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Should Women Shave Their Face?

Kritika Mishra

Updated At  03 Nov 17

Creating a trend around the world by leading beauty bloggers who have confessed that they SHAVE THEIR FACES! But should women shave their face?


women shaving face


From the most popular and influential beauty blogger Hudda Kattan to other You Tube leaders, these ladies have embraced and confessed their love for shaving their faces!

It is indeed a jolt to the ladies who have been removing their facial hair through the traditional methods of threading isn’t it??

We explored and researched the statements of all these ladies who commit to shaving their facial hair and found multiple aspects to it!

Let’s dig in!


dermatologist shaving


What do the Dermatologists say?

Board certified Dermatologist, Dr. Debbie Palmer says the following.


Shaving facial hair is as simple as shaving legs or armpits. Just wet the face and apply shaving cream/gel and shave the hair. Wash it off and apply a deep hydrating moisturizer. Shaving face works like an exfoliation and helps skin to absorb moisturizer much effectively!


There is no as such “specification that only men can shave their facial hair”!


shaving myth


Biggest Myth with Shaving – It leads to thicker hair.

It is time that we break the evergreen myth that says that shaving can help in growing thick and coarse hair.

We bet you have heard that one before! But the fact is, this myth is not at all true! Dermatologist Dr. David E Banks says that


Neither shaving nor waxing can cause the hair to grow faster or thicker.


The hair growth depends on the number of hair follicles and they grow as per the genetic thickness and growth rate no matter how you remove them! Unless, you Lazor the hair, they will keep growing back even If you shave,wax or thread!


Marylin Monroe


Did you know, Marylin Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor used to shave their face. Yes thats true!

The beauty icons like Marylin Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor, who have been loved for their gorgeous skin, have been shaving their faces all their life! They have stuck to this ritual since ever and recommend it too! In clinical terms, shaving facial hair is called Dermaplaning that is used to remove layers of dead skin using a straight edged face razor. It is used to unleash the skin’s glow by removing dead skin and peach fuzz (tiny hair scattered on the face), that can cause dullness.


What are the advantages of Shaving?


exfoliates skin


1. Shaving exfoliates the face

If you try and note, then shaving is equivalent to face scrubbing as the razor scrapes the dead skin cells on the face along with removing the hair! We didn’t expect that, did we?




2. No more Stubble trouble

As we earlier mentioned, the hair thickness remains the same even if you shave. Yes, as shaving doesn’t remove the hair from the root, it tends to grow back that would create stubble. But, that wouldn’t be dramatic looking men stubble! The regular face shavers have said that the stubble is really soft and unnoticeable!




3. Shaving helps in applying makeup

Shaving facial hair also helps in exfoliating the skin, hence it provides a better base for makeup! Because the skin has become smoother now, application of makeup becomes easier and lasts longer!




So, Is it a regular procedure?

Shaving facial hair can become a regular procedure,depending on the growth rate of your hair! Whether you shave it on wet face or dry face using face razors, it comes with a regular maintenance!


ingrown hair


What are the chances of ingrown hair after shaving?

If you do not have hair properly due to lack of sharpness of razor or skipping shaving cream, you may suffer from ingrown hair. What is that? When you shave or tweeze your hair, it often grows back into the skin that can cause inflammation. To avoid this, one must always shave their hair with a clean, sharp razor and ensure a closer removal of hair.


So what do you think? Should women shave their face? Would you like to give facial shaving a shot?

Or are you already a part of the ladies clan who are a fan of shaving their faces?

Do let us know down below!


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