9 Best DIY Nail Polish Removers You Must Know

Shailee Basu

Updated At  13 Sep 22

Exposing your nails to the potentially harmful ingredients present in most nail polish removers can strip your nails from their natural oils causing them to become dry, brittle and prone to breaking and chipping off. Thankfully, you can still remove the stubborn nail paint from the comfort of your home using DIY nail polish remover that are non acetone nail polish remover. We’ve covered the 9 best natural DIY nail polish remover alternatives for you!


9 Best DIY Nail Polish Removers






1) Aloe vera and brown sugar

What you’ll need-

  • Aloe vera
  • Demerara sugar
  • Lemon juice
  • Cotton swab

This substitute for acetone softens the nail paint to remove it and also nourishes your nails.

Mix brown sugar, aloe vera and a few drops of lemon juice in a bowl and use this mixture to scrub the nails. Now leave them for 10 minutes and then use your fingertips to scrub again. Use a cotton swab to wipe off the nail paint. This softens the nail paint and also nourishes your nails. This homemade nail polish remover is one of the best nail polish remover alternative.

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2) White vinegar and lemon juice

What you’ll need-

  • White vinegar mixed with lemon juice in the ratio 1:1
  • Cotton swab

If you thought the tangy flavor and properties of vinegar are intended only for cooking then think again! The acidic nature of vinegar when combined with a citrus fruit helps remove nail paint.

Soak your fingers for 5-10 minutes in lukewarm water and then dip a cotton swab into the vinegar and lemon juice mixture and gently rub it on your painted nails to wipe off the nail polish. This is an amazing nail polish remover alternative.




3) Warm Water

What you’ll need-

  • Warm water
  • Cotton swab

Wondering how to remove nail polish without remover? All you need is warm water. Water indoubtedly is the most prized resource of mankind. Who knew just water could help you wipe off that stubborn nail polish? This is definitely one of the easiest diy nail polish remover.
Soak your fingers clad in nail lacquer for 20-25 minutes in warm water, take the fingers out of the water and rub the nails gently with the dry piece of cloth.




4) Top coat
What you’ll need-

  • Top coat
  • Cotton swab

Top coat is not only for holding the nail paint in place but also to remove it.
Apply a layer of top coat over the old nail paint and wipe it off with a cotton swab before it starts to dry. You may have to repeat the procedure, if the old color does not come off easily.




5) White Toothpaste

What you’ll need-

  • White toothpaste
  • Old toothbrush

Toothpaste does more than just taking care of oral health!

Apply a glob of toothpaste on your nails and wait for a few minutes. Now, grab an old toothbrush and brush your nails carefully with adequate pressure. This nail polish remover alternative will effortlessly oust the nail paint.




6) Tea tree oil

What you’ll need-

  • Tea tree oil
  • Cotton swab

Tea tree oil has multiple benefits for your nails- it can remove the nail polish off the nails and nourishes your nails too.

Apply tea tree oil on your painted nails and leave for 15 minutes. Now use a hot napkin and scrub the nails quickly. You may have to repeat this a few times before you can get the desired result.


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7) Emery board/ nail file

What you’ll need-

  • Nail file

This is the most travel friendly alternative to a nail polish remover!

Just file away the nail paint, one finger at a time and you’re done. Apply some coconut oil or hand cream on your nails once you’re done.


Hydrogen peroxide and water


8) Hydrogen peroxide and warm water

What you’ll need-

  • Hydrogen peroxide and water in the ratio 2:1
  • Paper napkin

Prepare a concoction of hydrogen peroxide and hot water. Make sure the hot water is tolerable for your nails. Use a paper napkin to apply the mixture to your nails and keep rubbing till you are able to take the nail paint off your nails.


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9) Hairspray

What you’ll need-

  • Hairspray or hair mousse
  • Cotton swab

Hairspray is a an excellent nail paint remover and it answers all your ‘how to remove nail polish without remover’ questions.

It contains ingredients that are used in commercial nail polish removers. So, spray a smidgen of hairspray on a cotton swab and rub it on your nails to remove nail polish.



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Frequently Asked Questions



Q - Does vinegar remove nail polish?
A - Yes it does help oust the stubborn nail polish but it takes a while to come off if removed using a vinegar. Just soak a cotton ball in vinegar and rub it on the nails.


Q - Why acetone based nail polish removers can be bad for you?
A - Well, firstly, acetone strips your nails of its natural oils which causes them to become dry, brittle and they are thus prone to breaking. It can also cause skin related problems.


Q - Is nail polish remover toxic?
A - The main ingredient in most nail polish removers is acetone. It is not toxic unless you drink it but it does dry out your nails, stripping them from natural oils and moisture, making them brittle and fragile.


Q - Is acetone same as rubbing alcohol?
A- No, they are not the same. Acetone is basically made of isopropyl alcohol, but it is different because its acetone properties makes it a solvent. On the other hand, rubbing alcohol is similar to ethanol which is not a solvent.


Q - Which is the most effective homemade nail polish remover?
A - Well, all the aforementioned homemade nail polish removers are equally effective in removing nail polish. Try them all and pick your best bet!




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