainbow dynamic on your face! How cool is that!


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