Valentines Day Nail Ideas

55 Simple And Cute Valentines Day Nail Ideas

Sahiba Tandon

Updated At  25 Jan 24

If you like to show your love and excitement for the big day in the month of love, you can do so by getting Valentines Day nails this season! This ideas list will help you not only get inspired by the populardesigns but even include simple and unique styles that will be super easy to follow! So get ready to pamper your nails and make them ready for Valentines Day 2024!  


55 Simple And Cute Valentines Day Nails



1. Pink swirls

These round nails with a fiery design of red hot swirls add a flirty and playful aesthetic to your nails. Oh, and don't forget to add a beautiful heart on one of the fingers in the swirly nail designs to make it more on theme!



2. Nail With A Single Rhinestone

The mini heart rhinestones add a 3D element to a normal nail polish design. Particularly for this cute holiday, red, pink, and white shades are recommended to be chosen from the color lot.

Popular manicurist Hannah Lee says:

"I think that dainty looks, like adding a single rhinestone to each nail, will be something we will be seeing a lot more of.”


3. 3D Hearts Nail Art

The 3D effect of these nails is quite something! They add another dimension to make this beautiful light tone love colors come into light as a textured masterpiece! The hearts perfectly symbolize the love month, while the different hues of pink make the design more diverse.



4. Gel nails

Gel nails are a very common nail process nowadays that people prefer to get. Why? Because these nails are long-lasting, take less time to do, and have thousands of simple styles that look amazing! Particularly for February, you can take your short nails and transform them in the classic pattern of a white and red design.


5. Heart With Swirls Nail Art

If you are bored with a normal swirly line on your nail, try this big pink color swirl with hearts placed at different parts of the nail. This will give a unique touch to the usual whirly designs! If you are looking for wedding nails, then this is an amazing option as well.



6. Cute Valentine nails

Just a look at these pretty mix-and-match nail art designs, and people will be able to guess that they have been done for Valentines Day! The use of various pinks will be adored by girls who really want to showcase their love for the day and appreciation for nail art. 



7. White Hearts With Gold Outline

Outlining in nail art came as a big trend in 2023, and it is still popular in 2024! For a simple heart design, you can make them appear more detailed with the insertion of gold outlines around them! The gold outline of the hearts is something subtle and different from the common red icon we usually see around.




8. Abstract Designs

Abstract nail arts have been in trend for the last few months and if you've not tried them, then what better time to use shades of pink and red to have pretty Valentine's nail art in this abstract style?

Professional nail artist based in New York, Alicia Torello, says:

“I’m loving how nails have moved into an abstract realm. It’s almost better to be imperfect and geometric designs aren’t the only way to express yourself on nails now.”



9. Graffiti Nails 

If you prefer different colors instead of focusing on one particular shade for Valentine's (like the popular red), then a great nail with different colored hearts like pinks matched with golden would be an amazing (and more royal-looking) choice! 



10. Simple Valentine nails

Not everybody loves the bright and big designs of Valentine's. And that's totally fine, everybody likes a certain style and has an aesthetic they prefer over others. So, for people who do like the day and want to showcase their mood more simply, then they can take inspiration from this simple and cute nail design which has simple red heart on a light background.



11. Hearts and crosses design 

Transform the usual Noughts and Crosses of Tic-Tac-Toe game into a successful round of Hearts and Crosses nail art design that can mean that you have won at love! The bright red shade is the most popular shade to make this lovely art!



12. Heart almond nails

The almond nails give nail artists plenty of space to show the textured art and give you a sense of love just by looking at the cute hearts. The best thing about this design is that it goes with the theme of love in a modern look!


13. Red heart Tips 

The red heart French tip makes it look like a heart stamp and goes perfectly with the theme of this love-filled month. And what better color to choose for this theme rather than the lovely bright red?


14. Purple hearts

You must've seen pink and red hearts out there for the search and inspiration of Valentine's nail art, but you must also remember that you can get the love icon in any color that matches your vibe as you prefer. Why not get an optimistic shade from the variety of other colors like purple or combine different hues of it for the heart shape, as we see in this particular design?


15. Valentine Half and Half design

How can we forget to include the half-and-half design of two of the most popular Valentine's shades? Of course, we have to include this perfect amalgamation of shades with the addition of a heart in the middle to make it really impactful!


16. Heart Plant Nails

This tiny icon of a heart in the green leaves of a plant symbolizes the growing love around you! So, get this nail design if you believe in metaphorical themes and look at the small details.



17. Red heart with eyes design 

This is quite a modern and intriguing-looking design for sure. The symbol of eyes open inside the heart shows the importance of visual perception in any love connection. 



18. Pink and Red Flames 

Flames indicate passion and heat. Combination of this colorful pattern with red and pink, the colors of Valentines, symbolize the high love between you and your partner!


19. Valentine's letter with a heart seal

The oval nail design of this feminine nail art of love letters makes it a Valentine's Day essential if you really like to get into the spirit of the season! Plus, you can also match your letter with a stamp on another fingernail to make the design whole.

images (1)


20. Matte Valentine nail designs

The different shades of pink in this matte design vibes with the lovely February days. Because of the variety of colors, this design can be worn for the whole month as they will go with a lot of dresses! One of the top nail colors of 2024, one can definitely opt for this design to make your nails stand out.



21. Barbie Pink Heart Outline 

Barbie core was a big thing in 2023 and it is still in trend for a lot of industries. These lovely shades with the cutout heart of one nail to another nail make an interesting design too!


22. Mix and match design 

Different mix-and-match styles for the Valentine’s-inspired nails give you space to show different designs. They may take some more time to complete than other nails but remember if done right, they turn out amazing and look unique to everyone!


23. Pink Kisses

The big kisses on the acrylic nails add a whole other level to the plain pink French tips like we are used to seeing on the other nails. Just one (or two!) nail art designs with these kisses add a more dramatic effect to the hand! 


24. Simple Girl and Boy Nail Art

If you are in love this February, then It'll be pretty cute if you get nail art showing a simple girl and boy on your nails implying your real-life relationship! Plus, you can add the icons of hearts and bows on the image to make this short design more detailed.



25. Red Cherry Gemstone Nails

The big nails provide a large canvas for the nail artist to make different designs and even add embellishments like these cute red circles that make a beautiful art of cherries on the Valentine's Day nails!


26. Two-finger jewelled heart

This enchanting nail art is perfect for those who like to combine their love for rhinestones and unique nail designs. The dark red shade gives the fingers a dazzling depth too!


27. Small mix-and-match design 

The cute round nails with these different designs add a fun and playful vibe to your personality. These are ideal for those who desire a cute design that goes with their bubbly personality!


28. Glitter nails

If you have a fun and sparkling love for this love-filled holiday, then this nail design will make you stand out of the crowd. The glitter will look especially well on your hands with its combining vibrant pink shades. Don't miss out on the small hearts details here too!


29. Candy Hearts Nail Art 

These candy hearts with classic sayings like ‘its love’, ‘hug me’ and more directly go with the theme of love celebrating the holiday! Of course, you should go for different nail paint shades to color the candies for versatility!


30. Ace of Hearts Card Nails

Ah, a beautiful design for people who want to take their love for royale things into another level! This heart aces is a small but regal-looking design that provides a new look to valentine nails!


31. Strawberry and Flower Design

Strawberries are considered the fruit of Valentines for many. Thus, why not get them on our nails too? Furthermore, the addition of gemstones for flowers adds a 3D effect that makes it a really special look indeed.


32. Ombre Valentine nail designs

These hot pink and red nails in the ombre design can help in adding a fiery touch to your nails this Valentine's Day. So, if you are bored with the cute and light shades, this is the total opposite that still works with the theme!


33. Super long light pink nails

These long nails are the ideal canvas for the nail artist to make a beautiful nail art piece that shows sweet love and compassion with the use of darker pink lines all over the lighter pink shade.


34. Pink on Pink Hearts

The pink-on-pink hearts in different colors on the oval nail shape make it s dramatic nail design for the love month while still making it look cute.


35. Half and Half Valentine nail designs

One hand of this design is done in pink nail polish while the other is in red to show two different ways of love; sweet and passionate. 


36. Fruit Pastel French Tips

This is for the people who like a light version of Valentines. Fruit pastel means using the vibrant colors of the natural fruits around us. Each fingernail with a different shade of pink and red that shows creativity!


37. Red and white hearts 

The straight heart line of alternating red and white shades provides a fun and royal look at the same time. These nails are perfect for those who'd like to get a cute Valentine's Day theme nail art but without coming much ‘on your face’.


38. Heart Line Valentine nail designs

You'll instantly catch that one of the nails in the hand has a red heart line that gives it a more poetic touch symbolizing that this Valentine, you are with someone who is your life.


39. Red hearts on a white base 

The small square with a patterned heart is rather a vintage design that will appeal to those who like simple yet warm designs that clearly specify what their mood is as of right now. So, these nails are really a subtle and positive Valentine Day nail inspiration!


40. Chocolate-dipped Strawberries Nail Art

If you are looking for something really fresh and interesting inspiration for nail art this Valentine, then this realistic-looking chocolate nail art is definitely a strong contender! The detailing of the metallic red shade also adds in favor of the design!


41. Heart Emoji Nails

If you like the jolly side of the Valentines, then this modern nail art will certainly appeal to you. Unlike normal hearts, you can go for the sparkly emoji heart that we see a lot today while texting!

images (2)

42. Dark Valentine's Day nails 

The black shade and heart will be an eye-catching design for people into emo, goth, and other similar dark Valentine's Day nails. This is a nice option for those who do like this day but want to celebrate and showcase it in a more different and unique method.


43. Glossy Swirls with Hearts

The polished look of the swirly hearts as the colorful tips is something else. This will definitely enhance your look for a lovely holiday. Make sure to choose the shades that complement each other to get the desired result. 



44. Metallic Nails

The metallic nail paints look super chic and modern. Matching them with the common shades of Valentine's will only make them look more stylish.


45. Glossy ombre nails

In this super shiny design, we see a lovely ombre effect of red and pink; the most popular colors that just scream Valentine’s! These nails present a dynamic look.


46. Pink gel nails with chequered accents

The chequered accent makes the design unique and totally fun. This is a retro design that is going nowhere this season! Alternating the nails in simple nail polish while others in accents will look more stylish.


47. Nails with teddy bear 

Anybody will notice that cute teddy bear on your nails once done perfectly by the nail artist. These soft bears are the symbol of Valentine's and thus, what can be better to get a nail art about it?


48. Love Nail Red Design 

This is one of the easiest Valentines nail art to get! Just get a cute red shade to showcase the theme of Valentine and get the brush to write ‘love’ in a lighter shade that makes it stand out.


49. Red French Tips with Flowers

Combine your love for the typical French Tips with the cuteness of flowers on other nails. Decide which designs should be going on each finger and you'll see that even though these designs are quite different from each other, together they do project a coordinated look!


50. Glitter pink nail

The different shades of pink, one of which is glittered, catch more attention, as it focuses on a particular nail and thus, looks enchanting without being boring!


51. Golden Heart Nails

If you want to do something exciting in 2024 for your nails, try these golden cute hearts instead of the popular red or pink shade. They add a softer tone to the overall design and have a high chance of going with any outfit.


52. Valentine Word Hearts 

You can suggest your nail artist add the words surrounding the theme of the love that means the most to you in this design. They will look especially cute in small hearts and make it more personal!


53. Rose coffin nails

The coffin nails are more of the shape of a square than the pointy ones we are used to seeing. Insertion of rose art on one of the nails, while others are colored in simple shades (like white here) will bring instant attention to your beautiful coffin nail design!


54. Pink Small Heart

The small heart in an alternative nail art color design adds excitement and a decorative element. This simple look will appeal to those looking for some light nail art inspiration.


55. Two-tone French Manicure Nails

These two different nail designs in the colors of bright pink and red help project a more retro look.