Megan Fox's Exact Diet And Workout Routine

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Updated At  04 Feb 24


Looking to find out how Megan Fox maintains her beautiful body? Megan Fox's exact diet and workout routine have definitely played an integral role in maintaining her perfect body.



Megan Fox Diet And Workout Routine



Megan Fox is a famous American actor and model. At just 5 years of age, she was enrolled in dramatics and dance classes. She did her debut with Mikaela Banes in the movie Transformers. She was also nominated for an MTV Movie Award and three Teens Choice Awards for the same.


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Being in the limelight from such a tender age might have imposed immense pressure on her to lead a disciplined life, maintain a healthy weight as well as look good onscreen. Megan Fox has been thereby quite dedicated as an actress, currently being one of the hottest actresses alive! She has appeared on the cover of magazines like Rolling Stone, Maxim, etc. Her acting skills and her amazing physique have helped her achieve immense success.

If you are inspired to follow a disciplined life for physical fitness, here is Megan Fox diet and workout routine to help you keep on track!

Looking at her one can hardly guess her age correctly. This is due to the efforts she undertakes to keep herself fit. Her Met Gala looks are a crowd-puller, and the confidence is due to Meghan Fox diet and workout routines.


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Megan Fox Diet

There is no denying that Megan Fox has amazing acting skills, but one cannot deny that she has a huge fan following because of her physique too! It is due to Megan Fox diet and workout. Her diet is similar to Sophie Turner diet who also takes all the meals during the day.

Diet plays a huge role in the physical fitness of celebrities, and Fox too sticks by it. She follows a low-carb diet to maintain her slim figure. She follows a five-factor diet given to her by Harley Pasternak, Meghan Fox trainer, who is a celebrity personal trainer.

Her eating plan includes five small meals throughout the day. Fox includes no cheat days, alongside an intense workout routine, that can be quite challenging for most.

Her diet is largely made of Japanese food, almonds, salmon, egg whites, and smoothies. She opts for carbs from fruits and vegetables. She has coffee once a day, which according to her is the worst thing she puts in her body.

Here is what a typical Meghan fox diet looks like:

Breakfast is the most important meal for Megan Fox diet and workout, and she never skips it. She opts for healthy, fulfilling breakfasts to start her day. Her staple breakfast consists of egg whites, almonds, and oatmeal. She also keeps updating her Instagram with her recipes. If you want the exact recipe, you might even head to her Insta page.

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For lunch, Megan indulges in Japanese food, which is clearly her favorite cuisine. She may even go for salmon with rice for lunch. While she has strong willpower and does not often include cheat days but if she were tempted, it would definitely be cake or a pizza.

As a part of Megan Fox weight loss diet, which is a five-meal diet, she believes in snacking between lunch and dinner with some protein shakes. She may even go for a fruit to nibble on in the evenings for extra vitamin consumption.

Dinner for Megan Fox diet and workout is another clean meal. Her dinner usually consists of chicken and quinoa.   If Megan ever indulges in a night-time snack, it would again be a fruit.

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Megan Fox diet and workout also include the intake of certain supplements which help her with gains. These include magnesium, vitamins, and protein shakes. Supermodels like Gigi Hadid diet also incorporate smoothies and shakes as it helps them to keep the body hydrated and get the required nutrients.




Megan Fox’s Workout Routine

Megan fox diet and workout routine are planned and curated by Meghan Fox trainer.

For her workout, she loves performing cardio and spin classes. To maintain good muscle structure, Fox uses resistance training with a little rest to make sure she includes her cardio. Resistance training supports good metabolism, develops and protects bone health, manages pain, burns calories, and decreases fat content massively. It isn’t easy to maintain a gorgeous body like that of Megan Fox!

Fox trains only thrice a week with her personal trainer, Harley Pasternak. She is also a huge fan of pilates. She uses mini circuits of 45 to 60 minutes during her sessions to sweat and get the blood flowing.

Her circuit training plan for the entire week looks somewhat like this:


Circuit 1:

1. Alternating knee crunches ( 3 sets and 20 reps)

2. Knee push-ups (3 sets and 20 reps)

3. Burpees  (3 sets and 10 reps)

Circuit 2:

1. Jump Ropes( 1 set and 60 reps)

2. Air squats (1 set and 50 reps)

3. Lunges (1 set and 40 reps)

4. Box Jumps( 1 set and 30 reps)

5. V-Ups(1 set and 20 reps)

6. Alternating one-legged squats (1 set and 10 reps)

Circuit 3: 8 minutes of Tabata




On Tuesdays, Megan Fox goes for a long jog, hit the elliptical, does cycling, or even some pilates. It’s the day of cardio, cycling, etc.


Circuit 1:

1. Jump squats ( 3 sets and 10 reps)

2. Mountain Climbers (3 sets and 20 reps)

3. Jump squats ( 3 sets and 10 reps)

4. Jumping Lunges (3 sets and 20 reps)

5. Jump Squats (3 sets and 10 reps)

Circuit 2:

1. Lunges ( 1 set)

2. Burpees (1 set)

3. 60-calorie jog (1 set)

4. 30-second plank

5. Sit-ups (1 set of 20 reps)

6. Wall climbs (1 set of 10 reps)

Circuit 3: 8 minutes of Tabata

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On Thursdays Megan again opts for cycling, jogging, cardio, pilates, etc.


Circuit 1:

1. Inch Worms (3 sets and 10 reps)

2. Knee push-ups (3 sets and 15 reps)

3. Sit-ups (3 sets and 20 reps)

4. Knee push-ups (3 sets and 15 reps)

5. Inch worms (3 sets and 10 reps)

Circuit 2:

1. Second plank hold

2. Mountain climbers (1 set)

3. Air squats (1 set)

4. Leg raises(1 set of 50 reps)

5. Box jumps (1 set of 20 reps)

6. Burpees (1 set of 10 reps)

Circuit 3: 8 minutes of Tabata

Saturday and Sunday are rest for Megan Fox. Rest forms an important part of her intensive workout routine which gives her the energy to bounce back at the start of the next week.


Megan Fox may have a dreamy physique but it comes at a cost. It demands intense physical strength, mental will, and a disciplined mind. Consistency is another important factor in following the Megan fox diet and workout.

Hope this helped in giving you insights into Megan’s journey of fitness.






Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Megan Fox Diet And Workout



Q. How many calories does Megan Fox eat?

Megan is one of the fittest actresses known. Megan Fox diet and workout is a professional routine curated by her personal trainer. Her exact calorie consumption is not known. However, given her low-carb diet, she is expected to consume a max of 50-55 grams of carbs a day which accounts for just 80-240 calories.


Q. What does Megan Fox eat for breakfast?

Breakfast forms the most crucial meal of Megan Fox weight loss diet. She believes in having a fulfilling meal for breakfast which consists of oatmeals, almonds, and egg whites.


Q. Is Megan Fox a vegan?

Megan fox is not a vegan, simply because she loves having salmon and rice for lunch. She loves chicken, salmon, and all Japanese cuisines which gives her the extra energy to stick to Megan Fox diet and workout routine.


Q. What is Megan Fox’s favorite food?

Megan Fox’s Favorite dish is grilled or smoked salmon. She makes sure to eat a salad with grilled or smoked salmon every day. Her love for salmon is such that she eats it whenever she has the time. Her favorite food too is nutritious, and impacts her health quite positively!


Q. How many times does Megan Fox work out?

Given her physique, one may think that Megan works out every day of the week. On the contrary, rest forms an important part of Megan Fox diet and workout routine. She believes in working out thrice a day while the other days she spends time cycling, jogging or just relaxing!