Gigi Hadid Is Launching Her Own Makeup Line With Maybelline

Kritika Mishra

Updated At  10 Jun 18

It is the year of new makeup lines to be launched! From Kylie lip kits, Kim’s Contour and Rihanna’s Fenty dazzle; 22 year old model-designer is not holding it back either! With a major success of Tommy Hilfiger fashion for 3 seasons, Gigi takes a confident leap into the makeup industry!

Gigi x Maybelline is coming soon!

Yes, the drugstore makeup tycoon Maybelline has paired up with Victoria secret angel Gigi for their latest venture! Maybelline has recently partnered with beauty blogger Shayla Mitchell, who has been a Youtube phenomenon with her killer makeup videos! Maybelline has launched four piece collection in collaboration with Shayla!



Coming back to Gigi, she has given us a little tease with beautiful butterflies fluttering around with a fully stocked makeup line that is yet to be launched! She has a whopping 36 Million followers on Instagram and this should definitely add to her confidence as having such a huge loyal following is extremely difficult.



Looking at the collection, it looks highly influenced by corals and pastels! I mean just look at the color range; from peach pink to purple hues! These colors indeed are a personified makeup version of butterflies!

The collection is supposed to be launched around 21st October with release of coral blush with stamped initials of Miss Hadid. The site to acquaint with dates and products is up. You can sign up to stay updated!

Maybelline also recently shared the new ‘GH’ logo with multiple colors transitioning!

This gets exciting every minute! We have our hopes high as Gigi has already shown her excellence in the field of fashion and style in her cloth line. Moreover, her current diva trends are not behind too! Check out her beautiful eyes in her Bold eyeliner look!



All we know that the collections is going to drop like a bomb! Cannot you anticipate the same!

Are you ready for it? Let us know down below! 

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