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Explore 55 Stunning Toe Nail Designs for Every Occasion

Siddiqui Shumaila

Updated At  18 Dec 23

Who doesn't love a good pedicure designs? It's a pure joy to get each of your pedicure designs to flourish with different colors and designs. Often pedicure goes unnoticed. But we must be ready to get the attention on our pedicure. To get the attention right on your feet, you have to find the best toe nail designs that have variety, colors, and patterns. Here in this article, we have gathered the 55 best toe nail design ideas that you can take inspiration for your next pedicure design. 


Get Inspired: 55 Best Toe Nail Art Ideas




1. Black And White Heart Nail Design

The combination of Black and white can never go wrong. It's a very classic and chic color combination. When this color combination is applied on the toe with a cute addition of a heart it enhances the whole look of your toe nail art design. It attracts many eyes with its super edgy look.

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2. Abstract Glitter Design

Who doesn't love glitters? Everyone loves it, Right? With glitter, you can add an abstract design to make it look more cool. This glitter and abstract design together make a super stunning toe nail design that goes with every occasion. Purple is the new trendy color. One can surely go with this color and they won't regret it. 




3. Marbled Nail Design

The marbled theme toe nail design is one of the most stunning designs ever. This design is elegant, attractive, and beautiful at the same time. The colors don't matter here as marbled nail design stands out on every occasion and season. 




4. Artsy Accents Design

Are you into creative stuff? Do you love to draw and wear creative stuff? Don't miss out on these Artsy accents designs. The artsy design can be anything of your choice. Having said that it's a very brave call to embrace this design on your toe. 




5. Lines Toe Nail Art

If you don't want to put much effort and time into your toe nail design. Then paint your toe nails with matte black polish. For the big toe nails, draw colorful lines in symmetry. The whole look coming together will give a very different and beautiful design.  




6. Blue and Yellow Color Mix

It's fair to say that blue and yellow color are a kind of replica of the sun and sky color. Though, in any case, the cute combination is very vibrant and refreshing. Paint your nails with this gorgeous acrylic blue and yellow polish to make your toe look vibrant every time you remove shoes or your heels.




7. Red Toe Nail Designs

Red is the color of love! It spreads the message of passion, life, and love. Plain red toe nail designs are perfect for Valentine's Day. Or it can be a perfect color to celebrate Christmas day. Irrespective of the occasion, the red polish will always be a hit.




8. Pink and Yellow Ombre Toe Nails

These pink and yellow Ombre polish is perfect toe nail designs for summer. The vibrancy and freshness of this combination make it an ideal choice to wear on a bright sunny day. Get ombre nails for hands too and you are all set to go!




9. Zig-Zag Toe Nail Design

A normal matte nail paint is good. But pairing it with a zig-zag pattern is just pure bliss. The kind of nail design you wish to wear for every outing.  




10. French Tip Toe Nail Art

French tips as a Toe nail design give a very sophisticated look. French Tips has been in the business for a long but it has never disappointed. The only catch is to choose the right color combo to have the best outcome. 




11. Red Hearts Design

We just talked about red being the best choice to apply on nails. Now when you think about red, heart is the first thing that pops out in the mind. This popping red heart toe nail design is very simple and endearing for your Valentine's gateway. 




12. Geometric Prints Nail Toe Designs

Geometric prints are unique in themselves. Now when they are printed on toe nails it brings out the elegance and beautiful art of geometry. The colors and patterns can vary depending on your choices. 




13. Toe Nails Designs for Summers

These star and line toe nail designs will look very nice in summer. It also radiates a beach vibe and it's a sign that you must visit the beach immediately. Though, before jumping to sea make sure you have painted your toenails with the perfect combo and not the colors you will regret later. 




14. Chrome Silver Nails

Chrome silver nails go well with denim or Western outfits.  Also, this pedicure design of chrome silver shade looks super cool and stunning regardless of the skin tone.  Also, this is one of those shades that goes well with both toe and fingernails simultaneously. 




15. Dotticure Pattern Toe Nails Design

The dotticure pattern is highly fascinating and a bit tricky to execute on toe nails. However, when drawn perfectly it gives out a very fashionable look to toes. The dots can be painted on whole toe nails or two or three dots on the side will also look beautiful. 




16. Toe Nails Designs For Christmas

Looking for Christmas toe nail design? Check out this cute Santa and glitter toe nail design to wear to a Christmas party. This design gives a happy, shiny, and party feel which is the ultimate goal of celebrating Christmas.  




17. Peachy Nails

Peach toe nails are just exceptionally pretty without any addition of colors or design. Peachy toe nails are universally accepted designs by almost every skin tone, outfit, or occasion. The peach shade comes under a feminine vibe and with gloss on it, you will look like a boss.  




18. Tie Dye Toe Nails Design

Tie Dye nail design should be your next pedicure design that will surely rock. This is the most creative effect on nail design with the use of different shades of colors. The Tie-dye toe nail design will look great with a light splash of mix-and-match colours.



19. Baby Blue Toe Nail Design

If you like to paint your toe nails with a light and cute color.  Then Baby Blue is the best choice ever. The vibe of blue color is associated with sea calmness, softness, and peace. Every age group or skin tone will go well with this baby blue pedicure design.




20. Pink Summer Toe Nail Design

Pink is another classic and one of the most used colors to paint nails. Although pink has a huge variety of shades one can always play along with the shade that suits them the most. Here pink is painted with a touch of white designs which gives minimal yet great look. 




21. Fluorescent Toe Nails

Fluorescent nail polish is the real attention seeker. Like nobody can escape but look at your bright fluorescent toe nail design. You can put many different colors, making sure that it goes well with your skin tone. 




22. Cherry Toe Nails

Red is everywhere, and who doesn't love those small cute Cherries? It's a symbol of pureness, innocence, and love. Cherry toenails are the best toe nail designs for summer. One can draw cheery on each toe nail or just on the big toe nail to make it look more neat. 




23. Smiley Face Heart Toe Nails

Nothing better than radiating positivity even if it's in your toe nail designs. A smiley face in a heart shape is a wonderful way to draw on your toe nail using matte bright colors.  




24. Chic Toe Nails

This pure white chic toe nail design with a blink sparkle is just the sweetest and attractive design to wear on your feet. The matte white finish sparks a atttactive feet with a minimal statement. White toes with design is trendy and it fits well with every outfit. 




25. Sage Green Toes

Sage green Toes is the ideal option for spring pedicure colors. This muted version of green has the essense of leaves in spring season. This sage green colour resembles one of the nature colour. It is one of those fall toe nail colors that capture the essence of the season. Pair your hand nails with olive color so that the hands and legs go together.




26. Pastel Toe Nails

Pastel shades are always in the fashion trend irrespective of the season and occasion. You can use different shades of pastel colors on each toe just like in the image above (pink, lilac, and mint green).  




27. Stripes Design

Neon and bright colours stripes together makes a rare design that attracts mmany eyes on your feet. This stripes can of of same colour or you can play with different colours combo to make it more funky. 



28. Reddish Sparkly Toes

This reddish glitter toe nail art is one of the easiest option to wear on Christmas celebrations. A basic red toe is on everyones list, but this redish glittery toes are uniqe and will surely attract many people to loo at your feet.




29. Hearts For Valentine's Day

Hearts are the base shape for anything related to Valentines Day. Sinilarky, here metallic heart are drawn on the nude base. This whole design is very elgant and beautiful at the same time. It is givinv the soothening and peaceful vibe to your mood and energy.




30. Butterfly Design

Any pink shade is great to female and they always make the colour more funky to elevate the charm. Addibv butterfky design to pink base is a whole new expereonce of wearing pink polish toes. It looks cute and charming as well. 




31. Daisy Toe Nail Art

Daisy is pure bliss to watch and it is loved by feminies tribe. A mint blue daisy toe nail art is a wondorful piece of nail art to wear in summers.




32. Sunset Ombre

Sunset Ombre is a nice toe naik art for dark skin people. Anything bright and sunny shade works brilliantly on the dark skin. It enhances their feet beauty and make it look attractive.




33. Silver Glitter Nails

Glitter is mesmerzing, sparkly and edgy. They can never be dull or out of fashion ever. Coming to the silver colour, its the versatile and trendy one. This silver glitter nails is more of a fiarytake scenes during winters. They look gorgeous on the feet with heels or sandals.




34. Icing On Top

You love cake designs? If so than wear this icing design on toes. They look more a cake but gives a natural and beautiful look to your feet. Use alternative colours to make it more similar like a cake. A white and green combo is the common icing cake colour and we are sure nobody hates it.  




35. Gingham Toe Nails

Gingham may sound a bit new name but the detailing is not new. Its the checked pattern which is displayed in different variations and style on a nail art. Though, the design us simple but the versatility and details are very edgy for women of all ages.




36. White and Blue Leaves

Cerulean blue is adorable colour and pairing it with white shade is a cute idea. Paint your big toe nail with cerulean blue and white leaves to make the beautiful design. Go for a stylish white sandals with this super adorable design.




37. Abstract Colors Pedicure

Why stick to just one color for your toenails when you can try multiple? Abstract colors are a fantastic option for your next pedicure and are a brilliant way to combine your favorite hues. You can experiment with the angles of the patterns and create different effects, for example, making the lacquer appear as if it’s melting.




38. Pearl Toe Nails

Rather than going for the usual nail colors, the pearl design is a more unique option worth considering. What’s more, is that you don’t need to put much effort into creating this lovely result. This is because all you need is just the right nail polish to replicate the look. For your pedicure inspiration, you can give China Glaze or OPI pearl nail polish a trial and you’re sure to love your nails!




39. Cow Print Toe Nail Design

Cow print has been trending in a big way because it is stylish and versatile. You can stick to the classic color combination of black or brown spots on a white base color or get creative with cow print nails by mixing and matching your favorite hues.




40. Purple Toe Nail Design

There are various shades of purple to choose from, including rich, dark hues to soft, muted tones, letting you find the color that best suits your preference and complements your skin tone. Purple nails also look gorgeous when paired with white, creating a contrast that makes the purple pop.




41. Purple and Light Pink Design

Love purple and pink? Then this design is for you. Most of the nails are matte purple while one is pastel pink. The pink nail is also adorned with purple rhinestones. It is such a trendy and cute design and the color combo is gorgeous. You can find purple rhinestones online and you can easily recreate this look yourself.




42. Simple Nude Nails with Gold Glitter

This next nail idea is glam and gorgeous. For this look, the nails are nude except for one. The accent nail is glitzy and gold. We love the gold and nude color combo, it is so stylish and chic. This nail design is easy to wear and it will suit any occasion. Recreate this or you can use silver glitter instead.




43. Bear Toe Nails

Bears are one of the cutest animals and have inspired many cartoon characters and fluffy toys. To channel this cuteness and bring some of the joy from your childhood to your pedicure, it is a great choice to design your nail art around your favorite bear. The color combination can be your choice, including soft pinks or rich brown hues.




44. Gold Toe Nail Design

Gold is a color associated with luxury and wealth, and incorporating it into your nail art will create a design that feels elegant and sophisticated. How you add the gold is up to you; it could be with a feature nail and keeping the rest of the toes a muted color with gold leaf or glitter lacquer.




45. Cute Bow Nail Design

Bow designs are cute and girly and will be a great addition to your next pedicure. You can experiment with the colors of your pedicure, including pinks and whites, which is a classic combination that is easy to wear and will look great with everything.




46. Elegant French Pedicure with Rhinestones

The first nail idea features a classic French pedicure with a sparkly twist. Here we have beautiful soft pink nails with the chic white tips. One nail on each foot also has a row of rhinestones along the cuticle. This is a gorgeous idea and it would be perfect for a special occasion such as a wedding.




47. Strawberry Toe Nails

Strawberries are a wonderful way to get into the summer spirit. The simplicity of the shape also lends itself well to a pedicure, which has limited space, and the rounded design can take up the entire toenail. The bright red and green combination also makes it fun and eye-catching design.




48. Valentine’s Day Pedicure

Classic red colour is the first choice for Valentines Day pedicure. To add the whites to red is brave choice to do so. Play with the kind of design on the white base and trust deisgn that it will look the best of all.




49. Shimmery Unicorn Toe Nails

Unicorns are worldwide loved by females speciallly. They are grown up adults yet they are a fan of unicorn. This shimmery unicorn toe nail is a kind of tribute to their love for unicorn. The splash of unicorn colours shines bright and makes your feet look super adorable.




50.Grey and Pink Nail Art

Grey and pink together makes your nail art stunning and attractive. A matte grey finish with a spark of pink shade is lovely and to add more there is white detailings. This design has captured all the right things to make feet look grogeous in the crowd. 




51. Half Moon Toe Nail Art

Ombre naik art is in itself beautiful and stylish. To add more spice to your normal ombre design, you can draw hakf moon on your big toe. This enhances the whole feet look to another level. Make sure to choose mix and match colours to make the look more attractive. 




52. Tortoiseshell Pedicure

Tortoiseshell pedicure is very unique design to wear during summers. If you like to stand out in the crowd with your pedicure than you must go for this artistically curated colours design.




53. Lady Bug Toes

Lady Bug represents good luck for some people. Now drawing a lady bug in your toe nails is great idea. You can take inspiration of lady bug toes from above picture. Howver, you can also choose other variations to draw the lady bug.




54. Confetti + Blue Pedicure

Confetti + Blue pedicure is one of the cutest and ideal choice to wear in summers. This peducure design looks amzaing paired with any sandals or heels. Moreover, the design is fresh, broght and has that elgant vibe to it. 




55. Star Toe Nails

Stars and glitter makes the most shiny and spsrkly toe design. These are super easy to draw and they look very beautiful. You can also use some star stickers rather than drawing them. In any case star will look cute and the glitter base will complimnet it beautifully.



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