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25 Most Popular Ariana Grande Outfits - 2024

Debaleena Ghosh

Updated At  10 May 24

Arana Grande has been making the headlines for her recent music world tour. She had customized outfits lined up for her chain of performances. And we can’t stop stalking those Ariana Grande outfits.


25 Best Ariana Grande Outfits




1. Ariana Grande Coachella Music Festival Dress

One of the most popular Ariana Grande outfits, she doesn’t look anything less than a fairy in this sparkly dress. We are loving this Ariana Grande style- sparkly cute pink mesh skirt and crop top combo. The signature Ariana Grande knee high boots complete the look perfectly.

Ariana Grande weight and her changing appearance has been discussed a lot on social media. She also released a tiktok video to explain her perspective on weight loss.




2. Ariana Grande Sweetener Concert Outfit

Ariana Grande rocked the stage not just with her music but also with her outfits. This brown metallic Ariana Grande iconic outfit is ruling the fashionistas look book. This Ariana Grande style comprising of the brown metallic blouse and mini flared skirt is giving us fashion goals.




3. Ariana Grande Red Dress 

The red Versace Ariana Grande outfit has taken the fashion world by storm. The red flared skirt and the puffy, ruffled sleeve top is a wardrobe must have. Ariana Grande’s real hair is just adding more eloquence to the whole outfit.

Ariana no makeup photos showcase her natural beauty and she still looks stunning. She openly embraces her imperfections, conveying a positive message to her fans.




4. The Gorgeous Black Outfit

We couldn’t have we missed this metallic LBD. This cute Ariana Grande dress is a perfect combination of cute and sexy.





5. Ariana Grande X Givenchy Green Outfit

Givenchy collaborated with Ariana Grande as their brand ambassador and the result as you can see was absolutely stunning. Ariana Grande looks absolutely marvelous in the green pantsuit.



6. The Popular Purple One

Amongst one of the best Ariana Grande outfits, one can see the creativity of Versace designers in this dress. Violet fishy eye crop top paired up with hipster shorts make a perfect outfit for the grand concert. Many fans speculate that her changing appearance has a lot to do with cosmetic surgery procedures. And for the same reason, Ariana's plastic surgery has always been in the news similar to weight loss.




7. The Orange Outfit

Another masterpiece by Versace- the orange Ariana Grande outfit. Ariana Grande flaunts her way out of the stage wearing Halter neck crop top, pleated satin mini skirt and of course Ariana Grande knee high boots.




8. The Black Bodycon

Ariana Grande flaunts off her perfect curves in this Ariana Grande dress- half sequin and half satin, plunged V-neck LBD.




9. Ariana Grande Pink Dress 

Ariana Grande is looking like a fairy in this Versace outfit. This Ariana Grande outfit comprises of pink ruffled full-sleeve crop top and hipster shorts paired with signature Ariana Grande pink high knee boots.




10. The Yellow And Black Striped Dress

Ariana Grande ruled over everyone’s heart with the spectacular yellow and black striped Versace dress. The cute striped bralette crop top and the striped flared mini skirt adds glamour to Ariana Grande’s style quotient. We are drooling over this Ariana Grande dress.




11. Ariana Grande Sweatshirt Dress

Ariana Grande looks stunning flaunting her long hairs in the sky-blue oversized Ariana Grande hoodie dress. This Ariana Grande dress is another must have in fashion enthusiast’s bucket list.




12. The Sporty Look

Ariana Grande poses for a sporty look in a sparkly silver strapless bralette and orange satin cargo pants. Ariana Grande’s tied up hair adds to the sporty look.




13. Street Style Love

Ariana Grande’s oversized sweatshirt dress has set new trends in the street style fashion. Paired with high Arana Grande heels and Ariana Grande real hair fits perfectly into her signature looks.




14. Comfy Looks Great

It is believed that we can’t look comfortable and gorgeous at the same time. She shows us how to do both in this Ariana Grande style- boyfriend fit washed jeans, oversized sweatshirts and those white sporty sneakers.




15. The Travelling Princess

Ariana Grande looked like a princess from an urban legend wearing the famous Ariana Grande sweater dress. Ariana Grande’s real hair is making the whole outfit look more eloquent.





16.  Ariana Grande Black Designer Outfit

Ariana Grande in association with MAC cosmetics flaunts off her perfectly sculpted body in this Ariana Grande outfit- black bodysuit and super skinny jeans.






17. Ariana Grande X Givenchy Brown Outfit

Another classy look from Ariana Grande and Givenchy collaboration was Ariana Grande in this brown pantsuit.






18. Ariana Grande Hoodie Dress

Ariana Grande made a fashion statement when she was spotted wearing this super cute and super stylish hoodie dress. Adding to this Ariana Grande jumper dress were these cute white sneakers and green socks.




19. The Sapphire Queen

Ariana Grande looks absolutely stunning wrapped in this green bodysuit and coat.




20. Cute Pink Dress

We can’t take our eyes off in this breath-takingly beautiful pink Ariana Grande dress and signature Ariana Grande knee high boots she wore for one of her shows.


Ariana-grande-black-outfit (1)


21. The Sweet Ariana Grande Black Dress

Replica of the cute pink dress, this cute little black Ariana Grande dress is our another favorite.   




22. Ariana Grande Black Sweatshirt Dress

Ariana Grande black jumper dress is wardrobe mush have for Ariana Grande fans.




23. The “Boyfriend” Ariana Grande Dress

This Ariana Grande look made fashion statement when she wore this pretty puffed sleeve black and golden bordered dress for her music album shoot.




24. The Casual Ariana Grande Look

Want a perfect look for a casual outing? Take some tips from Ariana Grande’s stylebook. Ariana Grande looks effortlessly magnificent in a crop tee and slim fit crop jeans.




25. The Hardcore Party Head Look

If you want a perfect party outfit, take idea from this blue lace finished Ariana Grande outfit. A blue lace crop top, cute blue a line skirt, some adequate make-up and you are ready to hit the part.




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