Deepika’s Unibrow In Padmavati’s First Look Breaks The Internet!

Kritika Mishra

Updated At  24 Sep 17

Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s much anticipated movie on the real life royal story Padmavati is supposed to release on 1st December and the first look of Deepika as Padmavati has been revealed! The look as usual has taken over the internet like a wild fire and guess the most prominent aspect of it? Her Unibrows!

Bhansali has stuck rooted to the real look of the character entirely and kept the brows as for what it is . Padmavati was a legendary queen in the era of 13th-14th Century which speaks for itself that the time did not demand a regular brow maintenance or parlors! Have a look below !


Hasn’t she nailed it! From the posture to the getup to the brows indeed, Deepika never fails to hit the bull’s eye!


And fans are absolutely going gaga over this transformation! To that extent that a Padmavati Challenge has already been initiated on Instagram. Take a look.


Yes, Snapchat has launched a filter entirely dedicated to Rani Padmvati!


Twitter doesn’t hold back either!






At last, we all can wait for the trailer to come up and add movement to this massive hooo-haaa over the unibrow!

What do you think? Can a realistic take to the characters spin a twist to the industry? Can a unibrow affect a film in such a big manner?

Let us know your opinion in comments below!