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25 Trending Nail Color Ideas For 2024


Updated At  14 Jan 24

Anyone who has ever known the power of a good mani probably knows that nails are more than last-minute additions and are certainly worthy of more of your attention and deliberation. While getting your nails done might not solve all your problems in the world, it will certainly give you that boost of confidence you need and tie up your entire outfit together.

To help you power up this holiday season and nail that nail (pun intended) look, we have taken it upon ourselves to gather a list of this year's biggest nail trends. 

Get ready to save and screenshot your way through this carefully curated list of popular nail colors and manicure ideas that trended throughout the year. Here are 25 of the trending nail colors of 2024 as seen on our favorite celebrities, influencers, and nail artists. 


25 Best Trending Nail Colors



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1. Scarlet Sweetheart

This nail color has been going quite strong for some time now. Scarlet red is not just appropriate for Halloween but is the new, cool nail color to have for everyday use. Switch out the matte look for a classy, gorgeous, glossy finish, or add nail art of your choice on top of this trending nail color of the year. 




2. Cool and Gray

Like its cousin black, gray has made a splash this year among nail art enthusiasts. We are not surprised that it is among the cool nail colors this season and is being sported by many celebrities we like. Add geometric lines to your cool grays and be the talk of the town! This nail color was popular in 2023 and continues to rule even in 2024.




3. Grey Nails

Dare to be bold with dark grey nails. Unleash sophistication and mystique with this timeless hue. Whether sleek and glossy or matte and mysterious, dark grey nails exude an effortlessly chic vibe, making a statement with every gesture. These dark grey nails just look stunning and will work for all occasions.




4. Clean Girl Look

With the ‘clean girl’ look going viral at the beginning of the year, nudes have made a definite comeback. These different shades of nude, ranging from light to dark hues, make quite a statement and are among the popular new nail polish colors of 2024. Put a twist on the classic French manicure by adding glazed heart tips to your ends. 



5. Copper Trails

How can we miss out on mentioning the return of the jewel-toned, metallic, copper nails while talking about trending nail colors of the year? Welcome that holiday cheer by getting overlays of snowflakes in nail polish colors of your choice. 



6. Moody Metallics

Gold has been catching up with copper as a popular nail color this season. It has made a place among cool nail colors this year. You can put your own spin on it by choosing embellishments and getting your favorite nail art done. 



7. Pastel Ready

Pastels are still among the cool nail colors of the year and we are not surprised. Instead of picking one trending nail color, you can go all the way and choose a different shade of pastel for each of your nails. If you are looking for charm in simplicity, simple short nail ideas can work really well. Get ready for this subtle pop of color and all the compliments you will receive. 



8. Sweet Jade

If you are looking for a new nail polish color to break that monotony, look no further than this shade of green. Jade green was among the trending nail colors throughout the year and we approve. While you are at it, you might as well go for the marbled effect and see how it transforms your hands. 



9. Fiesty Orange

While certainly not a conventional choice, orange has been all the rage this season and is still going strong as a popular nail color. You can add your own variations and touches to this new nail color trend and become the talk of the town. Embellish your nails with minimalist, abstract overlays in other trending nail colors like green, greige (yes! A soothing combination of grey and beige), and black!



10. Chocolate Fever

Chrome nails are hands-down among the most popular nail color trends of 2024. If you like chrome nails in general and Hailey Bieber’s manicured, glazed donut nails in particular, this look is for you. Chromatic, chocolate nails were among the trending nail colors at the beginning of the year and are still going strong as a popular nail color. 



11. Warm Oatmilk

Yes, you heard it right. Exchange your pearlies for this warm shade of off-white. This shade of white, also known as oat milk, definitely ranks high in our list of trending nail colors of the year. To give you just that edge, add melting metallic patterns in silver to your nails and watch heads turn. 



12. Mixed Metal

Do you want the best of both worlds? Why choose one when you can have two? If you want to add some edge to your naturally short nails, get your nails painted with two different shades of the same metallic color. We recommend blue! Whether you go for varying combinations of Robin egg blue, Steel Blue, and Ultramarine, you’d be hopping on the cool nail color trends train this season. 



13. Unicorn Joys

If you want to stir things up, unicorn jelly nails are the right option for you. With its iridescent shimmer and reflective chrome finish, unicorn nails give you a soft glam look. They are among the new nail polish colors to try out this season and have made their way to many lists of trending nail colors of the year. 


14. Buttercup Yellows

Yellows have made quite the return to balance out the pinks and blues this season, particularly this shade of buttercup yellow. This is your shade if you have been looking for a new nail color to try! Just a tip add a twist to the white tips of the classic French manicure by replacing it with yellow. 

Looking for inspiration for yellow nail art ideas and trending designs? Check out our guide here as we list 50+ trending yellow nails desings. From short to long nails alongwith covering all nail types, the guide lists everything.



15. Black Cherry Glazed

To elevate the edginess of your black cherry glazed nails, consider adding stylish nail charms featuring cherry motifs. These chic embellishments will not only enhance your ombre nails but also draw even more attention, making a bold and trendy statement. 



16. Neon Signal

Don’t fret, if you are a neon fan. This list of trending nail colors has a surprise in store for you. Despite the popularity of ‘clean girl’ and minimalist looks, neons are back. Pick a shade of electric pink and use a reverse French tip design to balance glam and elegance. A popular nail art this season, the reverse French tip uses negative space and incorporates your natural nail color. 


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17. Dual Tones                                                                                                                                               

Purple and Violet will never go out of style and are still among the trending nail colors of the year. Rightfully so. Instead of choosing one nail color trend, embrace both and rock these dual tones like there’s no tomorrow!  


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18. Black Checkerboard

Another cool nail color trend to try in 2024 is black. Black is back and how! Instead of going for the monochrome look, try out the latest nail art designs like checkerboard patterns. Black, as they say, doesn’t have to be boring. 



 19. Comic Book Taupe

Taupe is the color of elegance but it does need an element of playfulness. Shake things up this year by choosing this cool nail color and mixing it up with a comic book nail design. You will like you stepped out of a vintage Archie comic and who doesn’t want that? 



20. Rose Gold

Another color that will never go out of style is rose gold. In 2024, it still is among the trending nail colors, and for good reason. You cannot improve what is perfect and there is nothing better than the classic, glittery rose gold nails. You can go for diamond nails too as in case you are looking for options beyond gold.


21. Mismatched Nails

Lilac and Lemon Yellow have been separately causing quite a storm in the world of nail art. They are two very popular nail colors this season. We recommend getting both! 


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22. Rainbow Delights

Among the trending nail colors and nail art this season is bejeweled rainbow nails! Do not let their sheerness trick you. You have several embellishment options to choose from and get that seven-color effect on your nails. 



23. Wise Sage

Another shade of green making the rounds in 2024 is sage green. Make others green with envy by coloring your nails in this shade of trending nail color. Combine it with a snake or leopard print for that extra edge. 



24. Glazed Sapphire

Like the glazed donut look but tired of neutrals? Why not go Sapphire? This jewel-toned blue is among the most popular nail colors this season and we certainly see why. Hop on this nail color trend if you want to steer away from blacks, browns, and whites. 




25. Blueberry Tops

A very popular nail color of choice, paint your nails this shade of blue that is lovingly called ‘blueberry milk’ by your favorite celebrities and nail artists. Use sheer, glossy tones to leave that impression you want!



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