Nail Charms Guide

An Ultimate Guide To Nail Charms - 2023


Updated At  02 Dec 23

These days, nail art is just as important to fashion as the jewellery or clothes you choose to wear. The inventive and ornamental methods used on fingernails and toenails are referred to as nail fashion or nail art. Nail art for a daytime casual appearance or party-ready elevates the overall ensemble. Similarly, adorning your nails with nail charms is an extra way to make them appear exceptional and posh.



An Ultimate Guide To Nail Charms




What Are Nail Charms?

Nail charms are small decorative accessories made especially for nail art. These charms are used to adorn and improve the beauty of fingernails. They are made in a variety of sizes, shapes, and patterns. A variety of materials, including metal, rhinestones, crystals, pearls, beads, and other decorative accents, can be used to create nail charms.

Be it a professional or a DIY nail charm, these charms add a dash of glitz, individuality, or inventiveness to a manicure. Additionally, these work for all nail shape types, however, if you have longer nails, then these look really good.

You can customize the nail art and keep up with the newest trends in manicure design by selecting custom nail charms which can be a great fun experience. Also to create complex and striking designs, nail charms can be used in conjunction with other nail art techniques like painting, stamping, and 3D nail art.




How To Get The Perfect Nail Charms

Getting nail charms from a professional is a great alternative, but if you enjoy doing your nail art at home, you can also try these wonderful nail charms by adding sparkle to your fingertips nail charms, whether done professionally or at home, can be enjoyable.




Materials you'll need to get your nail charms

1. Nail Charms: 

2. Nail Polish/Extensions

3. Top Coat

4. Nail Glue/Gel Adhesive

5. Tweezers




Step-by-Step Process to Add Nail Charms


1. Prepare Your Nails

Select the nail charm you desire to use for your fingertips and maintaining clean, well-trimmed, and shaped nails should be your priority, for adding perfect nail charms.


2. Add Extension or Nail Colour

If you have a specific design in mind and want the most gorgeous nails, you may either get a professional extension or, if you're doing your own nails at home, select a bright nail lacquer for your fingertips and top it off with a clear top coat for a polished look. A translucent top coat or a gel coat will protect the charms.


Nail charms (3)


3. Arrange The Charms

Choose where you want each charm to go on your nails. One by one, delicately add the nail charms using tweezers. 


4. Apply Glue

Use an adhesive designed for nails for a firm hold. Put a tiny bit of nail glue on the charms' reverse side. Take care not to use an excessive amount of glue to prevent spills.


Nail charms (4)


5. Place The Charms

Gently position the charm on your nails in the right position. To make sure it adheres well, lightly press it down. To help the adhesive to adhere, hold the charm in place for a little while. You can also use Tweezers to slightly reposition the charm if required. Repeat the process for each nail and complete adding the charms one by one.


6. Seal With Top Coat

Once all the charms have been placed and allowed to dry fully, seal and preserve the charms by covering the entire nail with a clear top coat. The nails will have a polished appearance thanks to the top coat. For an improved appearance, you can also use a glitter top coat.


If you're doing your nails, You can find the desired charms which are readily available in stores or online. Using good adhesive nail glue, you can adhere to the charms and apply a last coat. If you do not want to use glue, you might try using charm stickers, which are simple to apply to your nails.




Things To Take Care Of While Getting Nail Charms

  • Make sure your natural nails are clean and in good condition before applying the charms.
  • Before beginning the application, sanitize the equipment and nails.
  • Get good and high-quality charms to prevent damage to your nails.
  • Make sure the nails are securely fastened if you plan to wear nail charms on the extensions.
  • Nail Beds should not be blocked since this will let the nails breathe and lessen the chance of damage.
  • Arrange the charms in a prearranged manner.
  • To prevent any harm to your nails, use high-quality nail glue.
  • When applying the charms, gently press them into the nails to ensure a strong attachment.




We've discussed applying nail charms, but what about taking them off? It's important to remove nail charms carefully to prevent breaking your nails.

Below are some gentle methods for removing nail charms:


Nail charms (6)


Nail Charms Removal Process :

1. Lift the charms lightly from the edges with a nail pusher. Do not force or add pressure which can harm the nails, proceed with caution.

2. Alternatively, you can either wrap your nails in cotton balls soaked in remover or soak them in a bowl of remover if the charms are firmly attached. One can go for a homemade nail paint remover as well since it works really well.

3. You can also use the foil wrap method, in which the cotton balls are soaked in nail polish remover and placed on each nail, later wrapping aluminium foil on each finger and keeping it for ten to fifteen minutes for easy removal of nail charms. This process is also followed for nail extension removals.

4. Once the charms have soaked, assist them in coming loose by gently rubbing them. Try soaking them for a few more minutes again if they still won't come out.

5. Moisturize your nails after removing nail charms to ensure healthy upkeep.


Nail Charms (7)


Types Of Nail Charms




1. Rhinestone Charms

Nail charms with rhinestones are a common way to add some glitz to nail art. They are different hues, shapes, and sizes. Rhinestone nail charms are much favoured on the tips of French manicures and look great on long, square nails. These charms can make rhinestones look fascinating on dark nail colours wherein small stones are used and the other fingers are fixed with big stones and glitter art. For illustration, coffin nails are shown, however, short nail art will look equally good.




2. Diamond Charms

Diamonds are a girl's best friend, and if you love the idea of adding these dazzling gems to your ears, fingers, or nose, why not bring the trend to your nails? Enhance your nail beauty with tiny and medium-sized white diamond-inspired stones, creating a stunning effect with stylish nail art. All you have to do is pick the best diamond nail art and complement it with nail charms. This chic look is sure to shine on nails of any shape.




3. Theme Based Charms

Charms might be themed according to seasonal patterns, holidays, or any preferred style.  These nail charms are accessories or decorative pieces of nail art that adhere to a certain theme. These charms have a unified design that frequently centres on a specific concept, event, or aesthetic. Christmas theme nails add a great value to the nails by adding Christmas eve minatures as nail charms on the fingers.




4. Gold Charms 

The late 1980s and early 1990s saw a major demand for gold charms, which gave rise to the current gold nails jewelry trend. Gold charms in nail art usually refer to metallic or gold-coloured components added to the nail designs. These might be anything from tiny metallic studs and beads to elaborate patterns and motifs with a gold motif. Decorative gold design can be created on the tips, giving a royal feeling. One can also use a pastel or yellow nail art and then extend it with the gold charms.




5. Pierced Charms

Small trinkets or accessories with a hole or opening that enables them to be fastened to the nails using a piercing technique are known as pierced nail charms. Usually, these charms feature a hole or loop that allows you to fasten them to the nail with a little hoop or another fastening method. These charms have been a popular choice and remain in the trend. You usually need long nails to get these piercing nail charms.




6. Pearl Tips 

To give nails a timeless and refined appearance, little pearls or imitation pearls can be applied. Nails can be embellished with pearls in a variety of sizes and colours. Pearl designs can be applied to your fingernails or at the tip, which also gives the impression of being exquisite.




7. Nail Charms With Chain

Some nail charms have small chains connecting them, giving them a distinctive and edgy appearance. It is possible to connect two fingernails one through the chains. The charms are attached to the nails using little, delicate chains, giving the nails an amazing appearance.




8. Sequin & Glitter Charms

These little sequins and glitter shapes can be used to give nails a sparkling finish. These glitter or sequin charms give the nails a dazzling appearance and are especially popular for Valentine's Day.



9. 3D Charms

These are three-dimensional charms that protrude from the nail surface and can be little miniatures, flowers, ribbons, or other elaborate patterns. These kinds of manicure designs draw attention with their stylish statements and typically use vivid colors.

One of the popular celebs Britney Spears had mentioned on instagram that her 3D nail charms do help her manage the anxiety. So there are multiple reasons to go for 3D charms!!



10. Polymer Clay Charms

One of the coolest nail charms you would love is these polymer clay charms. Small, ornamental items known as polymer clay charms are created from polymer clay, a baking-hard modelling clay. These polymer clay charms are flexible and adaptable substances, which produce a variety of miniatures and required designed nail charms, and accessories. This is a summer nail charm which is refreshing.



FAQs for Nail Charms


1. How long do the nail charms last? 

The nail charms last depend upon the type of nail charm used and also upon your nail health. Generally, a good nail charm can last up to two weeks.


2. Can you put nail charms on natural nails?

Yes, you add nail charms to your natural nails by following a DIY process. You should apply nail paint or a top coat on the original nails and then by using nail glue you can put the nail charms.


3. Are nail charms costly?

The cost of nail charm depends upon the charm quality you wish to use and also whether you take professional help or do it yourself.