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Kelly Clarkson's Remarkable 60 Pounds Weight Loss Journey

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Updated At  20 Dec 23


Want to discover how Kelly Clarkson dropped 60 pounds? Her journey to lose weight has been remarkable. Some admirers speculated that weight loss supplements such as ozempic were to blame for her sudden weight loss, but Kelly has disputed this. She had nearly hit 214 pounds, her greatest weight before beginning her latest weight loss adventure. So her recent weight drop is all the more remarkable.


Kelly's Clarkson's 60 Pounds Stunning Weight Loss 


There were 3 main factors that have contributed to Kelly's recent 60 pounds weight loss. These are

1) Strict diet plan with limited sugar and carbohydrates

2) Regular workout routine

3) Emotional well-being especially after her divorce 



Kelly Clarkson faced emotional challenges due to a tumultuous divorce with Brandon Blackstock and the uncontrolled eating lead to a weight gain of approximately 50 pounds from 2021 to 2022.

However, once the conditions normalised, she started focusing back on her body and started really paying attention to her diet plan and workout. She transformed her diet completely and eliminated chips, biscuits, drinks, cheese, and tortillas from her diet.

She followed a specifc meal plan as follows.

- Breakfast / Morning Routine: Start the day with fresh fruit or vegetable juices.

- Lunch: Protein-rich food which contains fresh vegetables with meat. Consume a handful of nuts. Almond flour preparations and goat cheese as the ingredients. Tapioca is another favourite ingredient in her diet plan.

- Dinner: A plate filled with leafy veggies salad and meat or grilled chicken. A bowl of fresh Soup is also another dinner option.


An insider stated that,

She has been eating very little and has lost all of her weight as a result of the aggressive diet plan.

While she chose nutritious foods for her diet, she had been eating a lot of green vegetables. Her go-to lunch or supper cuisine was a plate of green salad, which could be a variety of salads with meat or grilled chicken.

She cut back on sugar and carbs while adding more fiber and protein. The added protein made her feel less hungry, reducing overall calorie intake. The fiber also supported Kelly's digestive health, aiding in both weight loss and maintenance.

Her strict diet which was low in calories and carbs, high in protein had done wonders for her as it helped her achieve a stunning 60 pounds weight loss.


Kelly clarkson weightloss timeline

Kelly had never been a fan of intense workouts and during her earlier 37 pounds weight loss in 2018, she had mentioned that she doesn't like working out and diet is her go to option when it comes to weight loss. However, in 2023, she focused a lot on workout along with her diet.

An insider revealed,

Kelly has added exercise, mostly cardio, into her weekly routine.



Kelly went to the gym four to five days a week and followed a tight fitness plan. She included aerobic training into her fitness regimen in a systematic manner, and the results show it. Kelly Clarkson also informed in one of her interviews that regular walking as an exercise has helped her burn calories. 


The results are there for everyone to see as Kelly has lost a whopping 60 pounds already in 2023.



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Why Her Recent Weight Loss Is Concerning?


Her fans however are concerned about her drastic and sudden weight loss.

An insider has told a news magzine,

She’s hardly eating. There’s a reason she’s lost so much weight so quickly — and it seems to be making her sick. She’s tired all the time, complaining of stomach issues and even getting dizzy spells,” the source added, “it’s very scary.

Some speculate she's achieving her revenge body through extreme measures, yet her existing health issues make her recent weight loss particularly worrisome due to the methods employed.


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Few fans also think that Kelly Clarkson has been using ozempic for weight loss. Amy Schumer, Elon Musk have all confirmed their usage of ozempic for weight loss and it looks like Kelly is following the similar path. 


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However, Kelly has denied the same. She strictly mentions that she has been following a rigorous diet and workout which has helped her shed the extra weight.


Why Kelly Gained 50 Pounds in 2021-2022

Kelly Clarkson suffered emotional difficulties as a result of her rough divorce from Brandon Blackstock, which resulted in a 50-pound weight increase from 2021 to 2022. However, after the conditions returned to normal, she refocused her attention on her body and resumed her weight loss quest in 2023.

Kelly had lost 37 pounds in 2018 when she had started her weight loss journey. During her earlier weight loss, the plant paradox diet played a crucial role, however this time, her diet and regular workouts, helped her achieve her weight loss goals.



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